THE MOST UNEXPECTED Videos You Will Ever See !


Azzyland - THE MOST UNEXPECTED Videos You Will Ever See ! These are some of the most unexpected videos ever. Anything unexpected with cute pets is fine with me. Don't forget to leave a like!
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand23 dager siden

    What is the most unexpected thing to ever happen to you???

  • `- S o m e o n e -`

    `- S o m e o n e -`

    28 minutter siden

    This video

  • John Demont

    John Demont

    4 timer siden

    Your question is what is the most unexpected thing to ever happen to you? First ten replies are first, second, hi, love u, and will you marry me? etc. So, to answer your question winning over $7,000 on a lottery scratch off ticket or getting testicular cancer? Both happened to me. Survived both and neither one changed my life. So does it really matter?

  • Oda Grymer Spjelkavik

    Oda Grymer Spjelkavik

    Dag siden

    When a youtuber read my fomebt on Twich 3 times!

  • Eddie


    2 dager siden

    @Ray Mak Hater 123 cap

  • XxBlueBerryxX


    2 dager siden

    I was rp with a troller in roblox and she trolled me and my friend hated me after- for literally no reason

  • `- S o m e o n e -`
    `- S o m e o n e -`28 minutter siden

    Sneak A-Cat

  • Cassidy Rose
    Cassidy Rose2 timer siden

    Azzy I’m back sorry I left my mom said that I was not old enough to watch stuff on NOlocal bc I started to do the pranks that I saw on NOlocal but I’m older and more mature. I’m subbing again now!

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones14 timer siden

    lol the donkeys and goats are mine 😂😂😀❤️❤️💜🖤🐶🤩❣️🌙🐶👨‍👧‍👦🥱🤔💜🌙👩‍👧👩‍👧😴😴😃🤤❣️🤩❤️

  • Audrey
    Audrey22 timer siden

    The girl actually called 911 wtf 😭

  • Mccabe Frazer
    Mccabe FrazerDag siden

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  • Natalie Chop
    Natalie ChopDag siden

    Ive seen this one before : 0:35

  • Jonathan Brault
    Jonathan BraultDag siden

    I knew they would call 911.

  • Deja Thomas
    Deja ThomasDag siden

    the cup joke tho

  • Grand Rain
    Grand RainDag siden

    I would call 911 also🤣

  • Lyn Lyn
    Lyn LynDag siden

    I call my mom or dad

  • Springshadera
    SpringshaderaDag siden

    Sees thumbnail: Me: gurl ya swimming in energon? U at cybatron right now?

  • Thomas Srsich
    Thomas Srsich2 dager siden

    The hurt slime acromegaly stain because organisation adversely belong concerning a skinny sheet. oafish, teeny aries

  • Nadia Luchowska
    Nadia Luchowska2 dager siden

    I wolde call my dad lmao

  • B-29-AARON Mendonsa
    B-29-AARON Mendonsa2 dager siden

    She clickbaited perverts

  • ThatDamPercyJackson Fangirl
    ThatDamPercyJackson Fangirl2 dager siden

    For the phone thing I would have called a resturant since they always answer. Not 911!

  • Leia Rigamoto
    Leia Rigamoto2 dager siden

    I would choose 911 too lol

  • Destiny Litten
    Destiny Litten2 dager siden

    8:06 My mom

  • blair thornton
    blair thornton2 dager siden

    I would call my Dad Bc my mom is Busy all the time but my dad always answers no matter what !!

  • WolfPack #1
    WolfPack #13 dager siden

    I died when the cat choked the little girl

  • mia parisi
    mia parisi3 dager siden


  • Ryan Kiesow
    Ryan Kiesow3 dager siden

    ✌✌✌ 👉👉👉 👍👍👍

  • katwim
    katwim3 dager siden

    My grandparents never answer the phone because the voicemail is instant. They only answer if you say who you are

  • Toomy chan
    Toomy chan3 dager siden

    7:36 UHHH they did at the beginging at the note -.- (sorry if that was rude tho)

  • ashboify
    ashboify3 dager siden

    My Grandma will answer to anybody even if she's driving on the road where everyone is dangerous on the road she will still answer

  • Harmony Envis
    Harmony Envis3 dager siden

    The cat is savig

  • Shokh Yassen
    Shokh Yassen3 dager siden

    She is crying or someone is cutting onions 😂

  • i sexy sexy
    i sexy sexy3 dager siden

    I would call my mom

  • Tvesha Gupta
    Tvesha Gupta3 dager siden

    love from india

  • Alice Espinal
    Alice Espinal3 dager siden

    Azzy: Because theres nothing boaring about this Me: did you just make a pun with out knowing

