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Azzyland - Funny Teacher Tiktoks That Make School Relatable ! Homework, tests, study hacks, online virtual learning. School might be different in 2021 but teachers and some things never change! Leave a like and check out this video for more funny school tiktoks:
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLandMåned siden

    What's the most creative way you would spell - Azzy?

  • Saige the artist

    Saige the artist

    4 dager siden


  • Moon Light

    Moon Light

    11 dager siden


  • March in capitals

    March in capitals

    15 dager siden

    My creative to spell azzy (it's not that creative) : azE Teacher: is there an aiz here? Azzy: Teacher: no aiz? Azzy:oh you talking about me? 👁👄👁 It's not that creative, sorry You can leave now Oh your still here? Weren't you supposed to leave? I'm lonely in this cruel world :( Am I gonna be ok? I feel a disturbance in the force Lol jk Ur still here? L 👁👄👁 Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Ok seriously bye

  • Senpai King TQ

    Senpai King TQ

    Måned siden


  • Hayden duckworth

    Hayden duckworth

    Måned siden


  • Brooklynne Blake
    Brooklynne Blake37 minutter siden

    Hey Azzie so it’s my birthday today and I’m turning 8

  • Rebecca Rothrock
    Rebecca RothrockTime siden

    I got sent home for wearing a jacket ps 20c

  • Xxblx_butterflyxX Cookies
    Xxblx_butterflyxX Cookies3 timer siden

    I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you AZZY

  • Bunny Gamer
    Bunny Gamer6 timer siden

    Annabelle (LOL) (for unique Assyrian

  • Ella Culpepper
    Ella Culpepper6 timer siden


  • Graeme Gow
    Graeme Gow9 timer siden


  • Ugne Utaraite
    Ugne Utaraite9 timer siden

    Azzy: ill heart the most creative way to spell azzy Me: aZEALAND- Like new zealand i bet when i explained this it instantly turned not funny

  • Alina Guy
    Alina Guy10 timer siden

    Azzy spelt Azzie or azz

  • Poppy Reynolds
    Poppy Reynolds10 timer siden

    Queen that azzy

  • All_Bi_ Myself
    All_Bi_ Myself12 timer siden

    “You can’t call your teachers by their first names” me from Denmark who’s used to everyone using teachers first names everywhere: 👁👄👁

  • Ghazal Al-Tamimi
    Ghazal Al-Tamimi13 timer siden

    The best way I would spell ur name is : +ssdi+nd Azzyland

  • Nohemi&Santi
    Nohemi&Santi19 timer siden


  • Anne Elizabeth Knicely
    Anne Elizabeth Knicely20 timer siden

    grey socks that’s right grey socks

  • Felicity Wilson
    Felicity Wilson21 time siden

    Eazzzzzzzzzxie vs azzy

  • Vanny Rice
    Vanny Rice22 timer siden

    A way to say azzy weirdly, is ashellnny idk way- ;-;

  • Nina Taylor
    Nina TaylorDag siden


  • Nina Taylor

    Nina Taylor

    Dag siden


  • Alice Rendell
    Alice RendellDag siden


  • Maddy The Best robloxer
    Maddy The Best robloxerDag siden

    Azzy this is how I Would spell AzzyLand Azzy🏖💟❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

