Hilarious Knock Off Brand Products !


Azzyland - Hilarious Knock Off Brand Products ! Guys these are the funniest knock off products ever! Leave a like and if you wanna see more hilarious knockoffs check this out: nolocal.info/have/video/eoCnqL2FmqigxaY
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand22 dager siden

    There’s nothing I enjoy more than a fresh bowl of Malk and Fruit Ovals cereal 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Gab Tiopes

    Gab Tiopes

    21 time siden


  • kawaii_Potat0


    5 dager siden

    Always gotta have that nice morning milk and fruit ovals xD

  • Willy Wanka

    Willy Wanka

    11 dager siden


  • Millie Petty

    Millie Petty

    12 dager siden

    Omg lamo🤪l ove ur vids

  • Gabriela and kiara do stuff

    Gabriela and kiara do stuff

    13 dager siden

    I would really love some kat kot you know.

  • Okaywhosplayingjumanji
    Okaywhosplayingjumanji10 timer siden

    Lol I heard somewhere that oreos are a knock off but became more popular than the first brand. Idk if that is true tho.

  • The Crazy Adventure Kids
    The Crazy Adventure Kids12 timer siden

    I am your bigest fan

  • Ghazal Al-Tamimi
    Ghazal Al-Tamimi14 timer siden

    I found a store called louis freud I mean my mom says it's a well know knock off brand

  • Wengie Cakes
    Wengie Cakes21 time siden


  • Christiano Govender
    Christiano GovenderDag siden

    2:32 baby yoda vs baba yaga

  • Dalagang Pilipina
    Dalagang PilipinaDag siden

    I have the peppa pig pen

  • Amie’s Adventures
    Amie’s Adventures5 dager siden

    Aldi is full of knockoffs lol

  • Kellen Lister
    Kellen Lister6 dager siden


  • Fire Gaming
    Fire Gaming6 dager siden

    My brother literally bought knock-off AirPods for $9 it even fooled his ipad 😂

  • Jaxon Mayle
    Jaxon Mayle8 dager siden

    Can I have the PS five

  • Ramiro Jarquin
    Ramiro Jarquin8 dager siden

    Omg I was geting nutila and I found a nockoff brand it said nutiva

  • riku sad
    riku sad8 dager siden

    Jisu sentiment

  • gacha oof
    gacha oof9 dager siden


  • Mellogirl1350 &
    Mellogirl1350 &9 dager siden

    Azzy the truck you saw is not off brand it’s called a cyber truck

  • Katieplays Robloxs
    Katieplays Robloxs9 dager siden

    All those movies are trash

  • Saori Tsukuba
    Saori Tsukuba9 dager siden

    Azzy: stay sweet * punches air * and don't forget to be nice to eachother Me: PFFDFT

  • Stamen McMoon
    Stamen McMoon9 dager siden

    She's not ageing well at all.

  • Ken Qiao
    Ken Qiao10 dager siden

    Ironically, a lot of these products are not really knockoffs. They are made by the same factories and countries as the named brand. The only difference is idiots would pay 100x more just for the label.

  • Estelle Bagiraneza
    Estelle Bagiraneza10 dager siden

    I have and love the nock off airpods

  • Caleb Luci
    Caleb Luci10 dager siden


  • Laura Griffin
    Laura Griffin10 dager siden

    I like the baby yodas and the Pepa pigs lol

  • Laura Griffin
    Laura Griffin10 dager siden

    Awww i like what nana received 😊 😃

  • USB_girl Carvalho
    USB_girl Carvalho10 dager siden

    Is anyone going to mention that the peppa pig knock offs don’t have a mom and dad !?

  • Liz Bowling
    Liz Bowling10 dager siden

    “I love how everyone of the nock of baby yodas all look like an old man who doesn’t want you in there yard” me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • moonlight gamer
    moonlight gamer10 dager siden

    I paused at the wrong time- 2:45

  • Totally not an anime simp.
    Totally not an anime simp.10 dager siden


  • Kam tucker
    Kam tucker11 dager siden

    Has a guchi pepa pig sweatshirt

  • Kam tucker
    Kam tucker11 dager siden

    My BFf

  • LicK Moo
    LicK Moo11 dager siden

    The cereal is from aldi

  • Twilight Saga Fan
    Twilight Saga Fan11 dager siden

    People who make fun of autism are just wrong. Someone once told me autism is just a label we are all human and we shall never make fun of others. I’m sick and tired of people taking the mickey of these people when they did nothing wrong to us at all. Azzy this isn’t aimed at you I’m just a little bit annoyed with the people who make fun. Message to everyone Please never make fun of anyone we are all human and treat someone as you want to be treated please I tried my best not to be a Karen. Please don’t judge 😂 😂 😂

