Amazing Special Effects TikToks You Wont Believe !


Azzyland - Amazing Special Effects TikToks You Wont Believe ! Guys I've seen special effects trust me, I've seen all the Transformers movies. The stuff people do with CGI is crazy. Let me know which one was your favorite!
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand8 dager siden

    This made me miss my green screen

  • Melvin Deangelo

    Melvin Deangelo

    Dag siden

    @Koda Matthew I will try it out right now. Looks great so far.

  • Koda Matthew

    Koda Matthew

    2 dager siden

    Dont know if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Just google for it :D

  • S. R

    S. R

    3 dager siden

    @Leana Cookie wasn’t at the time

  • Midñīght wøIfiêÚvÙ ãñd jeff the KIller

    Midñīght wøIfiêÚvÙ ãñd jeff the KIller

    3 dager siden

    122 123

  • Midñīght wøIfiêÚvÙ ãñd jeff the KIller

    Midñīght wøIfiêÚvÙ ãñd jeff the KIller

    3 dager siden


  • Luella Eisenberg
    Luella Eisenberg10 timer siden

    I thought Charlie was actually there.

  • Leon Xavier
    Leon Xavier14 timer siden


  • Phoebe mallinson
    Phoebe mallinsonDag siden

    0:35 IM CRYING 🤣

  • Cousin Derpie
    Cousin DerpieDag siden

    Just another underrated Azzyland quote: Always wipe your bums kids😉 😂 Im still laughing 😂

  • kirsten kee
    kirsten kee2 dager siden


  • Leia Rigamoto
    Leia Rigamoto2 dager siden

    At 3:03 she said her name was mazzy like Nazzy Norris.

  • Ayelet YouTube
    Ayelet YouTube3 dager siden

    Azzy when will you collage with gloom again it’s been so long🥺

  • Sorcha Mackay
    Sorcha Mackay3 dager siden


  • Sophie Woodman The Artist
    Sophie Woodman The Artist3 dager siden

    Lol subtitles I always wondered if there was another a$$ in the mirror I know she meant azzy

  • Emily Gamer girl09
    Emily Gamer girl093 dager siden

    Would that be a fantasy to be a cat for a week

  • Lydia Freeman
    Lydia Freeman3 dager siden

    We need a French fry building to go with the burger building

  • carmen s.
    carmen s.3 dager siden

    honestly for like 3 weeks i thought azzy was traveling but she moved

  • Andrzej Pieczuro
    Andrzej Pieczuro3 dager siden

    I still dont know how a 30 year old (Azzy) is so fricking pretty?!

  • Nic San Juan
    Nic San Juan3 dager siden


  • Jordan95 HD
    Jordan95 HD3 dager siden

    Truly amazing!! I love TikTok!! 😄

  • Jay Goulding
    Jay Goulding3 dager siden

    I’ve had my phone for two years and a half

  • Gstar2010
    Gstar20103 dager siden

    The ice cream sculpture is real lol

  • CODM NOOB!!!
    CODM NOOB!!!4 dager siden

    4:30 not call of duty kanter ok

  • Shubhankar Sumar
    Shubhankar Sumar4 dager siden

    i woke up at 8 30am and online school started at 8 25 and then my teacher asked me "Tejaska is there any reason why you are late" and i just didnt reply :/ i was literally sweating

  • Chloe Caldwell
    Chloe Caldwell4 dager siden

    I'm subscribed to the person who peeled the building to make it look like corn

  • Kya Vlogs XD
    Kya Vlogs XD4 dager siden

    It’s soooo forced omg 😆 And I thought my video was crap XD

  • Anusha Mirza 8
    Anusha Mirza 84 dager siden

    0:40 THATS TRUE...

  • Jaysharee Rose
    Jaysharee Rose4 dager siden

    thats my duck

  • Shayla Kelly
    Shayla Kelly4 dager siden

    did anyone else hear the doggy in the background?

