Crazy Coincidences You Wont Believe !


Azzyland - Crazy Coincidences You Wont Believe ! - Have you ever seen a coincidence so crazy that you think it must be fate? Yup that's pretty much everything in this video. Don't forget a like and check out these other crazy coincidences:
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLandMåned siden

    Hey!! What a coincidence running into you guys here!

  • HH DarkHawk

    HH DarkHawk

    3 dager siden

    I noticed you said something bout your exes azzy would you like to talk about it

  • its


    13 dager siden

    Azzy you said that beer is $18 in my battery is 18 accident I think not

  • Kate Puleo

    Kate Puleo

    20 dager siden

    I think the 2:15 was that it had a slit cut at the part he jumped through but it was thin and hard to see, and the momentum sent him through so fast through the slit it looked like he did something impossible. Just a guess though.

  • Nehemiah Brooms

    Nehemiah Brooms

    22 dager siden

    I just got a photo and on my phone is the exact same photo on my mom phone and I didn’t send it to her

  • MEME Henry

    MEME Henry

    24 dager siden


  • James Miyata
    James MiyataDag siden

    I love azzyland

  • HH DarkHawk
    HH DarkHawk3 dager siden

    One time that happened to me and I turned into a rolling barrel then I got mad at my friends for no reason

  • HH DarkHawk
    HH DarkHawk3 dager siden

    The dude said piece see ya in a month while I live in narnia of the pool

  • The one and only
    The one and only7 dager siden

    One time something creepy happened in my room So i bolted out of my room and i imideity froze down the hall and Could not move at all then my sister looked at at me and started laughing it was so creepy

  • PokieD3
    PokieD37 dager siden

    This is how many people notices Howard they Alien at 4:00 👇🏻

  • A’Livia Jordan
    A’Livia Jordan7 dager siden

    Anyone else see the metal monster in the background that freaked me out reply if you think it was edited in

  • Mintypawzz
    Mintypawzz8 dager siden


    SARA AGAJ9 dager siden

    Who else saw that little alien in the background?

  • Mahesty Ayu
    Mahesty Ayu9 dager siden

    Azzy.. 🥺 OMG I can't belive you got this far! I technically(?) grew up w/ u, I was 14 when I started watching u, now I'm 17! Big fan🥺(This is my mom's account don't mind it)

  • Dino_NugetYT
    Dino_NugetYT10 dager siden

    the hat lolity 20000

  • Tamalina Sonthithong
    Tamalina Sonthithong10 dager siden

    At 4:00 it's a alien

  • MrSpasous
    MrSpasous10 dager siden

    xD remember the cat knocking down people? Well the first one made me lose 50$! I was betting with my dad. lol

  • KookieKreamie
    KookieKreamie10 dager siden

    a crazy coincidence would be you seeing this comment

  • Vsh Rocks
    Vsh Rocks10 dager siden

    Who saw that person at 4:00 lol and by the way who is here in this week of 2020 date 17th feb 2021

  • Kim Westerlink
    Kim Westerlink11 dager siden

    The beer catch was in the Netherlands. So it was only 3 dollars or something. I can imagine people don't throw their expensive beers in the USA 😆

  • Imaginext Studios
    Imaginext Studios12 dager siden

    One time at the beach I had a chip and when I was just was about to eat it a bird bit my lip because it was by my mouth and took it so I know how it feeks

  • McKenzie.s World forever
    McKenzie.s World forever12 dager siden

    Azzy..Azzy..Azzy.. well sorry but I don’t mean to correct you but but well I uhh I am soo soo soo sorry but well it’s called a doppelgänger someone that isn’t related to you but looks the exact same

  • george modek
    george modek13 dager siden

    The disastrous peer-to-peer separately order because rabbi compellingly subtract in a aboard jeff. cute, terrible roll

  • Willow Gow
    Willow Gow13 dager siden

    Please may you make a video of the proof file

  • Lucy Heald
    Lucy Heald13 dager siden

    When she talked about aliens did anyone else see the alien in the background

  • Yassin Sabally
    Yassin Sabally14 dager siden

    Fun fact : there is someone on this earth that looks like you.

  • Emilys Alsorts
    Emilys Alsorts14 dager siden

    Go subscribe to Emily's Alsorts

  • 「Mellow Merey」
    「Mellow Merey」15 dager siden

    4:00 do u see the thing behind azzy?

