Reacting to the FUNNIEST CHRISTMAS Video Compilation !


Azzyland - Reacting to the FUNNIEST CHRISTMAS Video Compilation ! Guys its nearly christmas! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and have the best 2021 ever!
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The Time Shop | A Holiday Short Film | Proudly Served by Chick-fil-A®
Spot natalizio MANOR 2019 👶🎁❤️ MANOR SPECIAL CHRISTMAS
MANOR (Official)
CGI 3D Animated Spot: "Get More Out of Giving" - by Milford Creative Studios
MANOR (Official)
CGI Animated Short Film: "Pangi" by Masoud Zamani | CGMeetup
Microsoft Holiday Ad 2019 - Holiday Magic: Lucy & the Reindeer


  • 《Mercy and friendz》
    《Mercy and friendz》19 dager siden

    Dumplings are awsome CHANGE MY MIND🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🍽🥢

  • Catilina Carroll
    Catilina Carroll24 dager siden

    I saw that first one on an ad

  • Malefia Dereje
    Malefia Dereje28 dager siden


  • Y/N UwU
    Y/N UwU28 dager siden

    Yea geese are evil. Me and my sister was just minding our own business and then we walk past the goose and it's babys....we looked at them THE GOOSE WOULDN'T STOP CHASING AND PECKING US!! So me and sis had no choice but to fight the goose.... I'm never going out with sis again unless it's for food. And if anyone got hurt it was me and sis we didn't hurt the goose at all. 😁

  • Lily Smith
    Lily SmithMåned siden

    Now every kid is definitely gonna all into their break room...

  • Star Gamer
    Star GamerMåned siden

    If you are seeing the video in 2021 👇

  • Courtney Emioma
    Courtney EmiomaMåned siden

    Do y’all know that Christmas has nothing to so with Jesus I think and that it’s bad I think

  • Courtney Emioma

    Courtney Emioma

    Måned siden

    Santa is satan is the same just switch the letters

  • Arianna Gonzalez Chicas
    Arianna Gonzalez ChicasMåned siden

    Santa’s old

  • Maeven Carson
    Maeven CarsonMåned siden


  • Google Accounts
    Google AccountsMåned siden

    Azzy is so funny

  • Julia Lunchable
    Julia LunchableMåned siden


  • craZAy12 mania
    craZAy12 maniaMåned siden

    Azzy idk if you are trying to be relatble here but you suck at it 0:05 This channel makes me cringe

  • Stella. Nutella
    Stella. NutellaMåned siden

    Yeahhh she’s “fluent” in my language 🤞🏻😂

  • Judy Shongwe
    Judy ShongweMåned siden


  • olivia ola
    olivia olaMåned siden

    Did u and Jordi break up??

  • Fishy bwother
    Fishy bwotherMåned siden

    Who else just loves azzy? 💗

  • April Corby
    April CorbyMåned siden

    I Love you’re Show

  • Emy Maged
    Emy MagedMåned siden

    "wanna make a snowman?" Me: DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMANNNNNNN

  • soe paing
    soe paingMåned siden

    I never get gifs I’m sade😢😭

  • Sam Raya
    Sam RayaMåned siden

    I dare you to watch my little pony

  • Aaron Leon
    Aaron Leon2 måneder siden

    Merry Christmas 🎅🎄

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr2 måneder siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr2 måneder siden


  • Elaine Ortiz
    Elaine Ortiz2 måneder siden

    Rein deer are just bucks but. APPARENTLY BUCKS CAN FLY 🤯😒

  • 4hwk
    4hwk2 måneder siden

    dead channel

  • Jennifer McCabe
    Jennifer McCabe2 måneder siden

    Azzy: I had a strange childhood... Me: Join the club. I lived with in a cave for a week.

  • Njisane Greaves

    Njisane Greaves

    2 måneder siden

    Merry Christmas azzy have a good day and everyone else is a great person!

  • Lici Mum
    Lici Mum2 måneder siden

    If cashiers in jamaica use a barcode scanners to sing jingle bells then the customers would get aggressive

  • Hala Esmail
    Hala Esmail2 måneder siden


  • Samantha Piscina
    Samantha Piscina2 måneder siden

    I love azzy shes my top favorite people I'm subscribed to if any of you hate on her just keep it inside don't share your bad thoughts do t leave thumbs downs just watch a different video

  • SearchingForApril
    SearchingForApril2 måneder siden


  • Lyra Horseman
    Lyra Horseman2 måneder siden

    merry christmas

  • Venisha Venkatesh
    Venisha Venkatesh2 måneder siden

    New house how this?

