People Who Are Living in 3021 !


Azzyland - People Who Are Living in 3021 ! Some people really know how to hack and use tech to their advantage. These people are creative and must be from the future! Don't forget to leave a like and check out more time travelers here:
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    SERGIO CAMACHO ASHLEY13 timer siden

    when horse has a dent his pretty much dead

  • Marie Plays
    Marie PlaysDag siden

    “Did you guess what song that was?” *Ad pops up* Oh it the the ad she was talking about *then I realize it’s an actually ad* Oh..


    I just tried humming to Google Assistant and it worked

  • Ellen Budrick
    Ellen Budrick2 dager siden


  • fraz thunder
    fraz thunder2 dager siden

    I like the intro

  • Rodriguez Police Station
    Rodriguez Police Station2 dager siden

    ME azzy sing the rickroll song ALSO ME i got rickrolled how to o the duble dot dot .like that

  • sanjeev neupane
    sanjeev neupane3 dager siden


  • sugah coffee
    sugah coffee3 dager siden

    I said hey google subscribe to azzyland No such luck doesn't work

  • gloomy days
    gloomy days4 dager siden

    Its my birthday today if anyone ❤

  • Aurelia Angeleri
    Aurelia Angeleri4 dager siden

    My dad has a Tesla and once he drove it with his phone when I was inside it was so cool

  • Bella Jack
    Bella Jack4 dager siden

    Are you 30 azzy

  • alondra martinez
    alondra martinez5 dager siden

    If I get to have a kid I'm naming it azzy

  • Cole Harris
    Cole Harris5 dager siden

    It was the Star Wars cantina song

  • gachaqueenfamily
    gachaqueenfamily5 dager siden

    My babysitter:it goes around not the years it doesn't come back. Me:then how is it 2020 again?

  • Foure Cee
    Foure Cee5 dager siden

    I'm currently taking a shet

  • Jamie Strehlow
    Jamie Strehlow5 dager siden

    3:22 we have place like that in down town kenosha and it is called choo choo charlie's, but it is closed because of the rioting

  • Aaron Mulford
    Aaron Mulford5 dager siden

    This is why I unsubscribed from azzy expects so much out of everything from a project and doesn't give hacks a chance

  • Malia Paresa
    Malia Paresa5 dager siden

    7:27 I own a toaster oven so personally I don't need to use this hack

  • Naisha Kalra
    Naisha Kalra5 dager siden

    I have a golden retriever

  • Shinobu Kocho
    Shinobu Kocho6 dager siden

    Pink medicine more like danganronpa blood

  • Taya Wheadon
    Taya Wheadon7 dager siden


  • Crystal Villamil
    Crystal Villamil8 dager siden

    So you’re insulting my phone

  • StickFiggy
    StickFiggy8 dager siden

    In Australia the frozen Coke machine breaks

  • Tesla Wesche
    Tesla Wesche9 dager siden

    The Tesla was being summoned to the person. You can call the Tesla and it will come to you!

  • SecretagentCAT9
    SecretagentCAT99 dager siden


  • Rachel Sapphireeagle
    Rachel Sapphireeagle9 dager siden

    I love you azzy

  • CasualCakeCat
    CasualCakeCat10 dager siden

    God must have been *REALLY* bored in 2020...

  • Fraya Daydream
    Fraya Daydream11 dager siden

    Azzy!!!! You look sleepy are you okay???? 😭😭😭😭😭

  • iiTropicali
    iiTropicali13 dager siden

    The people watching in 3021

  • Emilys Alsorts
    Emilys Alsorts14 dager siden

    Go subscribe to Emily's Alsorts

  • emma9102 emma9102
    emma9102 emma910215 dager siden

    It is 2020

  • Michele Edgerley
    Michele Edgerley16 dager siden

    count how many times you said "3020" instead of "3021" lol

  • Animator Frost Animates
    Animator Frost Animates16 dager siden

    Me when i see the lawn mowers: R O T O M M O W P O K E M O N

  • Sahir L Jr Kabre
    Sahir L Jr Kabre16 dager siden

    What is 3021

  • Grnt Canoe
    Grnt Canoe16 dager siden

    Azzy your humming sounds like my brother's and I love that restaurant with trains

  • Alex The Noob
    Alex The Noob18 dager siden

    We all just got Rick Rolled

  • DjTween
    DjTween18 dager siden

    0:59 I was expecting the exact same thing I thought someone was gonna speed by and smash into the car

  • Mallory Hanson
    Mallory Hanson18 dager siden

    I’ve been to one of the restaurants where a train brings you your food and it’s a really cool experience.