  • Bob Giacolo
    Bob GiacoloDag siden

    I would do +zy

  • Haiden Lloyd
    Haiden LloydDag siden


  • Bøba Dreamer
    Bøba DreamerDag siden


  • Xmotional Gacha
    Xmotional GachaDag siden

    Azzellia lol

  • Jamie J7193
    Jamie J7193Dag siden

    yzza dnal

  • bisma aleena
    bisma aleenaDag siden


  • Lily Ahlswede
    Lily Ahlswede2 dager siden


  • Sheena Xyong
    Sheena Xyong2 dager siden


  • Glenn Fratangelo
    Glenn Fratangelo2 dager siden


  • Glenn Fratangelo
    Glenn Fratangelo2 dager siden


  • Glenn Fratangelo
    Glenn Fratangelo2 dager siden


  • Glenn Fratangelo
    Glenn Fratangelo2 dager siden


  • Simelae Abdissa
    Simelae Abdissa2 dager siden

    3:18 is so my teacher

  • Simelae Abdissa
    Simelae Abdissa2 dager siden


    NT I DRAGON2 dager siden

    A Z

  • Snowy_Lizie
    Snowy_Lizie2 dager siden


  • choarle.cupcake
    choarle.cupcake2 dager siden

    addy i love azzyland keep up the good work

  • Addi Childs
    Addi Childs2 dager siden

    +dzsi is a creative way!

  • Dandy Music
    Dandy Music2 dager siden

    Me: can I use the bathroom Teacher: IDK, CAAANN YOOU!!!!!?

  • Michael Holtsberg
    Michael Holtsberg2 dager siden


  • Addi Sanchez
    Addi Sanchez2 dager siden

    ~story time~ So- i was wearing a brand new mini skirt that went just above my kneecaps, and I was excited to show it off at school bc it matched my new dark blue top too. I wore it with some white socks that went up to the bottom of my kneecap, which i thought was a PRETTY FREGGIN CUTE OUTFIT, but my teacher was like "ur outfit is too visable, u can't wear anything that is 2 inches above your kneecqp" and I'm just there like- ok? So long story short, I got dress-coded bc I had long socks with a skirt that was CLEARLY less than 2 inches above my kneecap, not to my teacher tho- but I didn't really care, because i thought EVERYONE had this happen at least once to them- until my GUY friend named max comes in with a matching black shorts and a black tank top, and my teacher says "Nice outfit max, cool match idea"- I was littalry just like -😑😤- bruh. r yOu FrEggInG KidDinG mE?!?!?! 😑😤😑😤

  • Lovell Satcher
    Lovell Satcher2 dager siden


  • Gacha Roblox
    Gacha Roblox2 dager siden

    Girl I luv you old do you reply

  • Eva corr •
    Eva corr •2 dager siden


  • allie oop
    allie oop2 dager siden

    8:28 “school nurses deserve every medal there is” i had stomach cramps and mine gave me a bag of cheerios and sent me back to class-

  • Kyra Yee
    Kyra Yee2 dager siden

    In kindergarten I called my teacher her first name and she sent me to the principals office

    INFINITE2 dager siden

    is there an Azhie here? Azzy: miss, its Azzy

  • Eva Thompson
    Eva Thompson2 dager siden


  • Bakugo Simp
    Bakugo Simp2 dager siden


  • UwU Milky Moeka UwU
    UwU Milky Moeka UwU2 dager siden


  • Briley Norland - WGE Student
    Briley Norland - WGE Student2 dager siden

    Azzie is how I would spell azzy wrong

  • Uni Cake
    Uni Cake2 dager siden

    Dress code rule: I was wearing a spaghetti string dress and they made me change into a dress that had the shortest sleeves ever!

  • Lily Batchoun
    Lily Batchoun2 dager siden

    Loveeee youuu so much

  • Lily Batchoun
    Lily Batchoun2 dager siden


  • Lily Batchoun

    Lily Batchoun

    2 dager siden

    Love you btw

  • Shiny Umbreon
    Shiny Umbreon3 dager siden


  • Flame Sallow
    Flame Sallow3 dager siden


  • Tsu
    Tsu3 dager siden

    Azzy Az A-z

  • Chloe Stock
    Chloe Stock3 dager siden

    six cbfb

  • Ken Car
    Ken Car3 dager siden

    Eye zy

  • caroline totten
    caroline totten3 dager siden

    I would do Azzie

  • kiki unicorngirl
    kiki unicorngirl3 dager siden

    azzie is the most creative way I could spell azzy

  • Rhy Mak
    Rhy Mak3 dager siden

    As z

  • Hannah banana
    Hannah banana3 dager siden


  • Jade Crystal Plays
    Jade Crystal Plays3 dager siden


  • Jade Crystal Plays
    Jade Crystal Plays3 dager siden

    The teachers always assum that we don’t do the homework or that we did not listen LIKE BRUH WHAT AM I HERE FOR YOU SEEE MEEEEEEE like if you agree.

