Amazing Super Ninja Cake Decorating Skills !


Azzyland - Amazing Asian Super Ninja Cake Decorating Skills ! These types of styles of cake decorating are becoming really popular in countries like Japan, South Korea, and China. They are spectacular and I want to share them with you today!
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand2 måneder siden

    I hope that this coming year you can find somebody that looks at you the same way that I look at cake! ❤️

  • Asma Rashid

    Asma Rashid

    8 dager siden

    I love you and Ur funny vids



    Måned siden

    @Aj's living her life the name. literally says AJ living her life



    Måned siden

    @ray shirogane waaaaaaa Who ever liked my reply :thank u 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😭😘😘😘😘😘

  • ray shirogane

    ray shirogane

    Måned siden

    AZZY where did you get your top in this video it's cute I won't one like it



    Måned siden

    @꧁᯽DarkiesGlitch᯽꧂ me tooooooooo 😁

  • Thatone_child _addictedanime
    Thatone_child _addictedanime2 dager siden

    The corn got me like: killing stalking

  • life is good
    life is good12 dager siden

    Is it just me that I loveeee her puns so much 😂😂😂😂

  • Supertransistor
    Supertransistor18 dager siden

    Insert lame cake pun here.

  • Brynn Neath
    Brynn Neath22 dager siden

    tomowow is my birth-day :)

  • Madison Grimes
    Madison Grimes24 dager siden

    Most of the “cake” was pulled sugar

  • Rylee Dykas
    Rylee Dykas25 dager siden

    This is a SHORT videooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Danielle Robinson
    Danielle Robinson25 dager siden

    I am 9 years old and my name is Lucy

  • Danielle Robinson
    Danielle Robinson25 dager siden

    They are blowing and using sugar

  • Gamer HHZ
    Gamer HHZ25 dager siden

    But corn is already delicicos

  • Zayna Arif
    Zayna Arif26 dager siden


  • Colton Aliberti
    Colton AlibertiMåned siden

    i kind of like cake but it depends what type

  • Abby Hallum
    Abby HallumMåned siden

    They used isaumolt for the corn

  • Sunset._. Sakura
    Sunset._. SakuraMåned siden

    My eyes: so satisfying My mouth: ikr My stomach:.....hungry.....

  • Breanna Zdun
    Breanna ZdunMåned siden

    How can you make a pencil case out of a cake

  • Trgvie Marc T. Moreno
    Trgvie Marc T. MorenoMåned siden

    2:13 Is this how you prove you love your wife? you eat her wedding dress😹😹😹 that really made me laugh

  • Andie Niendorf
    Andie NiendorfMåned siden

    when they inflate it it it really sugar of fondant (I watch way to much cake boss lol)

  • Alya Atkisson
    Alya AtkissonMåned siden

    So lets discuss the price

  • Dua Shahzad
    Dua ShahzadMåned siden

    that is sugar heated

  • Kamila
    KamilaMåned siden

    I 😍you


    yayayay yes yes yes ayyayayyayayyayyyayayayayayayy

  • noonoocheche
    noonoochecheMåned siden

    Also the cake that azzy called normal was actually a mini cake

  • Tomzida Sultana
    Tomzida SultanaMåned siden

    i love you azzy

  • DIY Hamster World
    DIY Hamster WorldMåned siden

    Wow! super!👍🐹🔰🌺

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  • mafi1676
    mafi1676Måned siden

    Oml Lol I got hungry for cakes after watching this TvT

  • iMako
    iMakoMåned siden

    3:04 Azzy what did you think it was?

  • Kristina Lewis
    Kristina LewisMåned siden

    I love when she says “fundant” instead of “fondant”😭🤣

  • Dj Henry
    Dj HenryMåned siden

    Azzy: I volunteer as tribute me: "holding up my first 3 fingers" the hunger games begin yesssssssssssss I hope azzy wins the hunger games

  • ray shirogane
    ray shiroganeMåned siden

    Ok but azzy's top tho its cute

  • O r a n g i e シ
    O r a n g i e シMåned siden

    5:35 my favourite Starbucks drink is a vanilla bean with no coffee

  • Zillur rehman
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  • Racquel White
    Racquel WhiteMåned siden

    You make my day

  • Charlotte Loretta
    Charlotte LorettaMåned siden

    I was reading a book for a school project and it got scary and so my mom told me I could watch one azzyland video to calm me down I am a true fan (btw not to brag or anything but tomorow I get to watch the movie.)

