CRAZY Attractions and Rides from Around the World !


Azzyland - CRAZY Attractions and Rides from Around the World ! Some of these rides should definitely come with a waiver. Leave a like and let me know which was your favorite ride in the comments. For more crazy rides check out this video:
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand24 dager siden

    The ultimate and most dangerous theme park ride is the one you go on immediately after eating 20 scoops of ice cream.

  • Marjorri Armstrong

    Marjorri Armstrong

    6 timer siden


  • MinaMaysPigPen


    8 timer siden


  • Ez Mimin

    Ez Mimin

    Dag siden

    YEEE 👁👄👁

  • Jasmine Walsh

    Jasmine Walsh

    Dag siden

    So true

  • Rose M

    Rose M

    7 dager siden

    @Sofia Pacheco ME

  • Lilia Pontes
    Lilia Pontes35 minutter siden

    I feel the same way it's fine when I go up a roller coaster but when I go down the roller coaster it just ends my life like when I go down the roller coaster it just into my life my life descends when I go down a roller coaster and I'm never going down a roller coaster ever again and don't even think to talking me in to going on the Superman I'm never going in the Superman even though I haven't tried it by the way it looks I can't even go on it the drop on the Superman whenever I see the thing drop on the Superman I'm not going on there so don't even ask me to try out the Superman

  • Jennifer Bodmer
    Jennifer Bodmer6 timer siden

    The most dangerous ride is the one when you feel hungry then you feel like then you ate the whole world

  • Jennifer Bodmer
    Jennifer Bodmer6 timer siden


  • Marjorri Armstrong
    Marjorri Armstrong6 timer siden

    how you know its clickbait is if he fell off the ride he fell of a seat but no seats are empty!

  • KyCaT_bAbY
    KyCaT_bAbY8 timer siden

    I went on one of those things where it drops you and every time it dropped us it felt like I was getting a heart attack

  • Adrianna Dufay
    Adrianna Dufay9 timer siden

    i once went on a roller coaster that went higher than a a pretty tall 2 or 3 or 4 story building. I felt like i was going to die. The weirdest part... there was a hat on the roof of the building.

  • Watermelon Cake
    Watermelon Cake15 timer siden

    Azzy I can go up and fast me I am scared of both

  • Isabella Rønnov
    Isabella Rønnov17 timer siden

    Soo good

  • Eva Bonderud
    Eva Bonderud17 timer siden

    i have tried the yellow swing thingy

  • paulina8 ligigaite8
    paulina8 ligigaite8Dag siden

    Ai love det so so love him

  • Joyce Ann Corpuz
    Joyce Ann CorpuzDag siden

    Scarry rides

  • Camden Barnes
    Camden Barnes2 dager siden

    I have never been to a theme park in my life

  • Julie Dight
    Julie Dight2 dager siden

    WOW Hi I'm Poppy

  • The_Avocados
    The_Avocados3 dager siden

    I’ve been on a human sling shot a lot

  • Valentine Sanchez
    Valentine Sanchez3 dager siden

    Hahahah that is funny 😂

  • Lala Banks
    Lala Banks3 dager siden

    I ofchaly hate roller casters

  • Aubree Cervantes
    Aubree Cervantes3 dager siden


  • Patricia Williams
    Patricia Williams4 dager siden


  • Olivia Sumblin
    Olivia Sumblin4 dager siden


  • Kenzie Harding
    Kenzie Harding4 dager siden

    Mom if mom fell I wood cry

  • hazeplayz hazeplayz
    hazeplayz hazeplayz4 dager siden

    The slide that she said was scary there's one exactly like it in Vermont and I go on it all the time alone and I'm very little

  • Alexandra Zhang
    Alexandra Zhang4 dager siden

    I'm pretty sure for the human slingshot thing, you have to sign some paper work in which it says that if you get injured, it isn't the park's fault

  • Slothy Playz93
    Slothy Playz934 dager siden

    the one that says 'You must escape' is rita from alton towers in england ive been on it its really fast

  • grant Ferguson
    grant Ferguson5 dager siden

    Marvel fans 4:21 shout xmen

  • Mina Solis-boone
    Mina Solis-boone5 dager siden

    Be fare and be square 😁

  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards5 dager siden

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Jena Jones
    Jena Jones5 dager siden

    I like all the stuff you do everything it’s amazing

  • Rachel Clay
    Rachel Clay5 dager siden

    Great vid azzy!!!!!!But trust me I'm scared of rolocosters...

