Amazing Disney Princess Glow Up Transformations !


Azzyland - Amazing Disney Princess Glow Up Transformations ! These Disney princesses look great but everyone loves a good glow up. If you wanna see me transform into disney villains, check out this video:
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand14 dager siden

    When you wake up, wash your face, put on some makeup...ITS A WHOLE NEW WORLDDDDDDDD

  • DiyVlogGirl


    Time siden

    @Adelina 2010 juleka

  • Christina Futch

    Christina Futch

    8 dager siden


  • Gil Castro

    Gil Castro

    9 dager siden

    Azzy Ive been watching youre chanel for three full years

  • Kaykay Johnson

    Kaykay Johnson

    12 dager siden


  • Angel Devil_YT

    Angel Devil_YT

    13 dager siden

    The girl in the video at 8:47 is not a princess, she is a character in a Disney series called 'Miraculous, Ladybug and Cat Noir!!! :D Her name is Juleka, and she is not one of the starring characters in the series! :D :D :D (I am so big brained!!! :D :) XD c: C: (: (XD)!!!)

  • Jane Shumway
    Jane Shumway39 minutter siden

    Sophia the first was my favorite growing up I loved it so much! I also luv you so much thank you so much for a great laugh. ❤️💗💓💞💖

  • • ThisGayWolf •
    • ThisGayWolf •Time siden


  • Summer Juice Gaming
    Summer Juice Gaming2 timer siden

    That's Sofia the 1

  • Gil Foseh
    Gil Foseh2 timer siden

    Arora won kinda looks likes a Barbie is it only me or you guys think the same-?

  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming2 timer siden

    That's not a Disney princess hats a character from a Netflix show called Miraculous.

  • gachawolf UwU
    gachawolf UwU3 timer siden

    I agree fein rider is hot lol

  • Cj Tumbaga
    Cj Tumbaga3 timer siden

    Azzy she is one of the characters of miraculous ladybug

  • Vera Dorsey
    Vera Dorsey3 timer siden

    That princess was princess Sofia it's a little cartoon princess for like 3 year olds

  • Devilangelplays 184
    Devilangelplays 1844 timer siden


  • •Dxnnie•
    •Dxnnie•4 timer siden

    Azzy, Sophia is from Sofia the first which is a little kid show. 😂🤣

  • Huifen Youarn
    Huifen Youarn6 timer siden

    So you know the one that you called Ariana Grande well her real name is Sofia the First she is a princess

  • Eva Rainyte
    Eva Rainyte7 timer siden

    8:46 its a character from miraculous and she isnt a princess-

  • Sofia Victoria
    Sofia Victoria7 timer siden


  • SpaceyCaseyPlayz
    SpaceyCaseyPlayz7 timer siden

    Azzyland:also the Karen hair cut” Me having that hair cut: .. am..I..a..Karen 😰☹️🥺

  • Hanaa Abdelaal
    Hanaa Abdelaal8 timer siden

    I don’t like “Flynn Rider”. Fight me.

  • Ølivia Carøline
    Ølivia Carøline8 timer siden

    8:48 that's Juleka from Miraculous ladybug

  • Alishia Thomas
    Alishia Thomas9 timer siden

    Ok she is from Sofia and the first ok

  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble9 timer siden

    its from Mlb

  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble9 timer siden

    so Azzy the girl with the purple hair is Nickelodeon and not a princess

  • Beth Evans
    Beth Evans10 timer siden


  • Mia Murphy
    Mia Murphy10 timer siden

    when miraculous lady showed up

  • Hannah Bruni
    Hannah Bruni11 timer siden

    That’s julika from miraculous ladybug

  • Sarah Ruby
    Sarah Ruby11 timer siden

    Sophia the first

  • Olivia Nemeth
    Olivia Nemeth11 timer siden

    4:00 Forget sailor moon, that gives me Artemis vibes.

  • Sam Da floof

    Sam Da floof

    6 timer siden


  • Cookies and tea Gaming and lps
    Cookies and tea Gaming and lps14 timer siden

    O-M-G donkey has a necklace that says holly and my name is Hollie 😂

  • allison gammon
    allison gammon15 timer siden


  • allison gammon
    allison gammon15 timer siden

    Its sofia. In sophia the first

  • Lydia Lepien
    Lydia Lepien16 timer siden

    Lol that was Sofia the first

  • - M A Y G A C H A - - A N D R O B L O X -
    - M A Y G A C H A - - A N D R O B L O X -16 timer siden

    and also the girl with purple hair is julica from miraculous ladybug

  • - M A Y G A C H A - - A N D R O B L O X -
    - M A Y G A C H A - - A N D R O B L O X -16 timer siden

    the girl was Sophia the first she is a kid so the makeover is kinda bad for her

  • Tony Collins
    Tony Collins17 timer siden

    Anna is my fav

  • Gacha_ Cookieadict
    Gacha_ Cookieadict18 timer siden

    Sophia the 1st!