  • Alex Kauffman
    Alex Kauffman4 dager siden

    I love ❤️ my iPhone 📱 however do to my medical device I have for my blood sugar I have to get a Android phone 📱😔

  • fan and a player girl
    fan and a player girl4 dager siden

    love you sorry im late my internet was gone and take care

  • subplug
    subplug4 dager siden

    Get back with jordi

  • It's your girl!
    It's your girl!5 dager siden

    Azzy: I would love to see birds with legs Me: 🤦‍♀️ birds have legs

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr5 dager siden


  • akirah kitten
    akirah kitten5 dager siden

    Pls gib shoutout

  • akirah kitten
    akirah kitten5 dager siden

    The way he was running away from is correct dont turn your back on sharks

  • akirah kitten

    akirah kitten

    5 dager siden


  • Safiyah ALHARBI
    Safiyah ALHARBI5 dager siden

    Me seeing Azzy every different spot: wha- does she have many houses 😧

  • Taylor Kuhn
    Taylor Kuhn5 dager siden

    I feel like half of this video was created by Harry Potter

  • Cookie
    Cookie5 dager siden

    4:14 *Flashbacks to Temple Run*

  • Sandra Avila
    Sandra Avila5 dager siden

    Im a kid

  • confizzled animator
    confizzled animator5 dager siden

    Fun fact: God is coming soon! Repent from ur sins! I will not force you and if you do not want to change you don’t have to! I am praying for you! Please heed this message!!! ✝️✝️✝️✝️

  • Preksha Seam
    Preksha Seam5 dager siden

    Azzy pls reply to my comment

  • Bryce Terhune
    Bryce Terhune6 dager siden


  • That_one_kid Lol
    That_one_kid Lol6 dager siden

    “I need to see birds with legs” -azzy, 2021

  • Michael
    Michael6 dager siden

    I love your videos they are so cool from Linato you 😍😘😗😚☺🙂👭

  • todoroki
    todoroki6 dager siden

    7z:57 i think its frome portal 2 but idk lol

  • Snivellus snep
    Snivellus snep6 dager siden

    Imagine if you were in the Gherkin and you just got peeled.

  • Dekus_boba
    Dekus_boba6 dager siden


  • Swindlehurst Zara
    Swindlehurst Zara6 dager siden

    My cousin sent the bird with arms from Facebook months ago 🤣 Also how can she not realise temple run edit.

  • Readysalted80 Has cancer
    Readysalted80 Has cancer6 dager siden

    Yo azzyland you look ridiculous and disgusting 🤮😂😂😂😂

  • blue angel

    blue angel

    2 dager siden

    @Readysalted80 Has cancer I know what will happen if you looked in to a mirror but what will happen if I do

  • Readysalted80 Has cancer

    Readysalted80 Has cancer

    2 dager siden

    @blue angel well if you looked into a mirror it would be a horror movie repeating itself😂

  • blue angel

    blue angel

    5 dager siden

    No that wasn't her you where just looking into a mirror

  • Hailey Schultze
    Hailey Schultze6 dager siden

    Azzy: dance on girl Charlie I the background of her house: *keeps dancing*

  • Axxyira
    Axxyira6 dager siden

    Like this if azzy needs an intro

  • I Hate life
    I Hate life6 dager siden

    your evil twins name wold be zazzy

  • Sani Rules
    Sani Rules6 dager siden

    Anyone recognize the guy on the thumbnail Ps it's Brandon Baum if I how to spell his last name

  • Fathmath Sobira
    Fathmath Sobira6 dager siden

    8:35 Somehow, after i watched jurrasic park i looked outside hoping that i would see this 😂

  • Michael Hoenes
    Michael Hoenes6 dager siden


  • Michael Hoenes
    Michael Hoenes6 dager siden

    I'm a crewmate

  • Putri 11

    Putri 11

    6 dager siden

    Im the sus crewmate

  • Rajorshi Rahman
    Rajorshi Rahman6 dager siden

    2:26 nobody cares

  • T PAsc
    T PAsc6 dager siden

    Love 💗 all of your videos a

  • T PAsc
    T PAsc6 dager siden

    Love 💗 all of your videos Azzy

  • Madi Scott
    Madi Scott6 dager siden

    Hi you are so amazing and funny azzy I wish I could send you a lot of things but I’m only 9 years old

  • Wiktøtiria
    Wiktøtiria6 dager siden

    6:17 Subtitles: 'Because of the crota virus'

  • Wiktøtiria
    Wiktøtiria6 dager siden

    Azzy: that's a heavy commitment to keep track of your airpods Subtitles: that's a heavy commitment to keep track of your Harry Potters

  • i like yandere simulater
    i like yandere simulater6 dager siden

    Thay are nit effects its editee

  • Ritvik S
    Ritvik S6 dager siden

    How many backgrounds does she have I thought she only had two but I have lost count now

