Creative People Who Are On Another Level !


Azzyland - Creative People Who Are On Another Level ! From makeup art, hair sculpting, and just great painting..these are some of the most creative people I have ever seen. Don't forget to leave a like and check out more creative people here:
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand25 dager siden

    Do you guys do any art of your own? Let me know in the comments!

  • 58sammi


    Dag siden

    @Emma :D love your art tho

  • Seraphina Sanda

    Seraphina Sanda

    3 dager siden


  • Luna Hermosillo

    Luna Hermosillo

    3 dager siden


  • Dallas Simmons

    Dallas Simmons

    11 dager siden


  • {Emily the goddess}

    {Emily the goddess}

    12 dager siden

    Of art

  • Color Me Happe
    Color Me Happe4 timer siden

    1:18 you can wipe it off before it dries

  • raptor chick
    raptor chick8 timer siden

    Ya I do game droings

  • Delilah Burchfield
    Delilah Burchfield14 timer siden

    Elephants eat watermelons 🍉

  • Layla Green
    Layla Green14 timer siden

    That elephant is a better painter then me

  • ridha mohamed
    ridha mohamed14 timer siden

    u know azzy u can mess the hannah up and u can fix it i had put it on EID

  • Faiza Zahidha
    Faiza Zahidha16 timer siden

    Azzy if you mess up take a tissue and wipe it off but if the whole thing is messed up rinse the whole thing off

  • Sophia Rosario
    Sophia RosarioDag siden

    I remember one time I went to the beach with my cousins and we saw three men making a crazy sand castle with water surrounding it being guarded by a sand alligator! It was so cool and we took a picture of it with the creators and helped them a little. They also taught us how to make a crab with sand. It was defiantly reallly cool

  • Sophia Rosario
    Sophia RosarioDag siden

    That elephants painting is better than all of my paintings

  • Amanda Mejia Tobar
    Amanda Mejia TobarDag siden


  • Peters Ezers
    Peters Ezers2 dager siden

    My brother cut a part of his hair off

  • grace jacobson
    grace jacobson3 dager siden

    me realizing that the elephant is a better artiest than i am

  • Mylene Vedasto
    Mylene Vedasto3 dager siden

    I dont like cats cuz a dog bait me😂🤣

  • alicia valencia
    alicia valencia5 dager siden

    do any of you guys remember when azzy tried to do the art and bucket of paint

  • Angelica Arreola
    Angelica Arreola6 dager siden

    My claim thas art

  • Maria Rogers
    Maria Rogers7 dager siden

    If I was that talented, I would do an Incredibox one for I

  • Maria Rogers
    Maria Rogers7 dager siden

    I love foxes too! BUT MORE THAN YOU!

  • jandel D
    jandel D8 dager siden

    I cant even draw an elephant

  • jannat ara
    jannat ara8 dager siden

    Those chocolatey things called Mehedi in our country we always apply in holidays😉

  • Unicorn Sunshine c:
    Unicorn Sunshine c:9 dager siden

    hii I’m 8 years old and as you know just as I said, I’m ten, Oh Hi again! Oh wait..……I forgot my age!

  • Manashvini Shivaprasad Shampur
    Manashvini Shivaprasad Shampur9 dager siden

    1:15 its called mehandi meh-han-di in india

  • Braiden Barker
    Braiden Barker9 dager siden

    I really love all your pod casts don’t ever wanna miss one again

  • Devendra Parida
    Devendra Parida9 dager siden

    U can fix it bye erasing it with tissue

  • Tahera Banu
    Tahera Banu9 dager siden

    Hi 30 year old girl oo sorry women

  • suresh babu
    suresh babu10 dager siden

    Azzy u literally said all my favorite animal

  • mike houmani
    mike houmani10 dager siden

    Hi azzy

  • Refif Hussein
    Refif Hussein10 dager siden

    Some henna stays for 3 months or 6 months

  • Sanvi Katoch
    Sanvi Katoch10 dager siden

    did you know that painting on the hand is called mehndi it is used for weddings in India I an an Indian and I love your videos.

  • Dallas Simmons
    Dallas Simmons11 dager siden

    U love everything

  • R3L04D R3L04D
    R3L04D R3L04D11 dager siden

    Did azzy just say deathpool 6:49

  • Nina Der
    Nina Der11 dager siden

    Any one else thinks the way that she says Naruto is halirious😂

  • Amelia Martinez
    Amelia Martinez11 dager siden

    Hey Azzy, Come visit me in NJ. I have those baby goats for you!