  • kyra irani
    kyra irani11 dager siden

    The airport are not knockoff they officially have apple software in them and use an iPhone charger. Apple has allowed them to exist

  • Kyi Blocker
    Kyi Blocker12 dager siden

    My name is nakyi 😂

  • Kelly Endreas
    Kelly Endreas12 dager siden

    Kit kot got caught Nikie is a lie

  • Austin acree
    Austin acree12 dager siden

    I follow that first person

  • _.dreamer_artz._
    _.dreamer_artz._12 dager siden

    7:42 I can't- it looks like the car from back to the future At least, I think thats the movie? I haven't watched it for 7 years

  • TaliaLoves PeaceTea
    TaliaLoves PeaceTea12 dager siden

    Disney - dory

  • friday night funkin fan
    friday night funkin fan13 dager siden

    Honey grams taste like coffee one time when I was at school we had then and some one got sick from it I think but I don't see them I just see them online

  • Sky Squad
    Sky Squad13 dager siden

    Minecrest, grand theft vroom vroom, and *HELLO*

  • Mfer Minecraft
    Mfer Minecraft13 dager siden

    If they made a knockoff Percy Jackson movies it would probably be Water Boy Wise Girl and Goat

  • Isabelle Jacobs
    Isabelle Jacobs13 dager siden

    Toaster tarts WHYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Presley A
    Presley A14 dager siden

    Kat Kot, Who would make that? ;{)

  • Skye the Raccoon
    Skye the Raccoon14 dager siden

    5:01 I got these but they were in the Black Friday sales and I for them for £5 and they are actually really good

  • Mrs. Bos
    Mrs. Bos14 dager siden


  • Kendall Mitchem
    Kendall Mitchem14 dager siden

    the ice princess lily is different then frozen and has a different concept.

  • kayce o'donkey
    kayce o'donkey14 dager siden

    All of the knock off food be like shopping at Asda

  • Emilys Alsorts
    Emilys Alsorts14 dager siden

    Go subscribe to Emily's Alsorts

  • Jhonny Hex
    Jhonny Hex14 dager siden

    🤣😂🤣 L0L

  • DaPuppo
    DaPuppo14 dager siden

    Sorry Azzy, I need you leave you behind because I have grown over you, you’re not entertaining anymore to me.

  • John Daley

    John Daley

    14 dager siden

    Ok so no need to make her feel bad she is soooooo nice I don’t need to say ur not entertaining any more I think she is

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr15 dager siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr15 dager siden


  • Mili does Makeup
    Mili does Makeup15 dager siden

    On the autism one it was puzzle pieces. It wasn’t offensive it’s for people with autism

  • Caroline- Louise
    Caroline- Louise15 dager siden

    5:21 I can’t believe I’m a nock of brand

  • Tess Hall
    Tess Hall15 dager siden

    Nobody: People in Australia (Gold Coast) seeing the Mario koala in this vid: little do u know, this is sponsored by Nintendo... 😑

  • Random Nation
    Random Nation15 dager siden

    Ima be real here idc if I get hate. Azzy I LOVE your puns mostly because I love puns

  • Praanjal Singh
    Praanjal Singh15 dager siden

    7:26, I literally have this same pencil cover and I have the blue one toooooo 😂😂😂

  • Anime-LIFE-:3 Alex
    Anime-LIFE-:3 Alex15 dager siden

    6:50 uuh thats the same baby yoda thing my sister has uhhh

  • Grace Agostino
    Grace Agostino16 dager siden

    When she said Avengers I got an Avengers movie add

  • Lindsay Victory
    Lindsay Victory16 dager siden

    dude, i have the same ones in the same colour lol air pods

  • Tns Rankings
    Tns Rankings16 dager siden

    if it tastes like chocolate then it is chocolate I will Gladly eat it I don't care what's it's called Azzy-2001

  • John Cox Master Cartoonist
    John Cox Master Cartoonist16 dager siden

    Children may think the giraffe in the helicopter is funny, but then wait until you're grown up and learn how actor Vic Morrow died/was killed.

  • Sita Lewis
    Sita Lewis16 dager siden

    4:19 But what if they want Starbucks' Hot Chocolate or Cake Pop?

