People Getting The Worst Gifts Ever !


Azzyland - People Getting The Worst Gifts Ever ! These people got some of the worse presents and gifts I have ever seen but on the other hand..its pretty funny.
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLandMåned siden

    I hope our 2021 is better than some of these gifts! Love you guys!!

  • Midñīght wøIfiêÚvÙ ãñd jeff the KIller

    Midñīght wøIfiêÚvÙ ãñd jeff the KIller

    3 dager siden

    @sunnyxgabii y u edit it?

  • Midñīght wøIfiêÚvÙ ãñd jeff the KIller

    Midñīght wøIfiêÚvÙ ãñd jeff the KIller

    3 dager siden

    love u to sweetie

  • Jayden Cahill

    Jayden Cahill

    10 dager siden

    imPiper and I’m a girl

  • Jayden Cahill

    Jayden Cahill

    10 dager siden

    Your my favorite

  • Nichole Crawford

    Nichole Crawford

    16 dager siden


  • Molly's Crafts
    Molly's Crafts6 dager siden

    I can not stop watching AZZYLAND

  • Uniqve_Boba
    Uniqve_Boba8 dager siden

    So i have an exellent DVD player but no CDs because they stopped selling them. WHY? I DONT KNOW

  • Raindeer_Sara
    Raindeer_Sara9 dager siden

    Im like 10yrl and i know what is CD

  • Mia Leary
    Mia Leary15 dager siden

    So.....on Christmas, my dad got a text from my aunt saying that my cousins and uncle gave her a toilet seat for Christmas.

  • Mariahb Vlogs• Gospel
    Mariahb Vlogs• Gospel20 dager siden


  • Sammy PH
    Sammy PH20 dager siden

    my mom buyed me a thing that i forgot whats that it only caused Php 88 its beautiful lol oof ps. ɪᴍ ɴᴏᴛ ғʟᴇxɪɴɢ

  • The crazy gang
    The crazy gang21 dag siden

    Omg! Azzy, IM A BIG BIG FAN

  • SnickerdOodles• UwU
    SnickerdOodles• UwU21 dag siden

    Ya my dad takes a pocket knife every where he goes😅

  • Bylena Bielski
    Bylena Bielski21 dag siden

    I actually have this oreo dipping kit

  • Mango Potato
    Mango Potato22 dager siden

    the thumbnail thoo

  • donata donata
    donata donata22 dager siden

    A tip for everyone! take two little boxes and make one with "sock pairs" and the other one- "lonely socks". So when you see a single sock you put it in the lonely sock box and you will find its pair faster!

  • MattAndAllie Hutchinson
    MattAndAllie Hutchinson25 dager siden

    my dad all was has a pkit nife on him

  • MattAndAllie Hutchinson
    MattAndAllie Hutchinson25 dager siden

    i have a bad bruther }:

  • Kaylee Cortez
    Kaylee Cortez25 dager siden

    Omg all of them are so funny

  • Sammy_Playz
    Sammy_Playz28 dager siden

    Do y’all know that Gen z also used CD’s-

  • S t a r S t r u c k
    S t a r S t r u c k28 dager siden

    "Oh and for gen z this is a cd-" *JUST BECAUSE I WAS BORN IN A DIFFERENT TIME DOESN'T MEAN THAT I DONT KNOW WHAT A FREAKIN CD IS* No hate :> Because I didn't just throw a whole fit about how I know what a cd is

  • Mariahb Vlogs• Gospel
    Mariahb Vlogs• Gospel29 dager siden

    I meant to say JESUS LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

  • Mariahb Vlogs• Gospel
    Mariahb Vlogs• Gospel29 dager siden


  • Maddie Omg
    Maddie Omg29 dager siden

    My dad is a pocket knife dad lol If I need to open something then I ask him

  • Sydney McGarrity
    Sydney McGarrity29 dager siden

    People Getting The Worst Gifts Ever ! theam getting a phoe not a car

  • Little Sumreen
    Little SumreenMåned siden

    Azzy I have a question! If you had a anime show what would it be?😁

  • James Antwine
    James AntwineMåned siden

    here's a hedchog c :

  • Claire Gill
    Claire GillMåned siden

    Wait u would loathe that means u hate it Btw I know u said loaf And I’m 11 so I got me a BIG brain

  • Callingallgamers none of ur busness
    Callingallgamers none of ur busnessMåned siden

    I....I’m gen z and I know what a cd is and I have a DVD player and use it almost every single day

  • Cezanne AGT
    Cezanne AGTMåned siden

    Gen Z knows what a CD is... C'mon, we deserve more credit than THAT at least...

  • Cezanne AGT
    Cezanne AGTMåned siden

    5:08 actually it can be a real big issue. When balloons, especially metallic balloons, hit telephone wires. It can cause power outages. So the phone is more likely to get fried. But the apple pun was good. Cause its an apple phone.