  • Sage Connor
    Sage Connor5 dager siden

    Your boyfriend is reading a book in the background

  • I am Wil
    I am Wil5 dager siden


  • Leilani Pereira
    Leilani Pereira5 dager siden


  • Caro Vasquez
    Caro Vasquez5 dager siden


  • CharlotteTheAwsomeGirl 112
    CharlotteTheAwsomeGirl 1125 dager siden

    "Chu chu" Me: lol that’s what my big sister’s call me Azzyland

  • Stuart Wright

    Stuart Wright

    2 dager siden

    What's tor name

  • Stuart Wright

    Stuart Wright

    2 dager siden


  • Lupe Garcia
    Lupe Garcia5 dager siden

    Hi azzy

  • Lupe Garcia
    Lupe Garcia5 dager siden


  • Kexin ZHANG
    Kexin ZHANG6 dager siden

    it so great

  • Salima Sayani
    Salima Sayani6 dager siden

    I rode one of the rides

  • Kya Hufflepuff
    Kya Hufflepuff6 dager siden

    The scary ones reminded me of the time I had NEVER BEEN MORE SCARED So I went to this place in England with my sister and parents (I don't remember the place name) and there was a ride called "wicker man" and that line took MOST OF THE DAY to get through and it was NOT. WORTH IT. Being a child at the age of 9 I was smol and it was really fast and so whenever it went down I felt like I was going to fling off. My sister held me down cuz she knew how scared I was and at one part it takes a picture and the pic cheered me up cuz..... MY FACE WAS HILARIOUS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 But really I am NEVER going on that ride again There was also this smile thing that was creepy. I didn't go on it though my cousin went on it once and he told me when he was at my house and... THAT RIDE HAS HAD 16 ACCIDENTS AND ITS STILL ALOUD WTF Thanku for reading UnU

  • Erin Bryana
    Erin Bryana6 dager siden


  • Nicola Bowden
    Nicola Bowden6 dager siden

    Last year I was at the fun fair and the last ride I went on was 150 feet in the air and you had to go upside down and when we where waiting for two people to get on we had to wait about a hour upside down

  • Fara Playzzz
    Fara Playzzz6 dager siden

    I have been on the switzerland slide

  • Jenson Jenkin
    Jenson Jenkin6 dager siden

    That Rita !,!

  • Luke Missirian-Parise
    Luke Missirian-Parise7 dager siden

    5:07 Dude be like: Just up here flying frantically in the sky making a girl think I know what I’m doing to get my hands in the fun zone High school boys be like: Noted! (Bonus: HS boys’ math teacher be like: so if I use pictures of girls in bikinis to represent 1’s instead of drawing the number 1, the boys *will actually take notes* 📝)

  • Jenifer Widner
    Jenifer Widner7 dager siden


  • Texting Stories
    Texting Stories7 dager siden

    I have anxiety now....

  • Kiana Herness
    Kiana Herness7 dager siden

    that arm thingy... been there done that I mean that literally it's so fun

  • Abel Martinez Martinez
    Abel Martinez Martinez7 dager siden

    You tok to to much

  • Paul Teague
    Paul Teague7 dager siden

    Soft rides are fun but when it comes to rollercoasters it’s like OH HECK NOOOOOO

  • Adelaide Playz
    Adelaide Playz7 dager siden

    Love the Harry Potter reference!!!!

  • Abby Houghton
    Abby Houghton7 dager siden

    Yes. I’m “that kid” - the one freakishly good at monkey bars.

  • dalal buarahma
    dalal buarahma7 dager siden

    Me to

  • Elysia Abernathy
    Elysia Abernathy7 dager siden

    i dont think voldemort wold use magic like that but draco mite

  • Levi Jones
    Levi Jones7 dager siden


  • Levi Jones
    Levi Jones7 dager siden

    Yes I am

  • Levi Jones
    Levi Jones7 dager siden


  • 2-Bertha Sterling
    2-Bertha Sterling8 dager siden

    Dropping your phone is worse in that situation because at least you are wearing a vest n cable your phone ant.

  • unicorn rainbow
    unicorn rainbow8 dager siden

    I almost died from falling on the monkey bars

  • rebecca
    rebecca8 dager siden

    Scars me so bad roblox

  • Jade Barrett
    Jade Barrett8 dager siden


  • Jade Barrett
    Jade Barrett8 dager siden


  • Radio Vodjanicky
    Radio Vodjanicky8 dager siden


  • Radio Vodjanicky

    Radio Vodjanicky

    8 dager siden


  • Radio Vodjanicky
    Radio Vodjanicky8 dager siden


  • *-UwU-*
    *-UwU-*8 dager siden

    Me and my dad would do all of them

  • *-UwU-*
    *-UwU-*8 dager siden

    Me and my dad would do all of them

  • hera jazzy
    hera jazzy8 dager siden

    1:51 I think I've seen that ride in person and I am planning to go on it.