  • cocobeans
    cocobeans3 dager siden

    yzza=azzy backwards

  • Cricket H
    Cricket H3 dager siden

    Azyzy that my creative way of saying azzy

  • Madison Thorne
    Madison Thorne3 dager siden

    Azzy =@$$¥ sorry there was nothing for z

  • Amanda Colbert
    Amanda Colbert3 dager siden


  • Leonardo Orozco
    Leonardo Orozco3 dager siden


  • Game sis
    Game sis3 dager siden

    How about Avuie

  • Lola Vetalia
    Lola Vetalia3 dager siden

    Assielanid My Marie creation of the name Azzy land

  • Hayley
    Hayley3 dager siden


  • Ben
    Ben3 dager siden


  • Gabriela Soza
    Gabriela Soza4 dager siden


  • Ella Chan
    Ella Chan4 dager siden


  • Beatrice Ionescu
    Beatrice Ionescu4 dager siden

    I got dressend code for a hair tie a PINk hair tie

  • Beatrice Ionescu
    Beatrice Ionescu4 dager siden


  • Daily Donuts
    Daily Donuts4 dager siden

    Ur name in 2050 would be As-E

  • aftab hassan
    aftab hassan4 dager siden


  • Lillie Russell
    Lillie Russell4 dager siden

    My 👩

  • Émily Juteau
    Émily Juteau4 dager siden

    New name Ah-💤-e here you go

  • London Aultman
    London Aultman4 dager siden


  • HangoutYoshiGuy 88 ALT
    HangoutYoshiGuy 88 ALT4 dager siden

    Ooh, I got one. 😱Zee.

  • Jeanette Thomas
    Jeanette Thomas4 dager siden

    Hrm... @zzeelynd?

  • Isabella Parrotta
    Isabella Parrotta4 dager siden

    my school has pretty strict dress codes that no one follows, like you cant wear hoodies that arent white, blue, or red. we cant have our hair dyed and we cant wear leggings. NO ONE follows those rules, i even got away with having colored contacts in, and an anime hoodie, lmaooo

  • lilly
    lilly4 dager siden


  • Crystal Creates
    Crystal Creates4 dager siden

    Nobody ever gets my name right because it's greek (suprise I'm not named Crystal)

  • Brankica Ilievska
    Brankica Ilievska4 dager siden


  • Ava m
    Ava m4 dager siden

    I had a dress code for wearing a SKIRT red instead of no colours but then wearing a NORMAL PINK shirt in a PUBLIC school

  • Jivanachan i katachan Sister chan
    Jivanachan i katachan Sister chan4 dager siden

    Mh...: A-z, A4z and Azzj

  • Sugar Baby
    Sugar Baby4 dager siden

    Showing my shoulders

  • Sydney Corona
    Sydney Corona4 dager siden


  • Potato Banana
    Potato Banana4 dager siden


  • Chasity Raub
    Chasity Raub5 dager siden


  • Kaitlyn Casey
    Kaitlyn Casey5 dager siden

    So I have many weird just got violations but I’ll tell you the top-five you can’t wear Mitch match socks no charms on your sneakers you can’t wear earrings die your hair or get your nails done and there are like 500 more weird dress code violations what the heck are you doing

  • me myself
    me myself5 dager siden

    Ezl or aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal

  • Toxic_ _paist
    Toxic_ _paist5 dager siden


  • Lila Popelier
    Lila Popelier5 dager siden

    I wore shorts once in SUMMER and got dress coded smh

  • TheCopperPenny
    TheCopperPenny5 dager siden


  • Evelyn Avila
    Evelyn Avila5 dager siden