  • Cezanne AGT
    Cezanne AGTMåned siden

    "I wish I could eat bread every day," Gurl, which world you living in??

  • Fatima Azharri
    Fatima AzharriMåned siden

    loaf means hate , not a very good pun

  • Julianne Crim
    Julianne CrimMåned siden

    An Apple didn’t fall on Newton he witnessed an Apple fall from a tree from with window

  • Sophia Lee
    Sophia LeeMåned siden

    Who else wants to meet Azzy?

  • ー『Sugar』ー
    ー『Sugar』ーMåned siden

    I own a Hedgehog! They are very easy pets, but they are so dramatic that it is funny 😂

  • rAt_RuLeEe
    rAt_RuLeEeMåned siden


  • CBonita
    CBonitaMåned siden

    You are awesome so admire yourself You are smart so learn from your mistakes You are funny so laugh at yourself You are precious so cherish yourself And most importantly Be you! I'm hoping for 100k subs by the end of pandemic. Help a struggling youtuber reach her goal.

  • Izzy Menzel
    Izzy MenzelMåned siden

    do you like spiders azzy

  • Sienna Andersson
    Sienna AnderssonMåned siden

    Azzy:who's birthday is it tomorrow or today? Me: Oh oh azzy it's my birthday tomorrow 😂

  • shelley hobson
    shelley hobsonMåned siden

    Roses r red Violets r blue You r sweet And guess what Azzy is too!

  • Alliecakes
    AlliecakesMåned siden

    i have two guinea pigs

  • Baileigh Waterman
    Baileigh WatermanMåned siden


  • Fun Everyday
    Fun EverydayMåned siden

    Azzy: sub and like are free today Me: heck yeah

  • chuck macomber
    chuck macomberMåned siden


  • Jayelyn Payerchin
    Jayelyn PayerchinMåned siden

    I am 11 years old and I have a CD player

  • Abigail Harrison
    Abigail HarrisonMåned siden


  • Among Us and Stranger things
    Among Us and Stranger thingsMåned siden

    Hi Azzyland I was first in your latest video

  • Mermaid girl Squad
    Mermaid girl SquadMåned siden


  • Jun Arpilleda
    Jun ArpilledaMåned siden

    Like bruh.. the thumnail got me goodddddd.. tho like wors gif like thats a friking ps5!!!!! Now im 18 but no ps5 ugh and that 4 yrs old got one 😂

  • MommyandLily2019
    MommyandLily2019Måned siden

    Me too.

  • Julius
    JuliusMåned siden

    azzy did you move????

  • Haiden Erickson
    Haiden EricksonMåned siden

    The Apple Watch looks like a poky ball

    BORIZOZI :DMåned siden

    Azzy: To all the Gen-Z thisi is a CD Me: Right....... CD's are my childhood and I'm a Gen-Z

  • Brand Radianz - Me The Changemaker
    Brand Radianz - Me The ChangemakerMåned siden

    at least they got a gift for their b day , i dont celebrate cristmas and my parents did not by me anything , also no meeting friends as covid 19 exists i did not even get a slice of cake so STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT NOT GETTING CRISTMAS PRESENTS

  • Toby Kelly
    Toby KellyMåned siden

    My dad has a nife in the car

  • Josephine Zumbrunnen
    Josephine ZumbrunnenMåned siden

    How dumb do you think we are. I did use CDs wen I was younger thank you very much

  • Deifilia Espinosa
    Deifilia EspinosaMåned siden

    li like you vids

  • erik zunun
    erik zununMåned siden

    i love you to

  • Poppy Frankson
    Poppy FranksonMåned siden

    Did you know she said the same words for like years crazy right :o

  • Carl Humphries
    Carl HumphriesMåned siden

    Me realizing my aunt's name is Nicole 😳

  • Jhon erwin Balunan
    Jhon erwin BalunanMåned siden

    How can be da worst presenst ps5

  • Daniela Stala
    Daniela StalaMåned siden

    In my opinion I think she is adorable

  • Sophofigus Tivnan
    Sophofigus TivnanMåned siden

    Who’s watching this in 2021 like if you are!

  • Don Corleone remastered
    Don Corleone remasteredMåned siden

    the deforestation of this channel will be done eventually the rage!

  • Carrie Juusola
    Carrie JuusolaMåned siden

    C’mon guys subscribe like we need to hit 20M subscribers,views,and likes for Azzy

  • May Baby
    May BabyMåned siden

    My mom loves me to much to let me go My mom:no don’t go please! Me:mom I’m 23 I’m going.... My mom: nooooo!

