If It Was Not FILMED, No One Would Believe It !


Azzyland - If It Was Not FILMED, No One Would Believe It - you guys would still believe these amazing clips happened even if they weren't filmed right guys? These clips are amazing, crazy, and a bit unbelievable.
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand2 måneder siden

    I hate it when I do something really cool and no one is around to film it! Don't you?

  • DaPanda_Luna


    3 dager siden

    YAS (°^°¿)

  • Quentilla Trawick

    Quentilla Trawick

    18 dager siden


  • Alya Omer

    Alya Omer

    19 dager siden

    He on x gang mode

  • EV4N EL145

    EV4N EL145

    27 dager siden

    i have a cat and its black its CRAZY it hates me

  • Milly Gamer Wolf

    Milly Gamer Wolf

    27 dager siden

    2,000th like Azzy!

  • Irelyn Register
    Irelyn Register3 dager siden

    That is a cute kitty.

  • Halima Palomino
    Halima Palomino4 dager siden

    it's a black bear and those aren't dangerous

  • Leah Jacobson
    Leah Jacobson4 dager siden

    there was a handle on the inside it took me at hour to get out

  • Leah Jacobson
    Leah Jacobson4 dager siden

    i got stuck in the closet and it has shelfs good thing my legs are long

  • DragonCat Draws
    DragonCat Draws7 dager siden

    I am almost as flexible than the girl in the first video. I’m not bluffing, I’m just flexible. Of course, I would not liked to be used as a human jump rope.

  • Samantha Duff
    Samantha Duff7 dager siden


  • Oliver Willis
    Oliver Willis7 dager siden

    my pants would be saggy cuz how scared i would be

  • Hazel Rosing
    Hazel Rosing8 dager siden

    Azzy for the clip of the guy in the chimney my neck got stuck in a recliner and a fire fighter had to come and get me out

  • Amber Lynix
    Amber Lynix8 dager siden

    No Azzy not a boomerang!! I think it's just the way the wind is blowing

  • Sophia Aragon
    Sophia Aragon8 dager siden

    for people who live in Jonathan farms please look out for a rishin blue cat he's a gray cat with green eyes he doesn't wear a collar so please be aware of whos cat you have

  • Emma Casbarro
    Emma Casbarro8 dager siden

    Om goodness u sued to have that charzard card im not lieing!

  • Layla Williams
    Layla Williams9 dager siden

    With the bear u have to be calm or it will attack

  • Amy Garry
    Amy Garry10 dager siden


  • Amelia Seaberg
    Amelia Seaberg10 dager siden

    Hi Azzy! You probably are not reading this but it is my birthday today and I really want you to respond to this. Just always remember u da best!!!

  • A variety of fun things
    A variety of fun things11 dager siden


  • Addison Keeran
    Addison Keeran11 dager siden

    I got trapped in the school bathroom and there was this kid outside waiting for me to come out and I was in there for 10 minutes trying to get out

  • Demi Hartmann
    Demi Hartmann12 dager siden

    I've been stuck at home because Corona

  • hannahplays012
    hannahplays01214 dager siden

    Azzy:awww! Ad:stay calm stay calm we got this! Me:how am i supposed to stay calm i was enjoying the video!!!!!

  • holly Beaudoin
    holly Beaudoin15 dager siden

    ive bin stuck inbetween two hotel beds

  • Thefunnyg 08
    Thefunnyg 0816 dager siden

    The worst place I was stuck in is my mom

  • Cop Cop
    Cop Cop17 dager siden

    I think my pet snake will tell you if I’m right or not we found him and kind of fish is he still kind of is

  • Michael DuBois
    Michael DuBois17 dager siden

    Hahahahhah I LOVE YOUR JOKES you have the best jokes

  • Sarah Grosbeck
    Sarah Grosbeck18 dager siden

    Yea. Azzy I have for some resin I lost my tooth in a cool way I used a milk can

  • Katalin Csikos - Bouzoraa
    Katalin Csikos - Bouzoraa18 dager siden

    6:00 public bathroom they had to get me out throught the vents into the kitchen- it still terrifies me

  • coralgachagamer
    coralgachagamer18 dager siden

    Wow I have to hide my air PODS now 😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Bubble bath Asmr
    Bubble bath Asmr18 dager siden

    The worst place I have been stuck in is a cave

  • Xx•itz Sakura Gacha•xX
    Xx•itz Sakura Gacha•xX18 dager siden

    The car on 6:44 i Have one of those cars I named Them Jim Im Pretty Sure the Cars Original name was Off Road Cars Or Jimmy They are Pretty Handy Actually Once a Truck Is stuck in the middle of a River and Me and My Father Saved the Truck By Jim And The Truck Was 10 times The size of our Car So They Are pretty Great too! (Not to Offend Anyone In The Comments Im Just Saying I Really Love my Car)

  • Faris Ayis
    Faris Ayis18 dager siden

    7:05 do wait all of the glirs do

  • Christian Flores
    Christian Flores19 dager siden

    The scariest place ive been in is I was home along once but then the lights went out, BUT IT WAS NIGHT TIME, Mah parents did not come back home after like 2 and a half hours.

