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Azzyland - Among Us Ideas That Are On Another Level !
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLandMåned siden

    EMERGENCY MEETING!!! - I just wanted you guys to know that you are awesome!

  • Local Darkner

    Local Darkner

    17 dager siden

    AzzyLand is Kinda sus! Called ameeting for no REASON.

  • Poppy Archer11

    Poppy Archer11

    Måned siden

    U r the best



    Måned siden

    you are more awesome

  • Maryam Sajid

    Maryam Sajid

    Måned siden

    You too

  • klint thomasl

    klint thomasl

    Måned siden

    Thank you so much I was having a bad day

  • Emma Schantz
    Emma SchantzTime siden

    the thing thay put on the cake is fondent

  • Vera Dorsey
    Vera Dorsey2 timer siden

    It's fondon

  • Ecrin Playz
    Ecrin Playz3 timer siden

    0:41 its actually an app you can download,I had it but deleted it due to his annoying it was. You can get it with ant phone I believe.

  • Matylda Kraterska
    Matylda Kraterska4 timer siden

    thx azzy :) you are awesome to

  • anna cecilia lima
    anna cecilia lima15 timer siden

    Azzy says : ''Pikar'' Me:''Hahahahahaha''

  • Izzy Playz
    Izzy PlayzDag siden


  • Hilda_ 123 go!
    Hilda_ 123 go!Dag siden

    I nearly got married in among us... I'M 9?!?

  • Aki The cat
    Aki The catDag siden

    Me: I love Among us!! My mom: Aaaaaa! It’s so violent!

  • Hugh
    HughDag siden

    *I hate that people never make among us characters as anime girls like they exist TO*

  • Starixx Teddy bear
    Starixx Teddy bearDag siden

    07:20 it’s called fondet idk how to spell it tho

  • Hanna Paster
    Hanna PasterDag siden

    Its fondant

  • Sarah Haines
    Sarah Haines2 dager siden

    royal icig

  • Sarah Haines
    Sarah Haines2 dager siden

    ising lol

  • jorge correa
    jorge correa2 dager siden


  • Melanie Juarez
    Melanie Juarez2 dager siden

    I love death note toooooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Austeja LOL unicorn
    Austeja LOL unicorn3 dager siden

    Azzyland you can download that app the amongus lockscreen easiest apple pie

  • Victoria Mccarthy
    Victoria Mccarthy3 dager siden

    Awww thx

  • Victoria Mccarthy
    Victoria Mccarthy3 dager siden

    I love it

  • Carlos Navarro
    Carlos Navarro3 dager siden

    It is called fondent

  • Jennifer Gonzalez
    Jennifer Gonzalez4 dager siden

    The thumbnail is just reminding me about James Charles

  • Stephanie Greene
    Stephanie Greene4 dager siden


  • Stephanie Greene
    Stephanie Greene4 dager siden

    Your not the only person who has a crush on anime characters😅😳

  • alicia valencia
    alicia valencia4 dager siden

    i have a lock screen among us thing its the medbay scan and my brother has one too and its says Get of my phone

  • Samantha Zuiverink
    Samantha Zuiverink4 dager siden

    The thick stuff is fondent lol

  • Peace Control Emmett
    Peace Control Emmett5 dager siden

    I hate suger vookies

  • Diamond Studios
    Diamond Studios5 dager siden

    I know that youtuber that was in the among us thing will you solve that objects that's H2ODelirious I'm subscribed to him

  • xitlaly rodriguez
    xitlaly rodriguez5 dager siden

    Hi azzy i love your videos

  • Falisha Redenbaugh
    Falisha Redenbaugh5 dager siden

    a pancake

  • Uniqve_Boba
    Uniqve_Boba5 dager siden

    Azzy you are not the only one having crushes on Anime characters- I have one on Todoroki from MHA