  • Mahmoud Hassouna
    Mahmoud Hassouna16 dager siden

    why did she choose youtube while she could be a super model

  • Jayden Corr Brennan
    Jayden Corr Brennan16 dager siden

    oi i have autism

  • lukey dukey
    lukey dukey17 dager siden

    I tryed bee movie

  • Denis Quintero
    Denis Quintero17 dager siden

    Did you say eat any kind of chocolate 😏

  • Aesthetic_ Bobauwu
    Aesthetic_ Bobauwu17 dager siden


  • Elizabeth Fujimoto-Maza
    Elizabeth Fujimoto-Maza17 dager siden

    mmm I love me a good snack of H&H and some leggs

  • Anayah Quinones
    Anayah Quinones17 dager siden

    i love her videos i wish i could meet her but i live in the bronx plz reply

  • Buff Frog
    Buff Frog17 dager siden

    SSSNAPERWOLF is the nock off Azzy.

  • Angel Csavarra
    Angel Csavarra17 dager siden

    Ice princess lily is a really good movie you should watch it to see if you like it

  • • Mxddie •
    • Mxddie •17 dager siden


  • Blake Rooney
    Blake Rooney17 dager siden

    have a break have a fat kat (cat)

  • Shadowkitty
    Shadowkitty17 dager siden

    I have $20 "airpods" I got at walmart they can be glitchy but overall they're good and I saved a lot of money

  • Em & J
    Em & J17 dager siden

    I have the noc off air pods

  • Sara Moha-
    Sara Moha-17 dager siden

    Guuuurlll I want your lashes how to you do themmmmm! 😂❤️❤️

  • miles Morales dasean
    miles Morales dasean17 dager siden


  • Alexis Espinoza
    Alexis Espinoza18 dager siden

    do a reacting video for ice princess lilly its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

  • Kahmaree Marrow
    Kahmaree Marrow18 dager siden

    I’ve had the nut master Nutella

  • Ariel graybeach
    Ariel graybeach18 dager siden

    Mountain Shountin is form my local grocery store and it honestly pretty good

  • Makya Ivey
    Makya Ivey18 dager siden

    On the Nike, Supreme, Lui Viton, Shoes she forgot the AIR at the bottom.

  • Annaleigh Sanchez
    Annaleigh Sanchez18 dager siden

    One time I was at the dollar store and I saw fruit ring

    BRENTLEY NOBLE18 dager siden

    Those fish where scary

  • Bella's cool world
    Bella's cool world18 dager siden

    Ha ha hahahahahahA🥰😘🥰😍🤪😜😛😋😝🤣😄😂 please do more try not to laugh pllllllleeeeeaaaassssseeee

  • PZ12
    PZ1218 dager siden

    They are cool tho

  • PZ12
    PZ1218 dager siden

    Azzyland please can you tell me the website to get the know off earpods

  • alex314254
    alex31425418 dager siden

    Bran flakes is a brand in England 🇬🇧

  • Giuliana Kitty
    Giuliana Kitty18 dager siden

    Wanna know what a knock off my dad saying there is no school and then saying I need to log on school

  • Nick Fox
    Nick Fox18 dager siden

    Hey Azzy im a fan and i love your vids! yust wanted to say have a great day!

  • libby osborne
    libby osborne18 dager siden

    Ice princess Lilly is an actuall movie, not a nock off [by the way I am huge fan!]

  • TSg Del Rosario 5FW
    TSg Del Rosario 5FW18 dager siden

    Im so bored of being boring bc, being boring is very boring

  • NotGachaTroy
    NotGachaTroy18 dager siden

    At 4:55 that was manderin an language that I speak

  • Matt Munn
    Matt Munn18 dager siden


  • Brian v
    Brian v18 dager siden

    How dare they do that to peppa

  • j a s m i n e
    j a s m i n e18 dager siden

    sasta mountain dew- mountain rush for Indians lol

  • Mila Plotquin
    Mila Plotquin18 dager siden


  • afham salman
    afham salman18 dager siden

    The first one was like I dont even know what to say

  • Maria Shriver
    Maria Shriver19 dager siden

    It’s called a cricket and it can actually do a lot

  • Chloeshea BUCHANAN
    Chloeshea BUCHANAN19 dager siden

    On the 2 oun kitpot

  • John Cox Master Cartoonist
    John Cox Master Cartoonist19 dager siden

    This is how many people remember MARvIn Olsen the plumber from The She-Stooges. 👇