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Azzyland - AMAZING THINGS You Have Never Seen Before ! There is nothing better than learning something new or seeing something you've never seen before! Don't forget to leave a like and if you want to see more amazing things check out this video:
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLandMåned siden

    What was the craziest thing you saw in the video?!

  • Bella Selley

    Bella Selley

    2 timer siden

    The baby go: 👁👄👁

  • Juno Paredes

    Juno Paredes

    Dag siden

    You don’t like jellyfish ??? Jellyfish are my favorite animal

  • Juno Paredes

    Juno Paredes

    Dag siden

    The video with the person who is stating on the ice

  • Doggy Love

    Doggy Love

    Dag siden


  • ꧁killa_squad꧂


    8 dager siden

    Mine is the cutest it the baby seeing video:3

  • Haylee Busbee
    Haylee Busbee12 timer siden

    I have a brother and sister

  • Chantel Van Loggerenberg
    Chantel Van LoggerenbergDag siden

    soooo azzy you telling me a mirror is not just a pies of glass

  • Doggy Love
    Doggy LoveDag siden

    btw Azzy it's not normal sand that they use to make the mirror. its like weird sand with weird chemicals in it.

  • Lilah Morton
    Lilah Morton2 dager siden

    I love you 😘

  • GrAcE O'bRiEn
    GrAcE O'bRiEn2 dager siden

    if water is hot or warm before it freezes it freezes clear if its cold it freezes cloudy

  • Jackson Perry
    Jackson Perry4 dager siden

    Biolumines UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE

  • Lucy
    Lucy4 dager siden


  • SebyPlayz 02
    SebyPlayz 025 dager siden

    6:30 my Florida _ _ _ was like Wow Ice

  • Sammi Corley
    Sammi Corley6 dager siden

    But i Am just saneing wut fi a Animal in a Great trench is the Cure to cancer

  • Sophia Lynn
    Sophia Lynn6 dager siden

    me who wants to e a Mariana Trench Marine biologist: thos are my peeps

  • Harps Watson
    Harps Watson6 dager siden

    Da crazzyiest ding was probably dat guy da wa really tall

  • Polly Lewis
    Polly Lewis7 dager siden

    8:55 fruit ninja!

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca8 dager siden

    This was awesome Really enjoyed this!!

  • Rachael Lefkovic
    Rachael Lefkovic8 dager siden

    Im no scientist but i think the reason some ice freezes clear and others cloudy is becuase the different temperatures of the ice, and the thickness of the ice. (Solid and Blue, Tried and True. Thin and Crispy, way too Risky.)

  • Hania Bilal
    Hania Bilal8 dager siden

    U know kids can see ghosts who r 1 year old and 2 and 3

  • Qisha / Amani Qaisara
    Qisha / Amani Qaisara8 dager siden

    When one of this is in your country: I'm the cool kid 😎

  • Aurora Morin
    Aurora Morin8 dager siden

    If I buy that super strong cup I would Find a way to break it I would put it on the floor near the couch with water in it and do a jump kick off the couch

  • Lina Bean
    Lina Bean9 dager siden

    Clearer the water the thicker the ice

  • Emilia Dunne
    Emilia Dunne10 dager siden

    She is so cool

  • Emilia Dunne
    Emilia Dunne10 dager siden

    She is the best

  • Not Nova The Doggo
    Not Nova The Doggo10 dager siden

    "Look in da mirror, u will find someone cute" Well the first thing I saw was a cute, chubby, derpy, blob of a thing... M Y P E T T O A D

  • Jonny morrow
    Jonny morrow11 dager siden


  • Chrissy Seward
    Chrissy Seward11 dager siden

    3:26 itt works i went to my mirror and saw my cat

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson11 dager siden

    That was a table saw with saw stop. The way saw stop works if any wet material or human skin comes into contact with the blade the blade automatically breaks causing u to come out with a minor cut at most

  • TheGeek365
    TheGeek36511 dager siden


  • Krystal Durrett
    Krystal Durrett12 dager siden

    the clearness of the ice on the river depended on the coldness

  • Leah Carolan
    Leah Carolan12 dager siden

    Thank you for calling me cute

  • Isabelle Jacobs
    Isabelle Jacobs12 dager siden

    The craziest thing i saw was indestructible cup spill alot i need this

  • Mini mix
    Mini mix13 dager siden


  • Mini mix
    Mini mix13 dager siden


  • Brooklynne Santos
    Brooklynne Santos13 dager siden

    this is for all the tbhk fans problably not watching this but on the 4th one was Hanako working out