  • Mad rat dead is a Game
    Mad rat dead is a Game18 dager siden

    *wait but*

  • ashvika manoj
    ashvika manoj18 dager siden

    Azzy is so funny and cool

  • kpop stan
    kpop stan18 dager siden

    Never gonna give u up Never gonna let u down Never gonna run around and desert u Never gonna make u cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt u Get rickrolled

  • Taffy Chamwarura
    Taffy Chamwarura19 dager siden

    I know the song when google had to guess it: Never gonna give you up

  • SavvyDisc YT
    SavvyDisc YT19 dager siden

    The iPhone 12 does not look like the iPhone 5

  • Teresa Dood
    Teresa Dood20 dager siden

    but it only 2021 0-0

  • Izzyeve2010 IEL_Isabella
    Izzyeve2010 IEL_Isabella20 dager siden

    am I the only one with a 2 slot toaster? I have seen why to many videos with people with 4 slot toasters. I need the 4 slot toaster!

  • Blair
    Blair20 dager siden

    Im confused why everyone says that Mc Donald’s ice cream machine never works, because I live in America, and every Mc Donald I’ve went to, there ice cream machine always works.

  • Emma Cleere
    Emma Cleere20 dager siden

    Azzy Azzy Azzy poor innocent Azzy the world is about to end in 2051

  • 11 - Fatima Haider
    11 - Fatima Haider20 dager siden

    Hello iam saying hello to the people on 3021 bcz i will be dry in my rip in 3021😂

  • Roblox_Child 432
    Roblox_Child 43221 dag siden

    I can’t subscribe use using google I’ll subscribe instead

  • blake watson
    blake watson22 dager siden

    That humming song dude had his time to shine and than I had an ad of another humming dude 🤣🤣

  • McKenna Linnan
    McKenna Linnan22 dager siden

    Is it bad that the first one is my dad? Lmao 😂

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr23 dager siden

    LIVING IN 3021!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr23 dager siden


  • theresnotgonnabeCAKE
    theresnotgonnabeCAKE23 dager siden

    Some ✨pickles✨

  • elizabethbarbosa31
    elizabethbarbosa3123 dager siden

    i know no your b/day febury 23 1991

  • 2F-G8 Larah Gabrielle Reyes
    2F-G8 Larah Gabrielle Reyes23 dager siden

    omg hi Azzy i have been watching your channel since i was a kid.

  • L A I L A H
    L A I L A H23 dager siden

    my whole class changed their profile pic to rick astley and started singing never gonna give you up because my math teacher got threatened when all our profile pics were ducks holding butter knives.

  • Gianna Stahl
    Gianna Stahl23 dager siden

    I’ve dropped my iPad on my face

  • gavon martinez
    gavon martinez24 dager siden

    As I have been to that place twice I really like it there they drink does come with food on it

  • Reuben Jenkins
    Reuben Jenkins24 dager siden

    You can't tell google to sub to someones channel 😐 sorry

  • Joseph Mountain
    Joseph Mountain24 dager siden

    Some people:watching the video normally Me:WHY DIDN'T YOU POST IN SO LONG???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • freshstart WithFaith
    freshstart WithFaith24 dager siden

    Nah! Its not that cool! Im From 2099!

  • money getter
    money getter24 dager siden

    Me: click random video Also me: thinks it's Sssniperwoulf Azzyland: Hey google subscibe to Azzyland Me after she said that: I thought I was watching Sssniperwoulf for 5:29 minutes into the video

  • T.P.A. Love
    T.P.A. Love24 dager siden

    Wow, azzy just when and said the while truth and no lie aboit the McDonald's ice cream machine

  • Panda Corn
    Panda Corn24 dager siden

    it did work

  • kitty plays
    kitty plays24 dager siden

    1:45, when you want to see how a tornado forms in a glass. (It's better seeing a tornado in real life tbh, I wanna see a tornado in person)