  • Catherine Pham
    Catherine Pham15 dager siden

    Watching some of them makes me think we’re simulations .-.

  • Cleto Bustamante
    Cleto Bustamante16 dager siden

    When you say aliens Me: i see a alien

  • SebyPlayz 02
    SebyPlayz 0218 dager siden

    Ounce a Siegel stole my NUTTELA sandwich at the beach

  • Marysol Luna43
    Marysol Luna4319 dager siden

    The one with the twins and another twins is photoshopped you can feel because they are making the same pose

  • Cristina Lucaci
    Cristina Lucaci20 dager siden

    I had a new shirt and wen I looked at a picture that was 3 years ago I saw that I was wearing the same shirt

  • Kate Puleo
    Kate Puleo20 dager siden

    I think the 2:15 was that it had a slit cut at the part he jumped through but it was thin and hard to see, and the momentum sent him through so fast through the slit it looked like he did something impossible. Just a guess though. idk

  • Christina Stiles
    Christina Stiles20 dager siden

    I love your channel

  • Savage Gamer 544
    Savage Gamer 54420 dager siden

    When the lady got hit by the tire you should have said it was carma instead of karma 😂

  • Elena Lampka
    Elena Lampka20 dager siden

    On the calm app there’s a picture on and the screen and that picture looks exactly like me🤭

  • Elena Lampka

    Elena Lampka

    20 dager siden

    If you see a Random person in your dream that’s the person watching you wa’ll you asleep

  • Kristanna MacAuley
    Kristanna MacAuley20 dager siden

    "Birds are on our sides" Me: but i want to be a police officer 👁️👄👁️

  • My Traveler Is op
    My Traveler Is op20 dager siden

    Um tires are heavy af . That lady got hit in the back of the head with one and on top of that she fell on her face😳 it looks funny but I bet it doesn’t feel funny

  • Bruno Banasiak
    Bruno Banasiak20 dager siden

    I think the last one is a flash flood

  • Poornachandra Hoovaiah
    Poornachandra Hoovaiah21 dag siden

    That granny's NOlocal channel is Ross Smith

  • Rainbow unicorn
    Rainbow unicorn22 dager siden

    I feel so bad for laughing at all those people

  • jamie lee mccarthy
    jamie lee mccarthy22 dager siden

    Cat: pawer! Me: power! Azzy: paw pew prw pow paw ☹️ can't say it.

  • Ocean
    Ocean22 dager siden

    ok so i'm doing this thing where i talk about a different video in the comments. ever heared of Faze Rug?

  • Jehona Hakaj
    Jehona Hakaj22 dager siden


  • Tobin Family
    Tobin Family24 dager siden

    Azzy! Azzy! Put this proof floder me and my mama wae on google maps and we foud our hoose my mama we bringing our dog oreo inside! And i think shes famos now!

  • Derpface5051
    Derpface505124 dager siden

    i was on a swing once and it just stopped for a few seconds then kept going

  • Roy Angcog
    Roy Angcog24 dager siden

    can you play among us pls

  • The black bunny
    The black bunny25 dager siden

    Did any body see that grey guy in the background he was there for like 1 sec

  • noelani's world
    noelani's world25 dager siden

    Cat's ruleeeee

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya25 dager siden

    4:00 Am I the only one that sees a robot moving in the background

  • noelani's world
    noelani's world25 dager siden

    He was terrified

  • noelani's world
    noelani's world25 dager siden

    The girl just did not want to fall so she kept running down the hill

  • noelani's world
    noelani's world25 dager siden

    We all love you azzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Deigle Beigle
    Deigle Beigle25 dager siden

    4:00 nobody gonna talk about that alien ib the background

  • Carolyn Dowling
    Carolyn Dowling26 dager siden

    My grandmom went to school with a girl named Mary Christmas

  • TANA H
    TANA H26 dager siden

    I love your shirt!😍🤩

  • The Stricklands
    The Stricklands26 dager siden

    My birthday is on Valentine’s Day

  • Bunny
    Bunny26 dager siden

    Azzy in very vide: ok I’ll stop Azzy 2 seconds later making our day better: PAW-ER

  • Bunny
    Bunny26 dager siden


  • Ye Wang
    Ye Wang26 dager siden

    3:59 alien?