  • Student Shivtejus Sam
    Student Shivtejus Sam19 dager siden

    Itachi itachi itachi itachi itachi ITACHIII

  • suseela sreekumar
    suseela sreekumar19 dager siden

    Um I am not being mean but azzy's hair is kinda grey ummmm i just wanted to tell

  • Rae storm
    Rae storm19 dager siden

    Maybe the black bear wanted a hug and get petted, maybe that's why they stayed still ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Elyot French
    Elyot French19 dager siden

    When I was a kid we would matress surf the hallway at Christian summer camp. The adults would be like dont do it but then we would do it and they would join. I wish i had a camera at the time. Sadly i didnt own one.

  • Holly Wilson

    Holly Wilson

    18 dager siden

    That sounds so cooll

  • Cookie Crumbles
    Cookie Crumbles20 dager siden

    I love wild and all animals i can stay calm

  • Catalina Orangefeather
    Catalina Orangefeather20 dager siden


  • Catalina Orangefeather
    Catalina Orangefeather20 dager siden

    “Tell where you got stuck” 2 months ago “PAOPLE GETTING STUCK IN WIERD PLACES”

  • Gavin Neal
    Gavin Neal20 dager siden

    Black bears are actually friendly. They are like bees they only attack if they fill thereined.

  • Mason Kendall
    Mason Kendall20 dager siden

  • •-clover-•
    •-clover-•21 dag siden

    Is ur voice ok?- it just kinda sounds scratchy haha

  • flumsy clumsy
    flumsy clumsy21 dag siden

    Her voice, she sick, bless you

  • Miyu Funakoshi Erickson (student)
    Miyu Funakoshi Erickson (student)22 dager siden

    0:53 Probably 0 Azzy, 0

  • Isabella :v
    Isabella :v22 dager siden

    Oh! There's Nyle and Emily Lmao i know them

  • Gert Nieuwoudt
    Gert Nieuwoudt22 dager siden

    3:37 I saw this as a thumbnail in a video saying "IRL SUPERPOWERS CAUGHT ON CAMERA"

  • Sofiaaa Martin
    Sofiaaa Martin22 dager siden


  • Sofiaaa Martin
    Sofiaaa Martin22 dager siden

    But big brother was there to save me

  • Sofiaaa Martin
    Sofiaaa Martin22 dager siden

    I got stuck underwater by a rock

    THE TWINS23 dager siden

    Me brave

  • Shadow Call
    Shadow Call23 dager siden

    I got stuck in a washer

  • Julseyyy
    Julseyyy23 dager siden

    6:29 I’m sorry? I had to

  • Gabbriella White
    Gabbriella White24 dager siden


  • InesMariel
    InesMariel24 dager siden

    Azzy: Tell me what’s the worst place you have been stuck in. Me: sChOoL

  • Nora Aldana
    Nora Aldana24 dager siden

    I feel her when she says stuck in a classroom

  • Lifeview By Alima
    Lifeview By Alima24 dager siden

    Azzy : watching videos Strange man: watching her from behind And I hope you all have a nice day

  • animecat
    animecat24 dager siden

    With the Guy and the crows, i was like "Itachi has come back!"

  • chelsy
    chelsy25 dager siden

    No it's not 5000 dollars it's 20,000

  • Marco Flores
    Marco Flores25 dager siden

    Gorgeous ❤️

  • Cecilie Schmidt
    Cecilie Schmidt25 dager siden

    The poor voice of Azzy sounds really sick

  • Wulfyyy YT
    Wulfyyy YT25 dager siden

    The first one is my spine I'm a gymnast ;3

  • the Lime Dragon
    the Lime Dragon25 dager siden

    2:57 this is why I need a Corgi 🥺

  • real life কাবির সিং
    real life কাবির সিং25 dager siden

    You looking more cute today

  • Anushree Nair
    Anushree Nair25 dager siden

    Me watching Nile Wilson as the 1st video. Me realizing I am subscribed to azzy and nile Me thinking am I gonna come in one of the azzy's videos as a coincidence thingy......:)

  • Dhyanaa Shree
    Dhyanaa Shree25 dager siden

    Azzy: I didn't know people with spines like this me: have you not heard of Sofie Dossi?

  • Mon day
    Mon day26 dager siden

    Wow isn’t it amazing that she almost has as much subs as dream

  • editing,roblox,asmr, vlogs !!!!!!!!!!!!
    editing,roblox,asmr, vlogs !!!!!!!!!!!!26 dager siden

    That baby is so cute , I highly skateboard and I can ride it but I cannot do the tricks like that baby can lol

  • michaelberry123
    michaelberry12327 dager siden

    Its pun-tastic

  • Jennifer Hendricks
    Jennifer Hendricks27 dager siden

    5:56 Ice cracked open(?) under my boot and I was stuck in freezing cold water for I don't know how long. Just my foot luckily. 7:01 BLACK bear.