  • Caesar Villanueva
    Caesar Villanueva5 dager siden

    It is collected fondent

  • Ellanie Sandoval
    Ellanie Sandoval5 dager siden


  • Ellanie Sandoval

    Ellanie Sandoval

    5 dager siden

    It’s what they put on the cakes sometimes

  • Enriqueta Munoz
    Enriqueta Munoz5 dager siden

    Azzzy: *calling almost everything sus* Me: * enjoying the video and also call stuff sus*

  • Enriqueta Munoz
    Enriqueta Munoz6 dager siden

    Beauty comes in every shape and sizes

  • sweetiepie9677
    sweetiepie96776 dager siden


  • sweetiepie9677
    sweetiepie96776 dager siden


  • Jody Robl
    Jody Robl6 dager siden

    I was in that game

  • Michelle McDougal
    Michelle McDougal6 dager siden

    Were is jordi

  • Tara Russell
    Tara Russell7 dager siden

    it is called fondent

  • TitoVlogs Hernandez
    TitoVlogs Hernandez7 dager siden

    The thing that they put on top the cake is fondet

  • Alyssa Cafe
    Alyssa Cafe7 dager siden

    5:50 no i also have a crush on an anime boy rn xD

  • 3manmorris
    3manmorris7 dager siden

    I was crying for 2 hours and this made me happy 😊

  • Sam V
    Sam V7 dager siden

    Hi my name is Zoey(not Sam that’s my dad)but I just wanted to say that Azzys videos have really inspired me and made me laugh during these times and azzy has shown me to always be myself and she’s always making me laugh, so really I’d just like to thank you azzy for everything that you do I truely 💝 u and I think we all do

  • Carleigh Erickson
    Carleigh Erickson8 dager siden

    Azzy after the video: Jordi! we need to make among us boba like NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Jazzman Lps
    Jazzman Lps8 dager siden

    Am I the only one that thought she was joking when she said bye guys🥲💀

  • Zsófi gaming
    Zsófi gaming8 dager siden

    You can dowload an app called amonglock

  • Maribel Inzunza
    Maribel Inzunza8 dager siden

    Azzy your so awesome and sweet I wanna be just like you and I love youuu I just subscribed 😍

  • Maribel Inzunza

    Maribel Inzunza

    8 dager siden

    Azzy if you reading this just wanted to say you the Best and I loveeee ya

  • miah family
    miah family8 dager siden

    The thing they put on the cake is fondant

  • Zoe Xie
    Zoe Xie8 dager siden

    8:00 spongebob suspants

  • Lexie Hall
    Lexie Hall8 dager siden

    I think the thing Azzy is tryin to think is fondant ;-;

  • paula sotelo
    paula sotelo8 dager siden

    Your so boring

  • Emily Raymer
    Emily Raymer8 dager siden

    It called fondant

  • Bringing Up Brooke
    Bringing Up Brooke9 dager siden

    Hi Azzy! The stuff on the cake that makes the shape is called Fondant! Love ya! ❤️❤️

  • storm wolf
    storm wolf9 dager siden

    Most people: pipe cleaners Azzy: ✨fUzZ StIcKs✨

  • viell koci
    viell koci9 dager siden


  • Wolf Lover633
    Wolf Lover6339 dager siden


  • Blaze Fire nation
    Blaze Fire nation9 dager siden

    GOT you azzy

  • Tigers Allotment & Garden
    Tigers Allotment & Garden9 dager siden

    The married one happened to me

  • Sunflower
    Sunflower9 dager siden

    Azzy:I think death note will be my fav thoo (which is the anime) Me:I mean like can’t lie light kinda cute XD