  • Winter Bros
    Winter Bros9 dager siden

    I'm scared of those stuff, I'm not going to a Carnival

  • Sandra Maguire
    Sandra Maguire9 dager siden

    Rip if I go on that

  • Shadow Flower
    Shadow Flower9 dager siden

    How they do the ride that has a gap at the top they just put lights at paint on it to hide it I guess?

  • Shell Bennewith
    Shell Bennewith9 dager siden

    I❤️your videos you are hillarious

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith9 dager siden


  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith9 dager siden

    Also great videos:>

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith9 dager siden


  • Novah JacksoN
    Novah JacksoN9 dager siden

    At 3:10 I was freak d out

  • nick fahey
    nick fahey9 dager siden

    That massive slide is in Scotland

  • Musicals_ 4life
    Musicals_ 4life9 dager siden

    No one: Me: omg they actually mentioned Rhode island in a NOlocal video, I live there!

  • Yağmur
    Yağmur9 dager siden

    "I can only imagine it's dark dark dark magic" *shows the deatheater TATTOO*

  • Tuen Joan Wong
    Tuen Joan Wong9 dager siden


  • Alyssa Faulkner
    Alyssa Faulkner9 dager siden

    The person that shakes the bridge

  • Sophie Fuston
    Sophie Fuston9 dager siden

    I live in switzerland and i did that ride, if you fall off then you need to get back on the track yourself and ur also suppost to go the speed you thing is good- do it is slightly unsafe.... I luv ur vids azzy!

    LUCA THE GAMER9 dager siden


  • N0T A5H
    N0T A5H9 dager siden

    For the superman one, i can half-explain. The UFO Or the ride is actually SPINNING. It gets gravity from spinning, and it isn't a strap or anything. They don't use anything, no straps, no anything. It's just that. They get gravity, When i first tried it it's a bit dizzy lol

  • Kitty Meow Meow
    Kitty Meow Meow9 dager siden


  • Wendy Brisbane
    Wendy Brisbane9 dager siden


  • Jennifer Walker
    Jennifer Walker9 dager siden

    I love rides!!!

  • Tim Daley
    Tim Daley10 dager siden

    It depends what year you made this

  • ilana kaufman
    ilana kaufman10 dager siden


  • Avah_a Brid Gulay :3 ?????
    Avah_a Brid Gulay :3 ?????10 dager siden

    My birds are my KIDS ;-;

  • Avah_a Brid Gulay :3 ?????
    Avah_a Brid Gulay :3 ?????10 dager siden

    Which are my birds ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

  • Avah_a Brid Gulay :3 ?????
    Avah_a Brid Gulay :3 ?????10 dager siden

    The time you turned into an Amazon parrot that one single second at the start I was so happy because I love those birds mostly cocktails I have a pair of kids

  • Avah_a Brid Gulay :3 ?????

    Avah_a Brid Gulay :3 ?????

    10 dager siden

    Which are my birds ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

  • Szarlotka Tag
    Szarlotka Tag10 dager siden

    Polish Hyperion Rollercoaster- really recommend! My first time on rollercoaster there and I fell in love with them :D

  • Zipperup 9
    Zipperup 910 dager siden

    Well clearly the thumbnail is a lie because the seats are full. So at least he’s safe

  • BFF play roblox
    BFF play roblox10 dager siden

    Do you know that one that said go go girl I’ve been On it And it’s really fast

  • Lindsay McBride
    Lindsay McBride10 dager siden


  • not jade fan
    not jade fan10 dager siden

    L almost fell of a ride

  • Mustakim Rahman
    Mustakim Rahman10 dager siden

    What was going on in the mind of the guy on the fourth clip

  • Fernanda Benito
    Fernanda Benito10 dager siden

    Hola AzzyLand Yay uwu ❤💜💚💙💛🧡

  • juan gerves
    juan gerves10 dager siden


  • Izuku Miyorda
    Izuku Miyorda10 dager siden

    FUN FACT: We haven’t watched the hole video yet

  • Eriayne Lawrence
    Eriayne Lawrence10 dager siden

    ummm im scared of hights