  • Amy Trippitt
    Amy Trippitt27 dager siden

    The worst place I got stuck in was a toilet

  • Sweet Lemon Roblox
    Sweet Lemon Roblox27 dager siden

    Hold the leash as close to the dog as you can when you go into an elevator. That’s scary. (Or go on the stairs)

  • Elizabeth Calderon
    Elizabeth Calderon27 dager siden

    My tik took name is Nani 66 Boo

  • Lilli Harris
    Lilli Harris27 dager siden

    I have been stuck in a couch

  • Dejected Yew
    Dejected Yew27 dager siden

    I've been stuck at a bus parking lot for over 2 hours. All because we got on the wrong field trip bus from science world. Yeah, it was not fun.

  • anyxhbuttxrflves
    anyxhbuttxrflves27 dager siden

    Weird but funny story the snails remind me of a time i was in school and we had a fun day but we went and collected snails and they were kinda cute and fun :D

  • Roque Favela
    Roque Favela27 dager siden

    Hey bro itachi that you

  • Eric Chudzinski
    Eric Chudzinski28 dager siden

    You think you are the queen of puns you think you are connected to them check out rainbow from the krew or itsfunneh3:26

  • Terri Marshall
    Terri Marshall28 dager siden

    AZZY I saw something behind you

  • Anti elite art.
    Anti elite art.28 dager siden

    Azzy shut up I hate you your so annoying, this was me but I'm sorry because I have a disorder of speaking my rage

  • Gladion Nethelkay Aether
    Gladion Nethelkay Aether28 dager siden

    When I was in a situation between I was hanging for dear life on a monkey bar cause when I went on it I didnt notice that it was broken and I was really high

  • Kawii Panda
    Kawii Panda29 dager siden

    I love how azzy is so sweet and loving

  • Andria Bittle
    Andria Bittle29 dager siden

    1:22 hummingbirds like red

  • the wich of the south
    the wich of the south29 dager siden

    Is it just me or did azzy sound a bit sick

  • Alonzo Fearon
    Alonzo FearonMåned siden

    the guy with the corona beers was on agt

  • Ella Holub
    Ella HolubMåned siden

    Oh! I made friends with a humming bird once! :3 I named him Jubilee! I haven’t seen him in a long time tho... :( I still love him tho- and I hope ya’ll have a great day/night! :) ( Ik the humming bird part is kind of weird lol) that was when I was little. And, I got stuck in my bathroom once XD I got so scared bc I didn’t know how to unlock the bathroom door back then! And I didn’t try to solve the problem- bc I was to scared lol.

  • the space unicorn
    the space unicornMåned siden

    Baby riding the skateboards made me go I can't even ride one

  • Emma Lutsky
    Emma LutskyMåned siden

    THIS IS NOT HATE but im sorry did you say La CROCKS??!! 😭✋ *instead of la Croix*

  • Frosti Gamer
    Frosti GamerMåned siden

    What that pokimon card is 5000 i got 2

  • Boba Cream
    Boba CreamMåned siden

    azzy. are u sick 😷?

  • Adeniran Family
    Adeniran FamilyMåned siden

    Once i was stuck in my grandparent 's bathroom

  • Kalvin Little
    Kalvin LittleMåned siden

    Friend:wow it's giant Me:that's what she said Girlfriend: no I didn't

  • Kaylie Viar
    Kaylie ViarMåned siden

    I made a way under

  • Kaylie Viar
    Kaylie ViarMåned siden

    I was stuck under my bed (I could not fit under)

  • Da bot police man
    Da bot police manMåned siden

    The worst place i got stuck in is my head got stuck under the couch

  • charlotte lewis
    charlotte lewisMåned siden

    i would love being with a bear they are my favourite animal!

  • Warrior
    WarriorMåned siden

    That woman should NOT be allowed to own a dog if she doesn’t even notice for that long that it is there and is killing it! She is a terrible pet owner!

  • Bahara gahakbi
    Bahara gahakbiMåned siden

    not me choking when she said bye

  • Sarah Shaw
    Sarah ShawMåned siden

    Why do you talk like that

  • Michelle Sorrells
    Michelle SorrellsMåned siden

    54 secondsin That is leon hart that card is the only graded one in the WORLD AZZY HE IS AWSOME LIKE YOU

  • The Owl Gallery Art Studio
    The Owl Gallery Art StudioMåned siden

    Azzy is a Hufflepuff for sure

  • Greg Curtis
    Greg CurtisMåned siden

    The dog ate the EarPods won’t he die or something?

    LXE LUCIANOMåned siden

    Azzy i went through a hole deases when i was 2 years old and know i have corona