Among Us TikToks That Are On Another Level !


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Azzyland - Among Us TikToks That Are On Another Level ! These are some of the best Among Us TIkToks I have ever seen! Are you guys playing among us? Are you excited for the new map? Let me know in the comments!
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLandMåned siden

    Who’s excited for the new among us map this month? 👀

  • Tekemia Brown

    Tekemia Brown

    18 dager siden

    I'm so ready for this new among Us map I've been waiting for like so long oh yeah also I'm hoping to buy your merch

  • Evie Goodchild

    Evie Goodchild

    26 dager siden


  • Transito Cotreras

    Transito Cotreras

    Måned siden

    Why is your voice wired

  • Wolfina SP

    Wolfina SP

    Måned siden

    Try honey for your voice! ;D 🍯

  • Giselle McMurtree

    Giselle McMurtree

    Måned siden


  • Ichigo _1352
    Ichigo _135215 timer siden

    The fact that she records when you can barely hear her voice is amazing! I don’t talk when I can barely hear my voice

  • Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie
    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie10 dager siden


  • lilly kaven
    lilly kaven12 dager siden

    hey azzy if you do a qna way do you sound so different latty

  • Perry Samios
    Perry Samios13 dager siden

    Me who is cyan and does the most tasks: :(

  • Addison Hoozee
    Addison Hoozee13 dager siden

    I was wondering what happened to her voice

  • Tekemia Brown
    Tekemia Brown18 dager siden

    Azzy it sounds like you have coronavirus are you okay?

  • Landyn Nelson
    Landyn Nelson19 dager siden

    Hey what if your pink

  • Ed Murphy
    Ed Murphy20 dager siden


  • Mostly_Roblox
    Mostly_Roblox21 dag siden

    0:29, I play red it's true (it's why I don't play among us much anymore)

  • Jayesty Tongol
    Jayesty Tongol22 dager siden

    Azzy what happen to your voice?

  • Fonixy
    Fonixy22 dager siden

    Your Poor Voice you should take a break. It's also good to talk a bit more and then it's easier to get ur voice back.

    LION GAMING sj22 dager siden

    The worst thing is when i think someone is the imposter and you say if hes not the imposter vote me and then he turns out that hes not the imposter so they vote you out the pain is real😩

  • Itz_ HarleyGamez
    Itz_ HarleyGamez23 dager siden

    Ew I do not like pizza

  • Arlene Oliver
    Arlene Oliver23 dager siden


  • Leah Knight
    Leah Knight24 dager siden

    I don't like pizza. 😅

    KAM KID K24 dager siden

    but i'm yellow... also where's purple?

  • Luciana Buggel
    Luciana Buggel25 dager siden

    when the impasta is sauce

  • zuri marisin
    zuri marisin26 dager siden

    I love your merch the characters on it are cute

  • Kenneth & Toni Lott
    Kenneth & Toni Lott26 dager siden


  • Amelie Hardman
    Amelie Hardman26 dager siden

    1:46 what my14 year old brother sounds like

  • Amelie Hardman
    Amelie Hardman26 dager siden

    its okay to take a break for your voice we dont mind

  • kittymeggy
    kittymeggy26 dager siden

    My fav pizza is cheese . Yum Yum in my tum

  • ayyyahz1 1
    ayyyahz1 127 dager siden

    noooooooo get well :c

  • Brendan Hogan
    Brendan Hogan27 dager siden

    Are you ok you sound sick

  • Armani Cardoza
    Armani Cardoza28 dager siden

    Rip brown

  • Kiana Hampson
    Kiana Hampson28 dager siden

    2 things 1 love the merch 2 peparoni

  • Signe Strandberg
    Signe Strandberg28 dager siden

    Love this video and Among us sushi is so CUTE 🍣 😀

  • Madison
    Madison28 dager siden

    Azzy- Please rest. You need to take care of your voice. We care about you. To help with your voice: Breathe moist air. Use a humidifier to keep the air throughout your home or office moist, Rest your voice as much as possible, Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration (avoid alcohol and caffeine), Moisten your throat, Avoid decongestants, and Avoid whispering.