  • głítćh princess
    głítćh princess13 dager siden

    Happy valentines day

  • Esteban Gomez Torres
    Esteban Gomez Torres13 dager siden

    i got stung by a jelly fish

  • Gracie Waite
    Gracie Waite14 dager siden

    Ngl when I saw the thumbnail I had a heart attack

  • Family Halaka
    Family Halaka14 dager siden

    i did the frozen water thing

  • Allison Ackerman
    Allison Ackerman14 dager siden

    For the saw that got 'broken' by the hotdog, it's a saw that instantly stops when it feels a human finger. For testing (I guess), it also stops at hotdogs.

  • ImLiterallyGaming
    ImLiterallyGaming14 dager siden

    Fun fact: Viperfish, AnglerFish, And Dragonfish Are all not aggressive or dangerous

  • Moddee Bug
    Moddee Bug14 dager siden

    The cloudy ice is more fragile

  • Rainbow Land
    Rainbow Land15 dager siden

    I have wokeetokee and at night my mom wok up from my wokeetokee and it was taking bie its self

  • Superb Summer
    Superb Summer15 dager siden

    Isn’t it if the water is hot before you freeze it it freezes clear we’re as if the water is cold it is more foggy

  • Izzy magical unicorn Eubanks
    Izzy magical unicorn Eubanks15 dager siden

    It's because certain types of chemicals and nature is inside the pond if there is too much plants and dirt inside of the pond it will freeze cloudy if there is not a lot then it will freeze clear the more you know

  • shane Arielle
    shane Arielle15 dager siden

    Actually Filipino and that’s true

  • Leigh-anne Phelps
    Leigh-anne Phelps15 dager siden

    I’ve been swimming with sharks before and saw a great white shark!and played with a really cute baby dolphin!!!!

  • darkness and death
    darkness and death15 dager siden

    oh my god the no spill cup my little brother has one

  • sophia harris
    sophia harris15 dager siden

    Cat: ''casually rides on skate board FIRST TRY'' Me: ''can't even put my foot on it without falling''

    LYDIA HORTON16 dager siden


    LYDIA HORTON16 dager siden

    anyone else think of deku with the ware melon??

  • Lolo B
    Lolo B17 dager siden

    In 1:40 wtf is a McDonald’s spaghetti

  • Ghost
    Ghost17 dager siden

    1:49 I've done that before its really cool

  • Red Rice
    Red Rice18 dager siden

    Idk and if I look in the mirror,all I would see is the ugliest creature in the world. You will find a cute person

  • Dan Basford
    Dan Basford18 dager siden

    Me: Looks in mirror. Mirror: (cracks) Me: 😳

  • I watch YouTube
    I watch YouTube18 dager siden

    Omg 😲 hi

  • İpek Tan
    İpek Tan18 dager siden

    The pink sun set usually happens in cool places or in Turkey.

  • Gary Andrews
    Gary Andrews19 dager siden

    If she was a ghost and she eat her body weight in Cheetos she would eat nothing

  • Ertur Gamig
    Ertur Gamig19 dager siden

    No somebody’s bigger than him you know how I know that because I saw him and he was like bigger than my friends my mom and dad combined

  • Kasey's Kingdom Now Open
    Kasey's Kingdom Now Open19 dager siden

    OMG I I I spechless because i live in the Philipines kamusta ka na (how are you in tagalog.

  • Vinz Malihan
    Vinz Malihan19 dager siden

    apparently the reason ice is foggy is because of the air bubbles that are trapped during the freezing process

  • andi Barahona
    andi Barahona20 dager siden

    Necesito que tú vengas a mi casa iba a ser muy encantado verte y te miro a ti

  • Martin Shepherd
    Martin Shepherd20 dager siden


  • T Man
    T Man21 dag siden


  • T Man
    T Man21 dag siden

    I just realized you do all these on reddit LOL

  • Clara Afton
    Clara Afton21 dag siden

    This won't stop me from killing ennard! Ok maybe it will.

  • Antonio Pialago
    Antonio Pialago21 dag siden

    Are you filipino

  • Michael
    Michael21 dag siden

    The ice looks more clear because the ice is thin but thick enough to walk on. I think?

