Oddly Satisfying Crushing Compilation - ASMR , SLIME and more !


AzzyLand - Oddly Satisfying Crushing Compilation - ASMR , SLIME and more ! - This hydraulic press might be able to crush toys, slime, and even steel but they can never crush our dreams! Don't forget to leave a like and for more amazing things being crushed check out this vid: nolocal.info/have/video/YmWph9mFlmiDzIQ
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLandMåned siden

    If you can crush anything what would it be? DONT SAY MY DREAMS!

  • CreatorKitty


    14 dager siden

    All humans, and the bad thing's they've created, the animals on this planet don't deserve what we put them through

  • Reagan Johnson

    Reagan Johnson

    20 dager siden

    azzy i personally would smash my crushes friend because he found out and now he used to like me but now he is avoiding me.🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Elliot Pelenc

    Elliot Pelenc

    Måned siden


  • stacy08261


    Måned siden

    Everything you hate away, your my role model

  • Madison Ruppel

    Madison Ruppel

    Måned siden

    Canada isn’t warm and of your in Canada how are you doing that?! I would be freezing lol

  • susana basera
    susana baseraTime siden

    Dat car drift tho😂

  • CursedAsh1
    CursedAsh112 timer siden

    2:00 Why did they put one of those things in there >:0

  • Cotton
    Cotton18 timer siden

    Nice :)

  • Chloe N
    Chloe N23 timer siden

    My b day is coming soon 😊 im very exited

  • Milky Afton
    Milky AftonDag siden

    POV : your mom has TT

  • Nomi Kanjanasaree
    Nomi KanjanasareeDag siden

    I got a glow stick water in my eye👀

  • Brielle ???
    Brielle ???Dag siden

    Hi azzy lans I'm a biiiiiiiig fan

  • Zuly guerra
    Zuly guerra2 dager siden

    Its gunny how you sounded like a car 😂

  • Tanya Adams
    Tanya Adams2 dager siden

    Love your dress

  • Shanaya Amberkar
    Shanaya Amberkar2 dager siden

    if you eat pineapple pizza I don't trust you

  • Jhanelle Shane Sarmiento
    Jhanelle Shane Sarmiento2 dager siden

    I love your videos Azzy don't be sad😊😊😊😊😊

  • MoonRose
    MoonRose2 dager siden

    0:16 Since she forgot to say it, I will WARNING DO NOT TRY THIS Glow sticks have toxic chemicals in them.

  • Jack Cronin
    Jack Cronin3 dager siden

    I bit into a glow stick before

  • Alandria Tweidt
    Alandria Tweidt3 dager siden

    My sis said EW to the gumdrop in the garlic press.

  • Azita Nazary
    Azita Nazary3 dager siden


  • Baklang Aswang
    Baklang Aswang3 dager siden

    Hey Azzy can you plsssss make more Minecraft videos 🥺🥺

  • Lisa Donaldson
    Lisa Donaldson3 dager siden

    Ok I am suddenly feeling hungry now. Lol

  • Ben10 2005
    Ben10 20054 dager siden

    Azzy.......Azzy...... There are battering in a portable charger!!!!!

  • babyCakes_cutie14
    babyCakes_cutie144 dager siden

    Did you see that person walk behind Azzie why she was showing the Oreos getting crushed

  • Weird lovely Alyssa Forever lol
    Weird lovely Alyssa Forever lol4 dager siden

    Kokichi ouma : be like no that’s not satisfying

  • *̶To̸xic̸ U̸wU̸*̶
    *̶To̸xic̸ U̸wU̸*̶4 dager siden

    Who else is watching this during school?

  • الدهر يومان
    الدهر يومان4 dager siden

    Try to not sat WoW Azzy:woooooow

  • Silent fennec fox and CWC Ko Koala bear.
    Silent fennec fox and CWC Ko Koala bear.4 dager siden

    3:53 4:57

  • The Cat Girl Experience
    The Cat Girl Experience4 dager siden


  • Carmel McEwan
    Carmel McEwan5 dager siden

    I love your vids

  • CatMeme17
    CatMeme175 dager siden

    0:48 Icecream

  • GachaCloud_pearls
    GachaCloud_pearls5 dager siden

    Azzy you know how you said glitter foam? It’s floral foam. Very close to foam though!