  • George Ottey
    George Ottey28 dager siden

    whats going on with your voice?? (i tried to say that as nice as possible!)

  • no
    no28 dager siden

    Tbh I absolutely love your content and always have🥺

  • Raf FPV
    Raf FPV29 dager siden

    I like peperomy

  • Your Med Guy
    Your Med Guy29 dager siden

    As a youtuber I always woke up with enthusiasm but after watching my analytics it feels to me just quit it. Really the saddest part of being a small youtuber

  • Carol Hesketh
    Carol HeskethMåned siden


  • Eevie Muro
    Eevie MuroMåned siden

    When you lose your voice you sound terrifying but I'm losing my voice to so I'm not going to judge

  • berkley martim
    berkley martimMåned siden

    azzy theres sumthing behind you

  • Summer Pattison
    Summer PattisonMåned siden

    Feel better azzy

  • Summer Pattison
    Summer PattisonMåned siden

    Pineapple pizza all the way

  • Given Alba
    Given AlbaMåned siden

    Why is azzy's voice is different??

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman NayrMåned siden

    EVERYONE IS VOTING RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman NayrMåned siden

    I JUST WANT THE AIRPODS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zoey Goodrich
    Zoey GoodrichMåned siden


  • Zoey Goodrich
    Zoey GoodrichMåned siden

    Chese and peporroni and garlik

  • Heather Lynch
    Heather LynchMåned siden

    Cheese pizza

  • Electric_ Fnaf Potato
    Electric_ Fnaf PotatoMåned siden

    lets just be happy azzy is still recording with a sick voice and the new among us update is that we cant talk :

  • Cindia Gaston
    Cindia GastonMåned siden

    My favorite pizza is sausage and pepperoni

  • Xicor at heart
    Xicor at heartMåned siden

    Azzy,what happen to your voice?i haven't checked your channel for months and you have changed a lot...

  • PostacSztukiByJul
    PostacSztukiByJulMåned siden

    You sounds alike one of Al Pacino sisters

  • Crazy family Of 5
    Crazy family Of 5Måned siden


  • Jeanne Ndonye
    Jeanne NdonyeMåned siden

    Your voice needs a break

  • Mr d10
    Mr d10Måned siden

    take some rest your voice is harder than before

  • Rosa Hernandez
    Rosa HernandezMåned siden

    i love your vedios

  • Annaliisa Suvi
    Annaliisa SuviMåned siden

    i hope ur get ur voise back❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Elizabeth Lewis
    Elizabeth LewisMåned siden

    What happened to your voice azzy

  • Skylar Provencal
    Skylar ProvencalMåned siden

    r u sick?

  • Lizel Lujan
    Lizel LujanMåned siden

    I my favorite pizza is Italian pizza

  • Lizel Lujan
    Lizel LujanMåned siden

    Did you lose your voice

  • Jhmier Nealey
    Jhmier NealeyMåned siden

    oh no azzy! i hope you get your vose back

  • Eliana Moldavsky
    Eliana MoldavskyMåned siden

    Did you loose your voice

  • Brent S
    Brent SMåned siden

    I am but I have a question r u ok with your voice I hope you don’t take this as me being rude but u r still the best NOlocalr in the world stay awesome and stay sleep and don’t forget to be nice to each other bye😗

  • maddison Pickering
    maddison PickeringMåned siden

    Azzy I have a mungus maybe someday we could play among up together

  • Kelly Glatter
    Kelly GlatterMåned siden

    Your losing your voice

  • Teagan Keller
    Teagan KellerMåned siden

    If you want to be a k pop star azzy call up your friend and say let’s take a k pop Babel class