  • Angie Calnava
    Angie Calnava11 dager siden

    Why does da elaphant know how to draw better then meh 😫

  • Jazmyn Barber
    Jazmyn Barber11 dager siden

    It’s sad how elephants can draw better than me😔

  • Su Ha
    Su Ha11 dager siden

    3:27 when u realize an elephant paints better than you 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Hayden Hendry
    Hayden Hendry11 dager siden

    He a falls off if you mess up you wipe it of also you have 5.2 seconds to wipe of hena

  • Green glitch Meh and my friends
    Green glitch Meh and my friends11 dager siden

    I love all animals too I’m a dog whisper lol I love your vids can u shout me out If u don’t that I’ll like right now

  • Lucy Chapman
    Lucy Chapman12 dager siden

    I tried word art once I made a fox I think it turned out pretty cool,

  • Anwar Sikder
    Anwar Sikder12 dager siden

    Your foryoupage is the same as mine😂

  • Myrul Xzavier
    Myrul Xzavier12 dager siden

    those are not taatoo it only last 3 month it called inai

  • Paul Burt
    Paul Burt13 dager siden

    Did you know the people that make the elephants draw abuse them

  • Laila Turner
    Laila Turner13 dager siden

    2:48 my ADHD could never

  • Ladavidan Johnson
    Ladavidan Johnson13 dager siden

    Girl she rich

  • Lylah D
    Lylah D13 dager siden

    3:33 The moment when an elephant is a better artist than you

  • Ben Carr
    Ben Carr13 dager siden

    at 8:12 / 10:45

  • Ben Carr
    Ben Carr13 dager siden

    it's the young version of Bob Ross

  • Sheri Hestnes
    Sheri Hestnes13 dager siden

    I do lots of art

  • FloralKind
    FloralKind13 dager siden

    Yes u can wipe of Hena...and when u put Hena on your nails,some of them will last for 4-5 months

  • my lovely kittens Stonecipher
    my lovely kittens Stonecipher13 dager siden

    A elephant paints better then me : ( :(

  • malin Killough
    malin Killough14 dager siden

    4:34 50% people see 2 ppl sneaking 50% people see a amn holding a women like the ppl in the titanic

  • XxGummybears
    XxGummybears14 dager siden

    8:20 how does he put on a hat???

  • Ky Johnson
    Ky Johnson14 dager siden


  • Shanzay Ali
    Shanzay Ali14 dager siden

    *Me over here struggling to draw a simple heart.* *Meanwhile the Elephant:*

  • Amalia Hudak
    Amalia Hudak14 dager siden

    The elephant drawing is better than my drawing

  • Mikaela Ochoa
    Mikaela Ochoa14 dager siden

    Yummy isn’t Azzy favorite word >:( ITS DELICIOUS

  • Olivia Deslatte
    Olivia Deslatte14 dager siden

    At 7:43 I just wanted to let azzy know that my mom is a barber!

  • Lauren Ali-Peacher
    Lauren Ali-Peacher14 dager siden

    The little boy like the afro look like Bob Ross's son

  • Juice Box Hiba
    Juice Box Hiba14 dager siden

    Fun Fact: Hena= ‘Mehndi’ in Urdu And it fades off after week or 2 *And yes,I’m a Pakistani

  • Inderpreet Sodhi

    Inderpreet Sodhi

    12 dager siden

    Also in Hindi

  • Peyton Romero
    Peyton Romero14 dager siden

    Sorry to burst your bubble but… The elephants hate when they are painting because they are beat until they get it right... and it’s uncomfortable when they have the brush because it’s shoved into there trunk

  • Sifu Trix
    Sifu Trix14 dager siden

    The beach dragon sculpture guy is in corralejo, fuerteventura, canary islands, spain. He makes lots of different sculptures all week. He isnt the only one. But they all live off donations dropped onto a blanket they each leave out.

  • Emilys Alsorts
    Emilys Alsorts14 dager siden

    Go subscribe to Emily's Alsorts

  • Juice Box Hiba

    Juice Box Hiba

    14 dager siden

    I did

  • just me and my doggy with my sister too
    just me and my doggy with my sister too15 dager siden

    3:35 is it sad that this animal can pain and draw better than me

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr15 dager siden

    THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr15 dager siden

    THIS IS INSANE! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julia the Minecraft Gamer
    Julia the Minecraft Gamer15 dager siden

    SHUT UP !!!!!