  • Leilani Pereira
    Leilani Pereira5 dager siden


  • Demon slayer & The Promised Neverland Addict
    Demon slayer & The Promised Neverland Addict5 dager siden

    *Azzyland Noticed this comment*

  • Nootmare Umbreon
    Nootmare Umbreon5 dager siden

    Instant noodles equals instant savings I love instant noodles

    DENISE ALEIGH ALANO5 dager siden

    I would crush candy gumdrop and drop it in my mouth

  • Toomy chan
    Toomy chan5 dager siden

    They wasted so much food :c

  • Harrison Gardner
    Harrison Gardner5 dager siden

    To answer your question about the fire it’s because of the toxic fumes that mix with the same particles that make the energy that charge it and then when they mix they create a mini explosion causing a fire and because there were two of them it was twice as big gold one

  • • Hamton Benedict •
    • Hamton Benedict •5 dager siden

    Portable cjargers are fine it takes a lot of force to smash ot so hard it bursts into flames. Hopefully I reassured someone who read this.

  • Deanna Vicioso
    Deanna Vicioso5 dager siden

    fun fact about me: one time I was 3 and I was biting on a glow stick and it broke........the liquid DOES NOT TASTE GOOD I had that taste for hours!!!!!!!

    KAYDINCE HOLBROOK5 dager siden

    Azzy land can you make a "Try not to say Wow challenge" for the next video of these.

  • Brynja Werland
    Brynja Werland6 dager siden

    You think the glow stick crushing is cool until you get the liquid in your eyes. ow.

  • Sarah Burkett
    Sarah Burkett6 dager siden


  • Frey Ekman
    Frey Ekman6 dager siden

    3:38 There you see my birthcity on the right

  • Anne Telgenhof
    Anne Telgenhof6 dager siden

    Dude it's not 20/20 anymore

  • Olivia Blish
    Olivia Blish7 dager siden

    Omg everything is so cool

  • cocowolf
    cocowolf7 dager siden

    Your so beautiful and I love your vids

  • Gaming Bonnie
    Gaming Bonnie7 dager siden

    My crush i love my crush

  • Tierra Churchman
    Tierra Churchman7 dager siden

    Xm a naaajskansnzkznzmzma koi aoaaasn nm smamamamaamajs nm amaamanssn

  • Mintypawzz
    Mintypawzz8 dager siden


  • Rachel The Ultimate Unicorn
    Rachel The Ultimate Unicorn8 dager siden

    Azzy🎗"slime ?jello? Can i eat it Me🏅we thonk the same ..

  • Amy Moroz
    Amy Moroz8 dager siden

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is Megan and citty k the OMG

  • Black bull Edits
    Black bull Edits9 dager siden

    2:21 or 2:22 or was it 2:23 ;-; Is the best part in da vid

  • Celeste Fernando
    Celeste Fernando9 dager siden

    I will crush azzy haters

  • hadil ayman
    hadil ayman9 dager siden

    Azzy can u have a gaming channel plz I always wanna be like u play like among us and minecraft or roblox plz your vids are the best I would to crush all of the haters

  • Cara Penneck
    Cara Penneck10 dager siden

    The glow stick one made me feel anxiety. Those are dangerous chemicals man!

  • Shawna Gobble
    Shawna Gobble10 dager siden

    To too is bad cause it's owned by the Chinese government

  • Animal Crossing Gamer!
    Animal Crossing Gamer!10 dager siden

    Azzy said it was cool when she saw the glow sticks being crushed well it’s not cool when it gets in your eye ball it happens to me and it hurt so bad!!! ;-; (but I can say it looks cool)

  • Elsa Wester
    Elsa Wester10 dager siden


  • Killer Harvey
    Killer Harvey11 dager siden

    Nice tan

  • Nixy 12
    Nixy 1211 dager siden

    2:26 instant skittles taffy

  • Mirte Muldner
    Mirte Muldner11 dager siden

    Pizza or candy

  • Cozy Fox
    Cozy Fox11 dager siden

    The pizza turned into spaghetti

  • Mialyn Lebron
    Mialyn Lebron11 dager siden

    i have been watching you since 2017 and im back to see you ☺️

  • Kurt Karle
    Kurt Karle12 dager siden

    That big Coca-Cola thing was a water balloon

  • David Sarpong
    David Sarpong12 dager siden

    nobody: nobody at all: not even a single soul: youtubers in their thumbnails:😱

  • Mia Yezovich
    Mia Yezovich13 dager siden

    This should be a try not to say wow challenge

  • Marion Johnson
    Marion Johnson13 dager siden

    WHAT I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Dibungi Luseba
    Dibungi Luseba13 dager siden