  • May Baby

    May Baby

    Måned siden

    I’m 8

  • May Baby

    May Baby

    Måned siden

    I’m not actually 23 tho haha😂

  • Marci Donnelly
    Marci DonnellyMåned siden


  • Ginny Liddle
    Ginny LiddleMåned siden

    My birthday is in 11 days on January 26 when I turn 11, would it be ok if you could pls wish me a happy birthday? Love u Azzy xox

  • Maureen Storey
    Maureen StoreyMåned siden

    Azzy i love your new background or a hotel room

  • Angie Dobbs
    Angie DobbsMåned siden

    Azzy: my socks get eaten by the dryer. Me: aren't socks supposed to be eaten by the dryer for like 30 mins?

  • Hesham Elfeky
    Hesham ElfekyMåned siden


  • Jorja Ellsworth
    Jorja EllsworthMåned siden

    My mom: What do you want for Christmas Me: Socks, underwear, books and lots of hugs

  • Samanta Pieczyrak
    Samanta PieczyrakMåned siden

    People: getting toothpaste Me: getting the newest phone

  • Yassin Amr
    Yassin AmrMåned siden

    Why did you break up with jory

  • Leon Hunter
    Leon HunterMåned siden


  • Jayden F
    Jayden FMåned siden

    Funny thing is i actually have the oreo dunking kit

  • Charli Rose animation
    Charli Rose animationMåned siden

    Once my nanna got me a selfie stick as a gift (I was like 8) and it had a picture of a phone as an example in the box and she thought it was real phone I had no phone and a selfie stick

  • BraydenLand
    BraydenLandMåned siden

    Your are a great NOlocalr

  • Qani Sulaj
    Qani SulajMåned siden


  • katie armstrong
    katie armstrongMåned siden

    i hope 2021 is beter to love you azzy

  • Madeline Bayles
    Madeline BaylesMåned siden

    I have a hedgehog

  • Ranger Danger
    Ranger DangerMåned siden

    Why dose the title say “worst gifts ever” The thumb nail:

  • Ranger Danger

    Ranger Danger

    Måned siden

    Girl holding PS5: is crying?!

  • Margo Stilten
    Margo StiltenMåned siden

    6:47 I am from generation Z and I know what it is 🤣

  • A Big Life with Ryder Wayne
    A Big Life with Ryder WayneMåned siden

    Why haven’t you been posting lately Azzy?

  • Margo Stilten
    Margo StiltenMåned siden

    The first one isn’t bad right?

  • Ava Allen
    Ava AllenMåned siden

    azzy love your videos

  • Aaralynn Perry
    Aaralynn PerryMåned siden

    Try 3 of getting Azzy to say hi to me

  • Annalise Marie
    Annalise MarieMåned siden

    7:34 I would be so flipping triggerd

  • Annalise Marie
    Annalise MarieMåned siden

    6:41 Me still confused: 👁👄👁

  • Mar Rab
    Mar RabMåned siden

    Dear Azzy I loooove your videos and you have amazing content hope you have an amazing 2021😘❤️

  • Annalise Marie
    Annalise MarieMåned siden

    One time my grandpa got this huge gift that was like fifty different wrapped boxes inside themselves When he FINALLY got to the bottom it was a small Bart Simpson doll.. The disappointment y’all don’t even understand-

  • Annalise Marie
    Annalise MarieMåned siden

    My dad wanted this big 500 dollar arcade game that has like fifty games on it So instead we got him the words smallest playable arcade game machine 😉 Love you father

  • Avery Taylor!smsjskamajwowjauiwqakq
    Avery Taylor!smsjskamajwowjauiwqakqMåned siden


  • Bianca Van Der Westhuizen
    Bianca Van Der WesthuizenMåned siden

    Go live with my grandparents u will eat bread all day 🤣🤭

  • wolfed out
    wolfed outMåned siden


  • Tsholofelo Mashwe
    Tsholofelo MashweMåned siden


  • Gachagurlgamerwolfy 123
    Gachagurlgamerwolfy 123Måned siden

    The title: *BAD GIFTS* Actual reality: iPhones

  • Karla Hernandez Mendoza
    Karla Hernandez MendozaMåned siden


  • Aubrey Ensuncho
    Aubrey EnsunchoMåned siden

    I got 20 bucks for Christmas

  • Kiro Habachi
    Kiro HabachiMåned siden

    did you use to have an editor called mully

  • Šåđiĕ_ 84
    Šåđiĕ_ 84Måned siden

    Lol when azzy said" do u guys have a dad that just carrys a pocket knife just in case" well last year/2020 Christmas at my moms my papa/grandpa came over and I had this really hard gift to open and he randomly pulls out a pocket knife and says do u need help?😂

  • David Neeley
    David NeeleyMåned siden

    Way about girls

  • Grand Delusions 8
    Grand Delusions 8Måned siden

    i think i've got money inna card b4