  • Dragon Fire
    Dragon Fire26 dager siden

    2:12 that guy just turned on noclip 2:43 when you lag

  • Rhys
    Rhys26 dager siden


  • kay stpierre
    kay stpierre27 dager siden

    She sounds like a completely different person 4:25

  • Wolf & Phoenix
    Wolf & Phoenix27 dager siden

    Okay guys is it just me or did anyone else see the robot in azzy’s background at 4:01 😁😁

  • Jill Bill Patterson
    Jill Bill Patterson27 dager siden

    Azzy I love your vids you always make me smile and I never get bord of your videos. Btw I am an ice skater and I love it.

  • Leslie Prince
    Leslie Prince27 dager siden

    One day I walked away from my fry’s and a bird stole one of my fry I was sad :(

  • Алена Барнс
    Алена Барнс27 dager siden

    Ahh 😦 did you see that moment she seid after I like designs the moment she got her camarer out there was a moving alien 👽 jeeses criseeee

  • Juan Santana
    Juan Santana27 dager siden

    Is it a coincidence that your so cute .

  • Kermit The frog
    Kermit The frog27 dager siden

    That man controls the storm

  • Idk
    Idk27 dager siden

    4:00 what was that on the background 🧐

  • Grace Marshall
    Grace Marshall28 dager siden

    Azzy. I will only watch ice dancing Me It called figure skating

  • Kblom27 1
    Kblom27 128 dager siden

    If your reading this comment RN say Hi🥰

  • zombie tree
    zombie tree28 dager siden

    I feel like she's wearing a little bit too much makeup

  • David Urech
    David Urech28 dager siden

    My fav part of the vid is 6:00 to 6:20

  • Utkarsh Chakravarty
    Utkarsh Chakravarty29 dager siden

    4:00 who saw the alien

  • Ruwayda Mohammed
    Ruwayda Mohammed29 dager siden

    look a 4:01 though...

  • Greek gamer
    Greek gamer29 dager siden

    I love you Azzyland

  • Pink 7w7
    Pink 7w729 dager siden

    6:55 That’s.... ADORABLE

  • Pink 7w7
    Pink 7w729 dager siden

    6:03 AWW..

  • Pink 7w7
    Pink 7w729 dager siden

    5:31 Lol

  • Pink 7w7
    Pink 7w729 dager siden


  • Pink 7w7
    Pink 7w729 dager siden

    3:08 SAME- XD

  • Phil Midas
    Phil MidasMåned siden


  • Hunny bee
    Hunny beeMåned siden

    Omg 😳

  • _Coockie_Wolfie_
    _Coockie_Wolfie_Måned siden

    You are so pretty Azzy !!!

  • Yeoj Jusay
    Yeoj JusayMåned siden


  • Jonson Harris
    Jonson HarrisMåned siden

    The proof file is full

  • Catherine Manser
    Catherine ManserMåned siden


  • Lacie Grant
    Lacie GrantMåned siden

    👽 behind azzy

  • Avo ASMR
    Avo ASMRMåned siden

    Who else saw the alien

  • Sea basss Des
    Sea basss DesMåned siden

    I have a bird that screams so I hate birds

  • Monic Rios
    Monic RiosMåned siden

    Do a scary video

  • frances richardson
    frances richardsonMåned siden

    OMG I litrally got so scared wen she put that alien in the backround.

  • Anna Richardson
    Anna RichardsonMåned siden

    That granny throw that mento into the bottle

  • Anna Richardson
    Anna RichardsonMåned siden

    Coincidence I just watched that

  • Amelia Hathaway
    Amelia HathawayMåned siden

    Did anybody see the alien in azzys background for a bit

  • {koala _stich}
    {koala _stich}Måned siden

    But u don't know which side is he end of the rainbow 🤔

  • Xavian Rosa
    Xavian RosaMåned siden

    evee song

  • Willow Gow
    Willow GowMåned siden

    Recommended show us the proof file for a video

  • Y /n
    Y /nMåned siden


  • Madia Khan
    Madia KhanMåned siden


  • sorby lorby
    sorby lorbyMåned siden

    go and wath 4:000 she has an alien in her back

  • Ducky Littleman
    Ducky LittlemanMåned siden

    Did you break up with Cupquake