  • fAmOUs gAmIng
    fAmOUs gAmIngMåned siden

    Pepperoni pizza or pepperoni and sausage pizza 🍕

  • Isabelle Pfitzner
    Isabelle PfitznerMåned siden

    Are you sick

  • Gianna Tucker
    Gianna TuckerMåned siden

    I am purple

  • Coco Loves tiktok
    Coco Loves tiktokMåned siden

    Azzy are u sick u sound different

  • Rylan Westfall
    Rylan WestfallMåned siden

    why does it sound like Azzy has the voice of Billie Eilish

  • Rylan Westfall

    Rylan Westfall

    Måned siden

    btw i know she lost her voice don't come for me T-T

  • Beatriz Bustamante
    Beatriz BustamanteMåned siden

    Your voice azzy

  • Leah Selby
    Leah SelbyMåned siden

    You should react to magic videos next video

  • Leah Selby
    Leah SelbyMåned siden


  • Leah Selby
    Leah SelbyMåned siden


  • Jesus Morales
    Jesus MoralesMåned siden

    Among us

  • That’s Minecraft player in 2021 MayMay Thompson
    That’s Minecraft player in 2021 MayMay ThompsonMåned siden

    Cheese pizza and pepperoni

  • xxPandaSquadxx
    xxPandaSquadxxMåned siden

    LOL he rlly said “hasta la vista” 4:45

  • Naz Anmar
    Naz AnmarMåned siden

    Boys are sick or something cancel love with you

  • Alexa Ackerman
    Alexa AckermanMåned siden

    and also, im yellow in among us, and that DUDE said to SHUT UP. RUDE

  • Alexa Ackerman
    Alexa AckermanMåned siden

    What IS the new map, so yes, if i dont know what the new map is, then im excited

  • •xChrisAftonx•
    •xChrisAftonx•Måned siden

    Azzy take a break


    Azzy you should put honey and a sore throat hot water in honey it will help you

  • Erick Trujillo
    Erick TrujilloMåned siden


  • Kinzley Bennett
    Kinzley BennettMåned siden

    i hope you get better and try some tea with honey and is should smooth out your voice

  • Aiden medina
    Aiden medinaMåned siden

    We're just going to ignore the fact that she had lost her voice

  • The Boyer Gang
    The Boyer GangMåned siden


  • matt nobes
    matt nobesMåned siden

    0:35 *this is red-cism*

  • goobertooper 13 clene
    goobertooper 13 cleneMåned siden

    The third one is Josh dub and I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • charlie maxwell
    charlie maxwellMåned siden

    You sick ?

  • Pride Wolfie
    Pride WolfieMåned siden

    The dude that was doing the among us colors about their bio he didn’t do my color :(

  • Autumn rose
    Autumn roseMåned siden

    Hey azzy mines hawian whats yours ?????

  • Kellie Weiland
    Kellie WeilandMåned siden

    I hope you get your voice back!

  • Kellie Weiland
    Kellie WeilandMåned siden

    My favorite is pepperoni pizza 🍕

  • Customskin Medspa
    Customskin MedspaMåned siden

    I was to...

  • Customskin Medspa
    Customskin MedspaMåned siden

    I was to

  • Customskin Medspa
    Customskin MedspaMåned siden

    I was to

  • Jessica Ho
    Jessica HoMåned siden

    Me thinking : yay am going to get the march if my mom lets me. Then: I DONT HAVE INSTAGRAM

  • galaxy wolfer
    galaxy wolferMåned siden

    Sadly my phone doesn't support among us T-T

  • mangle and Friends lil bit lolbit
    mangle and Friends lil bit lolbitMåned siden

    I just don't want anyone that I like be hurting there voice

  • mangle and Friends lil bit lolbit
    mangle and Friends lil bit lolbitMåned siden

    Azzy if you are sick don't make vids but I hope you are ok

  • Grace Halemath
    Grace HalemathMåned siden

    i love you azzy

  • ThePhoenixStxrm
    ThePhoenixStxrmMåned siden

    Me, who always plays red (my secondary color is black) while watching this video: Why is this so relatable though?