    Love you too azzy

  • Karin Monk
    Karin Monk14 dager siden

    4:47 what is the face tho LOL no hate

  • Emilys Alsorts
    Emilys Alsorts14 dager siden

    Go subscribe to Emily's Alsorts

  • Gianna Mazo

    Gianna Mazo

    14 dager siden


  • jt playz roblox
    jt playz roblox17 dager siden

    gurl dont worry about ur battery bc u look like you are atleast 5.1 lbs

  • luxana boczkiewicz
    luxana boczkiewicz17 dager siden

    Do a house tour!!!!!

  • luxana boczkiewicz
    luxana boczkiewicz17 dager siden


  • Gaius Onyeka
    Gaius Onyeka18 dager siden

    I love love love Oreos

  • Gaius Onyeka

    Gaius Onyeka

    18 dager siden

    Also love love light and also love love love love love love love love love love skittles

  • Eva Anderson
    Eva Anderson19 dager siden

    I had tick tock as the end add so wow

  • •*LucyTheKittyUwU*•
    •*LucyTheKittyUwU*•19 dager siden

    5:27 Azzy: Is that butter? Me: *no* *its exotic butters*

  • Theebxaddie._.leighton !!
    Theebxaddie._.leighton !!19 dager siden

    I love you so much ✌️

  • Charlotte Case
    Charlotte Case20 dager siden

    Portable charger: dies* Me: hey it’s Lauren’s toaster!

  • Readysalted80 Has cancer
    Readysalted80 Has cancer21 dag siden

    Yo azzyland you look ridiculous and disgusting 🤮😂😂😂

  • Adele Thornton
    Adele Thornton21 dag siden

    I would crush a tub of slim

  • Caboose King
    Caboose King21 dag siden

    I’m watching this since I was about to catch a mew but panicked and accidentally left

  • Limuel Darifeff
    Limuel Darifeff22 dager siden

    Currently my dad is making spaghetti yes!

  • XxCloudy DayxX
    XxCloudy DayxX22 dager siden

    3:01 like I would just eat the candy cane block

  • Lava Yusuf
    Lava Yusuf22 dager siden


  • Lava Yusuf
    Lava Yusuf22 dager siden


  • Keirra Glock
    Keirra Glock22 dager siden


  • Keirra Glock
    Keirra Glock22 dager siden

    my mothers phone

  • Shenae Martin
    Shenae Martin22 dager siden

    did anybody notice in the blue jello stuff there were phones inside it

  • Bijay Shekhar
    Bijay Shekhar22 dager siden

    Who is watching the video while reading the comments

  • Lidia Diaz
    Lidia Diaz23 dager siden

    If this was the try not to say wow challenge Azzy and me would lose

  • Zoey the potato
    Zoey the potato23 dager siden

    azzy: you wouldnt get it. Its NoT a FazE me thinkin g of: ITS NOT A FAZE MOM!

  • Nicole Strada
    Nicole Strada23 dager siden

    The most satisfied ever

  • Šçräp Ŵøłfŷ The non shipper
    Šçräp Ŵøłfŷ The non shipper23 dager siden

    So thsi is how kokichi feels.... 1:14

  • Niczka .x
    Niczka .x23 dager siden

    Ummm I have a question I make yt videos (I mean I have only 3 now) but I’ve tried everything and I still CAN’T turn the comments on. Does anyone know how to help me please?

  • raWr _
    raWr _23 dager siden

    0:31 is so funny! XD

  • Lily wolf
    Lily wolf24 dager siden

    i like your song

  • Kaneez Fatima
    Kaneez Fatima24 dager siden

    1:18 she said child stuff i got raged cause that is cubing level Cubers must like my comm

  • clex aristian reversed
    clex aristian reversed24 dager siden

    Did you and kweblekop broke up???

  • Santa
    Santa24 dager siden

    I so like you video

  • Tanika Harriott
    Tanika Harriott24 dager siden

    Wi-Fi sadness kids

  • Tanika Harriott
    Tanika Harriott24 dager siden


  • the official freddy
    the official freddy25 dager siden

    Azzy war is jorby

  • Random_ Kin
    Random_ Kin25 dager siden

    so it all started with my favorite Danganronpa antagonist-