  • Sunflowergirl17
    Sunflowergirl1715 dager siden

    When an elephant is better at drawing than you

  • OutBaqTruffle
    OutBaqTruffle15 dager siden

    When an elephant can draw better than you

  • Mog Carolina
    Mog Carolina15 dager siden

    i watched the light bulb art clip so awesome and breathtaking art

  • A’Livia Jordan
    A’Livia Jordan15 dager siden


  • Catie Tessmer
    Catie Tessmer15 dager siden

    Pearly age nine says she knows you and watches your videos thank you for the videos to little girls :).

  • Pandian Mallika atha love you please see this video
    Pandian Mallika atha love you please see this video15 dager siden

    Azzy when you do hena ir whatever it is I do si called megandi in India and when it is wet you can wipe it with a tissue and it leaves a light orange line if it is on for 2 to 3 minutes before you wipe.and it is very difficult

  • Jackie Grainger
    Jackie Grainger15 dager siden

    Harry Styles is he an Imposter because he’s definitely infiltrated our ship, and our hearts - Azzyland Me that’s way to accurate

  • Steph Trout
    Steph Trout15 dager siden

    just how i own baby goats got me LOL

  • Umaymah Raja
    Umaymah Raja15 dager siden

    1:00 Them: Masterpiece Me: just 2 swirly lines with a few dots, ka-boom, MASTER PIECE

  • Radioactive Gaming
    Radioactive Gaming15 dager siden

    0:47 as im in india , i know a fun fact. this is actually a tradition in india! You can buy cones from the market filled with this thing sometimes , you can get it done or do it yourself!

  • Alice Mahoney
    Alice Mahoney16 dager siden

    If you run of your mistake during a hena before 5ish minutes once it’s set it’s fine

  • cxrrilimonade
    cxrrilimonade16 dager siden


  • ndhbdhbdsh no
    ndhbdhbdsh no16 dager siden

    7:50 Huh sounds familiar **Coughs in engineer**

  • XForestX XGachaX
    XForestX XGachaX16 dager siden


  • Illusion
    Illusion16 dager siden

    When a elephant draws better then you..

  • SpitfireKitty
    SpitfireKitty16 dager siden

    That elephant can draw better than me.

  • funny kids
    funny kids16 dager siden

    Gummy bars are banned so do not eat thome

  • Isaac Harris
    Isaac Harris16 dager siden


  • Awhqilla !
    Awhqilla !16 dager siden

    Okay that ellaphent is wayy better then me

  • Aaram Tajedin Idris Babiker Babiker
    Aaram Tajedin Idris Babiker Babiker16 dager siden


  • Aaram Tajedin Idris Babiker Babiker
    Aaram Tajedin Idris Babiker Babiker16 dager siden

    i live in qatar an i hope you make more videos

  • Aaram Tajedin Idris Babiker Babiker
    Aaram Tajedin Idris Babiker Babiker16 dager siden

    Azzy i love your videos and i think you are really beautiful

  • B Pineda
    B Pineda16 dager siden

    I love elephants elephants are my favorite 🦒

  • victor the good giy
    victor the good giy16 dager siden

    Who heard azzyland say Deethpool instead of Deadpool

  • fidget nugget
    fidget nugget16 dager siden

    One of my favorite animals is fainting goat and turtles and I do very good art wish I could draw you and send you a picture of it

  • Dj Henry
    Dj Henry16 dager siden

    Spider man among us character venom us venomous lol

  • Infinity Wireless
    Infinity Wireless17 dager siden

    You should use pictures

  • niyati seth
    niyati seth17 dager siden


  • J Hibbert
    J Hibbert17 dager siden

    its bob ross jr

  • Nelima Nasima
    Nelima Nasima17 dager siden

    The first one she didn’t use wire that’s just natural

  • Mala Sivlal
    Mala Sivlal17 dager siden

    Fun fact :in the hindu culture there's a WHOLE day dedicated to doing henna before a wedding

  • Chloé Tudor
    Chloé Tudor17 dager siden

    Azzy hiiii

  • John Cox Master Cartoonist
    John Cox Master Cartoonist17 dager siden

    Is Azzyland going to Jatie Vlogs' wedding? I highly doubt it since she lives in Canada, but I was told that was their excuse for not reacting to my fan-art, so I'm just asking. And if that's the case, nearly every NOlocalr I subscribed to must be going there.

  • Jade Clayton
    Jade Clayton17 dager siden

    I love this vid

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee17 dager siden

    My sister has had it done it come of after around 3 weeks to 1 month.