  • Aaralynn Perry
    Aaralynn PerryMåned siden

    Try 2 of getting Azzy to say hi to me

  • Legendary Foxシ
    Legendary FoxシMåned siden

    Azzy in her head * i might have to blur this cake out * **turns into a tree** Azzy: thank god its holsome 😅❤ no affence azzy

  • pinky plays
    pinky playsMåned siden

    I would agree about the KFC vid but I am a vegetarian.

  • Johnette Todey
    Johnette TodeyMåned siden

    Flights from a different location

  • Nelson and Lily
    Nelson and LilyMåned siden

    I'm hungry

  • Jenna Gordon
    Jenna GordonMåned siden

    she makes kid friendly content but yet has a music video to show how much money she has with her showing offer her body....anyone else confused..

  • Julianne Rassel
    Julianne RasselMåned siden

    the stuff they are blowing up is sugar

  • iAveryx
    iAveryxMåned siden

    Azzy: I am worried about this shape. Me: Why? Azzy: I don't wanna get demonetized. Me: OOP, NAH MATE, IMMA RUN FAR FAR AWAY!

  • Larry Dyer II
    Larry Dyer IIMåned siden

    Now I really want some 🎂 🍰

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  • Lexi Rymer
    Lexi RymerMåned siden

    You make me smile and more Tired when I need to be tired you make me more awake but I need to get awake you get Me through rough times

  • Chaos Corner
    Chaos CornerMåned siden

    Me: watches video and thinks is going to make it later Guy on video: makes a beautiful cake Me a week later: makes cake blob and says will make it later Me a month later: completely forgets about the idea

  • Eleanor McIntire
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  • Cecilia Rafael
    Cecilia RafaelMåned siden

    azzyland search caylus

  • Cecilia Rafael
    Cecilia RafaelMåned siden

    caylus like you azzyland

  • haniya abbas
    haniya abbasMåned siden

    Jordy:u replaced me Azzy:yes I I replaced u for cake

  • Strawberry Noodles
    Strawberry NoodlesMåned siden

    I really love how Azzy's puns makes me laugh

    RUTH GRIFFINMåned siden

    Those were twinkies

  • Luca Uwu Chan
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  • Brian RBLX
    Brian RBLXMåned siden

    Dose That Dude Make Cakes For A Living?

  • Goda Petrauskaitė
    Goda PetrauskaitėMåned siden

    imagine cake boss watching this video

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  • nails by Queen liesl
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  • Laaiqah Abdulhak
    Laaiqah AbdulhakMåned siden

    Most of dat cake was suger paste like 90 percent of these vids were ppl making stuff from suger

  • 1 imposter Remains
    1 imposter RemainsMåned siden

    I love your vids when I’m upset I watch your vids and they put a smile on my face

  • Chloe Morris
    Chloe MorrisMåned siden

    Hi Azzy!!!! I love your videos!!😁😁😁❤️❤️

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  • Edie Eplett
    Edie EplettMåned siden

    Azzy : I'm using a canon Me: azzy be careful

  • Priya Arunajatesan-Stull
    Priya Arunajatesan-StullMåned siden

    The shiny stuff is isomalt or sugar, usually sugar! :D

  • Priya Arunajatesan-Stull
    Priya Arunajatesan-StullMåned siden

    The shiny stuff is isomalt or sugar, usually sugar! :D

  • Priya Arunajatesan-Stull
    Priya Arunajatesan-StullMåned siden

    The shiny stuff is isomalt or sugar, usually sugar! :D

  • Just Rehana
    Just RehanaMåned siden

    I wonder why Azzy stoped doing videos whith Leah Ashe and Sanna Like if you know what I’m talking about 👇

  • Toffee choc gaming
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  • Psycho_Chair
    Psycho_ChairMåned siden

    It's all cake? Always has been.