  • Moonlight Silverthorn
    Moonlight Silverthorn2 måneder siden

    AZZY: I guess the moral of the story is don’t take pictures of penguins, they’ll slap you? ME: lmao 😂

  • Calvin Watson
    Calvin Watson2 måneder siden

    Azzy: i'm scared of geese bc once one chased me Me: live on a farm with geese chickens pigs cow sheep 2cats 2 kittens (1 for adoption)4 dogs and a snake

  • Calvin Watson

    Calvin Watson

    2 måneder siden

    its manic

  • Aubree Alvarez
    Aubree Alvarez2 måneder siden


  • Justin Grech
    Justin Grech2 måneder siden


  • Nguyễn Nhiên
    Nguyễn Nhiên2 måneder siden


  • King Alex
    King Alex2 måneder siden

    Things azzy want for Christmas 1. Lots of makeup 2. Any food would work 😂😂😂

  • tabitha somers
    tabitha somers2 måneder siden

    **Sending virtual hugs to 'Azzyland'...**

  • CoronaV Covid
    CoronaV Covid2 måneder siden

    Azzy your boyfriend is married to a girl

  • Butterfly Fluttershy
    Butterfly Fluttershy2 måneder siden

    I love her vidssssss

  • Chloe
    Chloe2 måneder siden

    Omg the one about the elf not wanting to be a gift we watched that in class 😂😂😂😂

  • Leighton Carter
    Leighton Carter2 måneder siden

    Merry Christmas azzy and everyone Else that reads this comment! 🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻🎁❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️,

  • Daniel Wardwell
    Daniel Wardwell2 måneder siden

    Merry Christmas Azzy!

  • sandcat2020
    sandcat20202 måneder siden

    Merry Christmas Azzy

  • jude mary
    jude mary2 måneder siden

    Is azzy and kwebblekop still together??? Have not watched them for a year now

  • Whitley Mason
    Whitley Mason2 måneder siden


  • Brooke South
    Brooke South2 måneder siden

    Azzy people are saying you have covid 19 but I don’t believe that

  • D B
    D B2 måneder siden

    Yazzie you need to watch hocus-pocus

  • Eli Cottrell
    Eli Cottrell2 måneder siden

    Where's Kwebbelkop

  • Leticia Mondoloka
    Leticia Mondoloka2 måneder siden

    I love you

  • Leticia Mondoloka

    Leticia Mondoloka

    2 måneder siden

    You are awesome plus every thing you say so relatable

  • Isabella's World
    Isabella's World2 måneder siden

    Hey azzy you should get a hover board and make a vid of you riding it! Love you azzy

  • Kikim Kikim
    Kikim Kikim2 måneder siden

    You Know Who's The Best Person? Read the first word Merry Christmas!!

  • choii chuu
    choii chuu2 måneder siden

    We watch the first vid in our class

  • * GachaFlare1621 *
    * GachaFlare1621 *2 måneder siden

    Like if you’re hungry after seeing the chicken nuggets

  • Lucie Byrne-Davis
    Lucie Byrne-Davis2 måneder siden

    Hi azzyland I am a massive fan and just to say all those hates Just ignore them bc you are amazing

  • XVlunatic
    XVlunatic2 måneder siden

    I Love you 😍 from Emie

  • Tina Apugo
    Tina Apugo2 måneder siden

    I haven't watched azzy for 3 years *and she looks like a mom*

  • Andrewplayz Muhi
    Andrewplayz Muhi2 måneder siden

    Azzy are you broke up with kwebbelkop??????????

  • Lil M&M
    Lil M&M2 måneder siden

    Your "weird nail art that is on another level" is almost at 1milion likes (and by almost I mean 900thousand off until it gets their)

  • Alix _Roblox
    Alix _Roblox2 måneder siden

    At 5:56 the penguin is a savage. Me: classy boogie rachet

  • Larry Dyer II
    Larry Dyer II2 måneder siden

    Merry Christmas Azzy hope all is well and your having a wonderful holiday have a great new year⚖️🤴🏻👆🏼

  • safa2233 safa
    safa2233 safa2 måneder siden

    La qabrt bam lata goo

  • Mr taco food
    Mr taco food2 måneder siden

    Instead of a goose chasing me a change the goose

  • Mr taco food

    Mr taco food

    2 måneder siden


  • •Softie Cleo•
    •Softie Cleo•2 måneder siden

    Merry Christmas Azzy!