  • Michael Riedl
    Michael Riedl19 timer siden

    Azzie the princess you didn’t know was princess Sophia you have to watch the movie

  • Faith Woods
    Faith Woods19 timer siden

    The one that is Sophia is Sophia the first and she is a Disney show

  • jilliane faith lojo
    jilliane faith lojo19 timer siden

    Azzy you look sooo beautiful😍😍 Hope you have more subcriber

    KANYE YONG Moe20 timer siden

    Lankybox also see this video

  • Maria Ferrari
    Maria Ferrari22 timer siden

    Prinches sofie yess

  • Tessa's Play Time
    Tessa's Play Time23 timer siden

    One was Sofia the first

  • Just 1 Khaleesi
    Just 1 Khaleesi23 timer siden

    Love you're watching your videos because it's very entertaining and they 💋🤑

  • Wharren Phyffer
    Wharren Phyffer23 timer siden

    What app is that??? I don't know that app on this Video T-T

  • Jim Bowers
    Jim Bowers23 timer siden

    all their clothes and hair go bye bye

  • Scarlett Man (man1401)
    Scarlett Man (man1401)Dag siden


  • P Baff
    P BaffDag siden

    AzzyLand: who is this? Sofia, i feel like im missing out! Me: OMG you got to be joking, you have to be!! I cant believe you dont know Sophia The First, she has to watch it she will be INLOVE like go on NETFILX and look.

    ATERA RAHMAN2Dag siden

    But she is not a mean girl.

  • Alan096 23
    Alan096 23Dag siden

    So suspicious 🤔

  • •Anìmê freâk•
    •Anìmê freâk•Dag siden


  • Lani Dimock
    Lani DimockDag siden

    For a second I thought 'why doesn't Rapunzel wear her hair up in a ponytail more often?' then I realized that pulling all her hair thought the ponytail holder would be torture.

  • Ruby R
    Ruby RDag siden

    She didn’t know who Sophia was... I grew up watching Sophia the first 🤭

  • Hazel Sterling
    Hazel SterlingDag siden

    NAY :[

  • Jenna Alston
    Jenna AlstonDag siden

    Sofia the first is a Disney show for little kids

  • Matt Carlyle
    Matt CarlyleDag siden

    the one thing you don’t know is galicia from miraculous ladybug 🐞

  • Breeze CLOTHIER
    Breeze CLOTHIERDag siden

    the little girl that you did not know the one you said was cute her name is sophia the first search it up

  • Amanda Mejia Tobar
    Amanda Mejia TobarDag siden


  • Bella DeMartini
    Bella DeMartiniDag siden

    Second to the last is Juliet from ladybug If you watch it (ladybug) It's soooooo Good and the acting is very nice😀😊

  • Христо Христов
    Христо ХристовDag siden

    You nit zu want Leilibak ant Ketnua plz 😅

  • Leana Peterson
    Leana PetersonDag siden

    the girl that has black and purple hair i s a girl from ladybug

  • Minerva Howard
    Minerva HowardDag siden

    same azzy i want the princees jasmens dress to

  • Araksia Johnson
    Araksia JohnsonDag siden

    8:47 that girl is Julika from miraculus ladybug :)

  • Aaseyah little
    Aaseyah littleDag siden

    they turned Sofia into something wayy different from her RIP her

  • swalpna dixit
    swalpna dixitDag siden

    Purple hair Girl is from miraculAs ladybug

  • KyCaT_bAbY
    KyCaT_bAbYDag siden

    Is it safe from ladybug

  • David Rojas
    David RojasDag siden

    One of them is from miraculous ladybug with black hair and one string of purple hair and turn to a goth or something like that

  • The Weird Sisters
    The Weird SistersDag siden

    is that Wanda?

  • Alana Navea
    Alana NaveaDag siden

    The girl you din't know was Sofia the first.

  • YazyDaGop
    YazyDaGopDag siden

    lol the one thing that stood out to me the most was when Azzy said "what the fork". (me: HUHHH! THE GOOD PLACE!)