  • Christy Krebs
    Christy Krebs6 dager siden

    Always wipe your bums kids - Azzy 2021

  • LuigiChamp Number 1
    LuigiChamp Number 17 dager siden

    Yes we will the birds 🐦 have arms and we'll have wings

  • Danny
    Danny7 dager siden

    Azzy:I'm allergic to cats Me: You have a pet cat

  • Danny
    Danny7 dager siden

    My parents get SO AGGRAVATED when they are behind a slow driver

  • Danny
    Danny7 dager siden

    Who else is wondering what Azzy's shirt says (2:27)

  • Willow Taylor
    Willow Taylor7 dager siden

    I sprained my knee getting double jumped on a trampoline lollllll

  • Mac 'n Cheese
    Mac 'n Cheese7 dager siden

    0:42 birds.... have legs

  • blue angel

    blue angel

    5 dager siden

    Human legs

  • Trinity Frost
    Trinity Frost7 dager siden

    I broke my tow on a trampoline

  • jared !
    jared !7 dager siden

    Me I'm a second strong and proud of it I have updated my phone in a second😋🙃

  • Bonnie's Boombox
    Bonnie's Boombox7 dager siden

    I love you

  • susana basera
    susana basera7 dager siden

    Outro never gets old

  • Freya Robinson
    Freya Robinson7 dager siden

    i love azzyland so much

  • elie mulanda
    elie mulanda7 dager siden

    Amma fan of urs

  • Sal Fishman
    Sal Fishman7 dager siden

    Evil Azzy would be named Nazzy... lol

  • Mcjyn Oga
    Mcjyn Oga7 dager siden

    Azzy would u be mad at me if I said that I was black🥺🥺🥺

  • Lemon pop The sun doggo

    Lemon pop The sun doggo

    7 dager siden


  • Cassidy Smithson
    Cassidy Smithson7 dager siden

    hey azzy! You know among us hates you!

  • blue angel

    blue angel

    5 dager siden

    Hey Cassidy did you know that the whole azzy fandom hates you

  • Yiseth Hernandez
    Yiseth Hernandez7 dager siden

    hey azzy i just wanted to say that happy early bd ik ur abt to turn 30 ik times go fast but i want u to know that whatever happens u will me ok and u will always have ur fans for support i love you and never quit and always try again when u fail love ur biggest fan

  • Grace luna
    Grace luna7 dager siden

    :me what" happens to tiktok " :my inner voice " its *2021* you should've noticed"

  • Eric Lonsdale
    Eric Lonsdale7 dager siden

    Zack King is awesome at magic tricks

  • Vivienne Cooper
    Vivienne Cooper7 dager siden


  • Colorwith me
    Colorwith me7 dager siden

    Uhm.. This video is amazing and I live in Canada

  • kdyn v
    kdyn v7 dager siden


  • blue angel

    blue angel

    5 dager siden

    As a fan???

  • kdyn v

    kdyn v

    7 dager siden

    Ilove you

  • William Zackery
    William Zackery7 dager siden

    React to animation memes pls pls pls

  • Cooking with Java
    Cooking with Java7 dager siden

    She got 12k likes so she should try 2 walk thru her mirror

  • Josselyn Cabrera
    Josselyn Cabrera7 dager siden

    Also bate jelly

  • Gamer Girl 2449
    Gamer Girl 24497 dager siden


  • Cat Mr O Liver
    Cat Mr O Liver7 dager siden

    I'm now a youtuber OMG my Chanel name is cat Mr o_liver

  • blue angel

    blue angel

    5 dager siden

    Me to

  • Claudia Savage
    Claudia Savage7 dager siden

    Azzy: wiping your bums is overrated Me:

  • Fortnite cat
    Fortnite cat7 dager siden


  • Amna Mohamed ALI
    Amna Mohamed ALI7 dager siden

    Also l love the video

  • Amna Mohamed ALI
    Amna Mohamed ALI7 dager siden

    Can you do a house tour

  • Rashida Kaneez
    Rashida Kaneez7 dager siden

    AZZY!!! 3 days till ur special day! god i hope I'm not wrong

  • nidhi Nabh
    nidhi Nabh7 dager siden

    Hi azzy

  • nidhi Nabh
    nidhi Nabh7 dager siden


  • Rat Lord
    Rat Lord7 dager siden

    Wouldn’t your evil twin be named Jazzy

  • Elena Hicks
    Elena Hicks7 dager siden


  • Elena Hicks
    Elena Hicks7 dager siden

    Azzy how do I make my NOlocal channel not private

  • Abbie Carter
    Abbie Carter7 dager siden

    Hi Azzyland I love you you are the best xoxo love you xx

  • 09Tunafish
    09Tunafish7 dager siden

    My dad is actually allergic to lettuce