  • Brogan Koeberg
    Brogan Koeberg22 dager siden

    Azzy answered her own question the water needs to be clear for when the water freezes 🤗

  • brenda sanchez
    brenda sanchez22 dager siden

    0:40 I have that exact same cup it’s a non- tip cup it built so it won’t fall over

  • Lost Soul
    Lost Soul22 dager siden

    3:25 made me happy

  • Coffee *-*
    Coffee *-*22 dager siden

    if you go to 8:45 there are swear words :/

  • WinterWolf gacha
    WinterWolf gacha23 dager siden

    Azzy: go look in the mirror there is something cute Me going to my mirror and my dog secretly walking with me When we are there Me; looking at my dog in the mirror: jup super cute🐶

  • Edinisa Salvadora
    Edinisa Salvadora23 dager siden

    0:10 here in the philippines we do that and we call it bayanihan

  • Diamond Baby Cool
    Diamond Baby Cool24 dager siden


  • Lydia Bug
    Lydia Bug24 dager siden

    I really enjoyed your video! Pls make a video on reacting to comments 🥺 ty! You are my favorite NOlocalr!!! 😁

  • Line Mattsson
    Line Mattsson25 dager siden

    Can you cut your hair to the shoulder I think you will look good on you😃

  • King Kylie
    King Kylie25 dager siden

    What is it with azzy and witches

  • Ashley Weinkauf
    Ashley Weinkauf25 dager siden

    I'm 30

  • Ashley Weinkauf
    Ashley Weinkauf25 dager siden

    I'm a girl

  • Ashley Weinkauf
    Ashley Weinkauf25 dager siden

    You're so beautiful

  • Rachell Holmes
    Rachell Holmes26 dager siden

    It turns cloudy and clear depeands on the water and the shape and that glow up tho ;-;

  • YYYoshi
    YYYoshi26 dager siden

    Where is the giant wasp

  • Seraphina Calvillo
    Seraphina Calvillo26 dager siden

    I actually just learned about the Mariana trench

  • Bunny
    Bunny26 dager siden

    Human: Falls in the middle of skateboard trick Other people: hmmm.... Animal: Skateboards at 1mph while laying on the skateboard People: OMG ITS GOT SO MUCH TALENT

  • Bunny
    Bunny26 dager siden

    “It’s basically like outer space” Flat earthers: 🤚

  • Jextrax Gaming
    Jextrax Gaming26 dager siden

    Owls without feathers look like cute little aliens 👽

  • Royal diamonds
    Royal diamonds26 dager siden

    Fun fact: in heaven you can do whatever you want you can eat food it won’t fall when you’re done with your food it will just disappear and you don’t have to use the toilet there’s also a Jell-O land and you also get a mansion if you don’t wanna mention you can choose any house if you want

  • Erik Dihrkop
    Erik Dihrkop28 dager siden

    6:17 it’s the rainbow of death! How fun!

  • Lashaun Parks
    Lashaun Parks28 dager siden


  • helping ninjas
    helping ninjas29 dager siden


  • Celine Sanyu
    Celine Sanyu29 dager siden

    1:43 It’s called a tRaNsItIoN

  • James Howell
    James Howell29 dager siden

    The water bottle freezing liferally happened fo me a week ago i just put my water in the freezer then after that i took it out then it froze into ice freezing Ice 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Shahida Suleman
    Shahida Suleman29 dager siden


  • Qisha / Amani Qaisara
    Qisha / Amani Qaisara29 dager siden

    0:08 i think this is normal in Malaysia. I mean...... Im from Malaysia and I saw this in my text book Oh yeah it is in Malaysia

  • Mariahb Vlogs• Gospel
    Mariahb Vlogs• GospelMåned siden


  • Tessie Time
    Tessie TimeMåned siden

    it is clear because there is chemicals in the water that makes it clear, and I'm ten my name is Tess too.

  • Hi- Its Rory
    Hi- Its RoryMåned siden

    2:47 they really said: well, time to be Izuku Midoriya on this watermelon.

  • Jamzter Zlicxz
    Jamzter ZlicxzMåned siden

    I live in Philippines

  • Seagull
    SeagullMåned siden

    Azzys camera quality is better than my eye sight

  • Just DuckyFN
    Just DuckyFNMåned siden

    8:45 why does it say motherf*****

  • rohan kiezebrink
    rohan kiezebrinkMåned siden

    Mom, im scared

  • Natalie Boyce
    Natalie BoyceMåned siden

    you are so nice