  • • Sundae Cookie •
    • Sundae Cookie •10 dager siden

    Da knitted among us I made it before

  • Alexis_iqgoss O
    Alexis_iqgoss O10 dager siden

    Hiii azzy 😊

  • Jeanie Trolinder
    Jeanie Trolinder10 dager siden

    I know how to do that phone among us thing

  • azzyland2
    azzyland210 dager siden

    well now we know she plays among us

  • azzyland2
    azzyland210 dager siden


  • Bonnie the bunny
    Bonnie the bunny10 dager siden

    The pipe cleaners are for the smoking pipes fun fact

  • Samantha Rose Beasley
    Samantha Rose Beasley10 dager siden

    Today is my birthday 🎉🥳

  • Amira Horne
    Amira Horne10 dager siden

    among us is the best game ever

  • Sayari Nginya
    Sayari Nginya10 dager siden

    its fondant

  • Agron Demiri
    Agron Demiri10 dager siden


  • Hania Bilal
    Hania Bilal10 dager siden

    I think u should try one of these

  • Yeimy Lazo Molina
    Yeimy Lazo Molina10 dager siden

    azzy i love your vids every single day your pretty and i saw the one the guy was building a among us build by my self its a house

  • Crystal Fox 101
    Crystal Fox 10110 dager siden


  • Crystal Fox 101
    Crystal Fox 10110 dager siden

    Do you watch the?

  • Gacha Lover2010
    Gacha Lover201011 dager siden

    its fondent

  • Michelle Janes
    Michelle Janes11 dager siden

    it's called fondent!!!!!!

    NORAxSUS11 dager siden

    My humans... are socks! -azzy

  • Lejja Nielsen
    Lejja Nielsen11 dager siden

    I don't crush on anime boys anymore... Cuz now I know who Tom Holland is😝

  • Lejja Nielsen
    Lejja Nielsen11 dager siden

    OMFG it thing I was in that wedding game!!!

  • Maria Santos
    Maria Santos11 dager siden

    I love you Azzy I liked and sub a long time ago

    MARLEY MATA11 dager siden

    When you said you dont know what it was that goes on the cake its called fondant

  • Marissa Ernst
    Marissa Ernst11 dager siden

    If you read this you’re the nicest person and if you comment or like that would really help

  • Amber Poplawska
    Amber Poplawska11 dager siden


  • Kamryn Hoffman
    Kamryn Hoffman11 dager siden

    Did yoy mean foundent

  • Gyorgy Dudau
    Gyorgy Dudau11 dager siden

    7:15 Marzipan

  • mobile king
    mobile king11 dager siden

    that is h20

  • Erlin Kaur
    Erlin Kaur11 dager siden

    You know the one where it said you are not the owner of this phone it is an app I’ll give you the app name in the replys

  • Erlin Kaur

    Erlin Kaur

    11 dager siden

    AmongLock is the name of the app

  • Kat Long
    Kat Long11 dager siden

    I took a break....... WHY THE SH-

  • Sarah Hoffman
    Sarah Hoffman11 dager siden

    But like this actually happened to me once someone in Among Us told me I'm cute and to call me and he put his phone number down

  • Amie Saucier
    Amie Saucier11 dager siden

    Its fon don't that they put I cake

  • Maia Culleton-Adams
    Maia Culleton-Adams11 dager siden

    I edited this so you didn’t know what it said before

  • Michael Landrito
    Michael Landrito11 dager siden

    Azzy your not the only one who likes anime characters

  • rysa fahranie
    rysa fahranie11 dager siden


  • Brooklyn Fowler
    Brooklyn Fowler11 dager siden

    I am like you are like amazing at your videos I think you should make a gaming channel

  • Faith Martinez
    Faith Martinez12 dager siden

    To be honest black and red in anima are pretty hot XD

  • Cassandra Stalley
    Cassandra Stalley12 dager siden

    The stuff on the cake is fondit

  • potatos are the best change my mind
    potatos are the best change my mind12 dager siden

    5:38 this is a mark for myself

  • Nancy Swanson
    Nancy Swanson12 dager siden


  • Nancy Swanson
    Nancy Swanson12 dager siden


  • Isabella Donovan
    Isabella Donovan12 dager siden

    When someone comments something and you think i should’ve commented that

  • Rebecca Fairbairn
    Rebecca Fairbairn12 dager siden

    its actually all phones