  • Armani’s World
    Armani’s World25 dager siden

    It’s one thousand seven hundred

  • Ophelia Greenfield
    Ophelia Greenfield25 dager siden

    Am I the only one that enjoys shaving my legs? It's satisfying and it makes me feel like I'm taking care of myself idk it's just nice

  • Nyazuko the kitten
    Nyazuko the kitten25 dager siden

    People from 3021 be like: 👁️. 👁️ 👄

  • Carolina Elizabeth Sandoval
    Carolina Elizabeth Sandoval25 dager siden


  • Becky Bryant
    Becky Bryant25 dager siden

    If you are reading this please hit Azzy's like button. She is a good person and deserves it for the entertainment she brings our way.

  • Oliveisasmartcookie
    Oliveisasmartcookie25 dager siden

    8:05 Isn't it a 500% return...?

  • Grace Price
    Grace Price25 dager siden

    Asst: Cars weren’t invented in 1030 I am so dumb. But what did they do if their horses got dented

  • Kent Wedeking
    Kent Wedeking25 dager siden

    I want to live in 3021

  • Yacht HVAC
    Yacht HVAC25 dager siden

    If we still need face masks in 3021, we did something wrong

  • Weapon troy
    Weapon troy25 dager siden

    azzy made a mistake, she write 3021but it soppost to be 2021

  • Yasmin A
    Yasmin A25 dager siden

    Me when my mom says go play outside: 9:25.

  • Lauren Kinoshita
    Lauren Kinoshita25 dager siden

    I did the lego it is Harry Potter

  • chrislalima
    chrislalima26 dager siden

    NOlocal videos on my phone was dead Q

  • gutsy ball lists
    gutsy ball lists26 dager siden

    3021 is the year after the world cumbusted into a ball of fire

  • Poppy Griffiths
    Poppy Griffiths26 dager siden

    um am i the only one that azzy said 3020 when the caption is for 2031 or am i go in crazy

  • It’s me GG
    It’s me GG26 dager siden


  • idk
    idk26 dager siden

    Why doed dis gurl have dislikes she should have 0 dislikes and infinity likes and subs ( 𒊹︎︎︎ ᴥ︎︎︎ 𒊹︎︎︎ )

  • Bunny
    Bunny26 dager siden

    “Maybe it’s because they’re so golden” Me: * whipers * *and I know that you’re scared because hearts get broken....* 👀

  • Caidi lady
    Caidi lady26 dager siden

    I've never cut myself shaving my legs but my forehead, yes

  • Frendzy Faith
    Frendzy Faith26 dager siden

    is your name Just azzy or has it got somthing added to it

  • Amber ember
    Amber ember26 dager siden

    rolex rolex

  • maislove loveronielle
    maislove loveronielle26 dager siden

    I know what song that was

  • kittycatgamerrulz
    kittycatgamerrulz26 dager siden

    The one with the person pulling the kids on the swingset it would be better if the string was tied to a rocking chair and just rocking back and forth🤣

  • Ashling Donohoe
    Ashling Donohoe26 dager siden

    It does not work I unsubscribed and subed again :(

  • Hoor Alfy
    Hoor Alfy26 dager siden

    When she said it exactly like the iPhone 5 I looked at my phone

  • Aliyah Hannah G. Cabansag
    Aliyah Hannah G. Cabansag26 dager siden

    Dumb 2021 People: yo future give us hints 3031 Einstein people:

  • VLOGS 4
    VLOGS 426 dager siden

    Where is ur sis

  • Chloe Maye Cabacungan
    Chloe Maye Cabacungan26 dager siden

    im freaking struggle on the toothpick i can't even spin like on the vdi it's not hurt at all

    ARSHAD KOKA26 dager siden

    Love u azy keep it up.. but love ur messy hair it's just😍

  • Gracie Castelan
    Gracie Castelan26 dager siden

    God doesn’t make tornadoes it’s google worming 😂

    MODERN FAMILY26 dager siden

    azzy if you want a kid I will just drive right over

  • peach
    peach26 dager siden

    "I wonder what they did if their horses had a dent" -AzzyLand 2021

  • Ihka Brown
    Ihka Brown26 dager siden

    I dont know what to time help me

  • Little Things
    Little Things26 dager siden