    PRISCILA VASQUEZ2 måneder siden

    My birthday is the same day of yours

  • Vjo
    Vjo2 måneder siden

    Its Love Life

  • •luxi sale•
    •luxi sale•2 måneder siden

    Merry Christmas⛄🎄

  • Stephanie Graczak
    Stephanie Graczak2 måneder siden

    Are you still with joridei

  • Savanna Janney
    Savanna Janney2 måneder siden

    hi azzy merry cristmas love you soooooo much

  • curtis thatcher
    curtis thatcher2 måneder siden

    I think I’m in love..... 🥴

  • Vinelle Vitug
    Vinelle Vitug2 måneder siden

    Where is kwebbelkop?

    BATTLEGROUND WARRIOR2 måneder siden

    i heard u broke up with jordi

  • Leila Sedaghatrad
    Leila Sedaghatrad2 måneder siden

    Can you do a video we’re you open youer Christmas gift 💝 pls 👁👅👁

  • Fatima Singh
    Fatima Singh2 måneder siden

    You look cute

  • Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham2 måneder siden

    This is abortions pizza where your loss is todays sauce

  • Andrea Valdez
    Andrea Valdez2 måneder siden

    Merry Christmas Azzy and everyone

  • Alise Ivascisina
    Alise Ivascisina2 måneder siden

    Do u still like kweblkop

  • Brooklyn Blankenhorn
    Brooklyn Blankenhorn2 måneder siden

    I love your channel you always makes my day

  • N E J A Y
    N E J A Y2 måneder siden

    Merry Christmas

  • Jessica Irwin
    Jessica Irwin2 måneder siden


  • Jello
    Jello2 måneder siden

    I’m sorry is no one gonna talk about how azzy and kwebblekop broke up 👀

  • Victor Silvester Jr Lee
    Victor Silvester Jr Lee2 måneder siden


  • Darchel Dunbar
    Darchel Dunbar2 måneder siden

    I love watching azzys videos because when im sad i get happy when i wacth hwr videos she puts me in such a good mood

  • H2Odelirious ARMY
    H2Odelirious ARMY2 måneder siden

    I miss azzy and kwebelkop together :(

    UNICORN SLASH2 måneder siden

    I am waiting for those people who will give my parents long life 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Jacob Burfoot
    Jacob Burfoot2 måneder siden

    Hi azzy i am an old subscriber who just found their way back to your channel.

  • Cherokee Smith
    Cherokee Smith2 måneder siden

    Oh my gosh hi azzyland

  • Tokoyami
    Tokoyami2 måneder siden

    Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate!!!!!

  • Nayla Collins
    Nayla Collins2 måneder siden

    I got a PS4 for Christmas. What did you get for Christmas?

  • sharonna phungshok
    sharonna phungshok2 måneder siden

    Merry Christmas

  • Wheeze
    Wheeze2 måneder siden

    When they swipe one item one too many times : 7:18

  • •P o t a t o_C h a n• UwU
    •P o t a t o_C h a n• UwU2 måneder siden

    React to smooth animations

  • Leni Beight
    Leni Beight2 måneder siden

    Azzy needs to have now

  • עובדים או מיוזיק
    עובדים או מיוזיק2 måneder siden

    AZZY tis kood AZZY tis Among Us Yea i now

  • xXsky bullXx
    xXsky bullXx2 måneder siden

    wanna say thank you im very tired its almost 12 am and my baby brother is having allot of breathing problems he trying to scream because hes in pain and he cant he just stoped but you make me feel better thank you.

  • cactus jack
    cactus jack2 måneder siden


  • kayleerobeau
    kayleerobeau2 måneder siden

    I love watching her videos!!!

  • Koala_Girl
    Koala_Girl2 måneder siden

    If Coraline taught me anything its to NOT crawl in small holes

  • NatureDinosaurs
    NatureDinosaurs2 måneder siden

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!🎄🎄🎁🎁🎇🎇✨✨