  • Kirsty Owen
    Kirsty OwenDag siden

    Her:am I supposed to know this disney princess? Me:she knows sailor moon but she DOESNT know Sophia the first-

    LIL FUNDag siden


  • Laurenabo2013 Abraham
    Laurenabo2013 AbrahamDag siden

    Don’t watch Sophia the first

    ASP DUBAI ASTDag siden

    Sofia The Princess

  • Natalie Houchin
    Natalie HouchinDag siden

    sophia the first-old princes kinda a tv sieries on netflix for young kids-I WAS A VILLAGE GIRL DOOIN' ALLRIGHT AND I BECAME A PRINCESS OVER NIGHT

  • KJ M
    KJ MDag siden

    she is sofea the frst

  • Lennon Waupekenay
    Lennon WaupekenayDag siden


  • Karina Skrinda
    Karina SkrindaDag siden


  • Zuheily Colon
    Zuheily ColonDag siden

    Sofia the first as a e-girl no way

  • Raya Red Tomzer
    Raya Red TomzerDag siden

    The purple haired girl wasn’t a disney princess, her name is Juleka and she’s a miraculous ladybug character (if you didn’t know) anyways stay safe and have a great day!

  • Abby Kimball
    Abby KimballDag siden

    nay 2 bushy i brows

  • Abby Kimball
    Abby KimballDag siden

    at 3:19 in the vid her name iz sophia the first and ya shes a disney thing but shes a tv show

  • Maya Abdul-Haqq
    Maya Abdul-HaqqDag siden

    Who else thought Belle makeover looked like Addison Rae???

  • Hank Vo
    Hank VoDag siden

    The evil queen's real name is Lady Iris

  • Megan Woodcock
    Megan WoodcockDag siden

    azzy the girl with the black hair with purple streaks her name is julika

  • Naw Shai Nay Gay
    Naw Shai Nay GayDag siden

    Tthe girl with black and purple haired girl is juleka

  • Cløudy Potato
    Cløudy PotatoDag siden

    8:49 thats one of the girls from Miraculous Ladybug i dont remember her name but i dont think thats from disney ;w;

  • vanyreacts
    vanyreactsDag siden

    ok how do u not know sofia das suspicious

  • Kalliopi Klonari
    Kalliopi KlonariDag siden

    how are these glowups its more like the opposite fomg

  • Rei the sad purple girl ToT
    Rei the sad purple girl ToTDag siden

    jasmin: TRANSFORM aladin: singing a whole new world me: it really is a new world-

  • Anita Cunanan
    Anita CunananDag siden

    Shr is sophia the first

  • Rob Clark
    Rob ClarkDag siden

    that girl w long black hair and long bangs is from ladybug and cat noir

  • ᴄᴜᴛᴇʙᴇᴀʀ
    ᴄᴜᴛᴇʙᴇᴀʀDag siden

    Your cuteeee

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao TomDag siden

    I just edited a picture of Jasmine. Wish u could see it

  • Dakara好き
    Dakara好き2 dager siden

    I will not fight I will fight wich prince is hotter

  • mariam astorga
    mariam astorga2 dager siden

    yes she is from disney

  • Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

    Dag siden

    I recemend Sophia the first that was the one you were talking about the little girl in the purple dress transformation

  • mariam astorga
    mariam astorga2 dager siden

    your the best youtuber ever

  • Makayla Morfin
    Makayla Morfin2 dager siden

    That’s not a Disney princes she’s from miraculous ladybug

  • Gacha Logic Zera
    Gacha Logic Zera2 dager siden

    Ok but I know miraculous is disney but Juleka isnt a princess or the main character... but if your adding Juleka why not the other main characters? btw this is just my opinion.

  • Dxii Love
    Dxii Love2 dager siden

    Anybody else offended by her saying I’dk who this is about Sofia the first

  • Live Love Laugh Forever
    Live Love Laugh Forever2 dager siden

    The girl with the purple hair name is Julia she is not a Disney princess, she is not even a main Disney character. But I do love her she is from Miracles Ladybug which is something new to Disney and mainly in France.

  • Snowy_Lizie
    Snowy_Lizie2 dager siden

    Azzy: who is this sophia girl? Me: the person that raised me when my parents didn't want to IM 15 AND I STILL WATCH IT ... i wAs A gIRl iN a ViLlAgE dOiNG alrIgHT tHEn i BeCamE A pRinCesS oVerNiGhT- Also no one is talking about this so the purple hair girl is some from miraculous i think

  • Jennifer Caruso
    Jennifer Caruso2 dager siden

    I have a friend that looks JUST like Elsa! Except she lives on a farm with goats, chickens, and an albino donkey… XD

  • Jade Yang
    Jade Yang2 dager siden

    Sofia the First is a Disney channel show that ended three years ago