  • Dianna Boyan-Persaud
    Dianna Boyan-PersaudMåned siden

    I love cake

  • Sunflowers Daisy
    Sunflowers DaisyMåned siden

    They use fondant

  • Kadin Magdin
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  • YourLocal Froggy
    YourLocal FroggyMåned siden

    5:25 Starbucks cupcake?

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  • Speckled Feather Farm
    Speckled Feather FarmMåned siden

    Abby I dare you to make one of these cakes from these videos they're super cool but I dare you to make one with bubble gum flavoring although I'm I'm your favorite fan I mean I'm your biggest fan I'm Sorry by

  • lion fire
    lion fireMåned siden

    What happened to kwebbelkop

  • Love for the Kittens
    Love for the KittensMåned siden

    Lol 😂 Assy

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    Nour SleemMåned siden

    Azzy is the only NOlocalr that made every second of my childhood fun ily azzy💖💗💗

  • Jimins Jams
    Jimins JamsMåned siden

    I KNEW I SHOULD NOT HAVE CLICKED THIS!!!! I WANT CAKE If you don’t give me some, you got no jams. Namjoon approved.

  • jensen baysah
    jensen baysahMåned siden

    I don't have the skill to do half of these things or all of them🤣🤣

  • Jennifer Bodine
    Jennifer BodineMåned siden

    Lol yep!

  • Brynn Moody
    Brynn MoodyMåned siden

    Yellow skittles .

  • •tiny._.frog•
    •tiny._.frog•Måned siden

    Hollow cake isent a real cakeeeeee

  • Yitzel Morales
    Yitzel MoralesMåned siden

    who else noticed that the "normal cake" was actually a tiny cake i noticed because the sprinkles on the cake were normal sprinkles so the cake was tiny

  • Kayla Childers
    Kayla ChildersMåned siden

    Quick note for Azzy: the "cake" that they blow up is not cake it is actually molding sugar

  • Robbi ann Britch
    Robbi ann BritchMåned siden

    I thought they were making a potato on the golden 🍰

  • chardonnay hickman
    chardonnay hickmanMåned siden

    the way she says fondant is sooooo cute

  • Retno Mecachia
    Retno MecachiaMåned siden

    Hi im new here i didn't watch your other videos because my phone break so my dad have to fix it

  • Jonathan Payne
    Jonathan PayneMåned siden

    Guys please repent Jesus is coming soon God loves you so do i

  • Lisa Ludke
    Lisa LudkeMåned siden

    Azzy you are awesome

  • Misty Paws
    Misty PawsMåned siden

    one time my dads work made a cake for his birthday, we cut it and sprinkles flowed out. Best cake ever!

  • Blueberry Bunny
    Blueberry BunnyMåned siden

    It’s not cake It’s car cake

  • Suzzane Santosh
    Suzzane SantoshMåned siden

    The thing that they are using on the cake is fondant I think cause I have no idea what else they use on top of cake

  • Suzzane Santosh

    Suzzane Santosh

    Måned siden

    Wait the thing that they use for the corn that looks like lollipop stuff when it’s very hot btw I just realized that was ur question and happy new year

  • Suzzane Santosh

    Suzzane Santosh

    Måned siden

    Not including icing

  • Blayne Pruitt
    Blayne PruittMåned siden

    me: see's one inch of cake also me: :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo ALSO me: DAD WHERES MY CAKE!!!!!!!!

  • Bloop hoot
    Bloop hootMåned siden

    those are mangos inside a mango cake

  • Cute But Evil
    Cute But EvilMåned siden

    It's called sugar sculpture. Sometimes they blow it up to make a hollow shape, like blowing glass to make a vase. It's amazingly satisfying to watch.

  • Sales Rep 65
    Sales Rep 65Måned siden

    Pls do more riddle videos with gloom

  • Eleanor Dworkin
    Eleanor DworkinMåned siden

    Azzy: Where did the cake go. Me with icing all over my face: I dunno. Maybe it was my dog.

  • Jordan95 HD
    Jordan95 HDMåned siden

    I wouldn't mind having a bit of all of those cakes! 😁😋

  • Moonlight Silverthorn
    Moonlight SilverthornMåned siden

    Has anyone noticed that all the people making the cakes are the same group of people?