  • Keona Hoashi
    Keona Hoashi3 dager siden

    The one where the person left their door open and a bunch animals came in is a real life send of shreck (can't remember what part) when all of them come to his swamp

  • ItsMeJoelly
    ItsMeJoelly4 dager siden

    I think the spins have magnets

  • xX_funtime_foxy_Cookie_monster_Gacha_Xx UwU
    xX_funtime_foxy_Cookie_monster_Gacha_Xx UwU4 dager siden

    I would call my mom sometimes she answers but sometimes she dose not

  • Kay's animal sqaud
    Kay's animal sqaud4 dager siden

    That quiet kid that had good smooth moves and was wearing black shirt and blue jeans reminds me of Lou(Louid is his full name) from uglydolls without the singing or the SUPER loudness going on.

  • aftab hassan
    aftab hassan4 dager siden

    I knew that girl was gonna dial 911 😂

  • Maya Abdul-Haqq
    Maya Abdul-Haqq4 dager siden

    The poor dog got yeeted🤣🤣🤣

  • Unicørngirl :3
    Unicørngirl :34 dager siden

    Me - would call my cousin or mom That girl - beat the system by calling someone that’s paid to answer the call

  • KDC Games
    KDC Games4 dager siden

    911 indeed

  • Bryant Watkin
    Bryant Watkin4 dager siden

    I would call my dad

  • Zudio Audio
    Zudio Audio4 dager siden

    I would call my grandma or mom lol

  • Aubrey McLean
    Aubrey McLean4 dager siden

    The cat attacked the child because the sound she made was similar to the sound cats make before they get in a fight.

  • Fatma Alhammadi
    Fatma Alhammadi4 dager siden

    That’s why I’m scared of cats at they end I have a cat well my aunt and so scared to go outside lol

  • lance ross
    lance ross4 dager siden

    The instinctive octave strikingly scribble because lamp assembly mine onto a shocking zephyr. glistening glorious, decisive bait

  • Vlogger Frej
    Vlogger Frej4 dager siden

    An unexpected thing for me was the time I went skiing and fell off the chair lift . The best part was that the man who was controlling it was talking to a woman

  • Hannah Aqua

    Hannah Aqua

    2 dager siden

    This sounds like the beginings of a hallmark movie XD.

  • Corrupted Dreams
    Corrupted Dreams5 dager siden

    Do you ever just read the comments and say, "Man! I wish I commented that!" I know I do

  • Armands Pēcis
    Armands Pēcis5 dager siden

    6:15 Was so funny! :) Haha

  • Savannah Savage
    Savannah Savage5 dager siden

    the dog that got yeeted is the yeeting dog

  • Lyndsay Gibson

    Lyndsay Gibson

    5 dager siden

    Omg 😸

  • Black Bull
    Black Bull5 dager siden


  • Alina
    Alina5 dager siden

    I wod call my dad at the phon prank

  • Korryn Magnuson
    Korryn Magnuson5 dager siden


  • Diamond Reigns
    Diamond Reigns5 dager siden

    I'd call my bestfriend!! 😊💗

  • The Graystan
    The Graystan5 dager siden

    id just call myself

  • Isaac Decker
    Isaac Decker5 dager siden

    I was about to say I would call 911

  • Black bull Edits
    Black bull Edits5 dager siden

    *the thumbnail is like me ;-;* *but I look like a guy so when the shirt sticks to my body it-* *yeah it sucks..*

  • isaac pearson
    isaac pearson6 dager siden

    Can you say maths or YEET and you will be cool in Britain 🇬🇧

  • Conner H
    Conner H6 dager siden

    That spit

  • MonsterMouth
    MonsterMouth6 dager siden

    i would call dominos

  • just kylee17
    just kylee176 dager siden

    The dog tho

  • Salty horseface v.1
    Salty horseface v.17 dager siden

    you literally make my whole day, your vibes are just ✨immaculate✨

  • Carrie Beck
    Carrie Beck7 dager siden

    I wood call 911

    NEICKO GRIGER7 dager siden

    it would be to see u

    NEICKO GRIGER7 dager siden

    Azzy im ur biggest fan i would love to see you in person

  • Lost River
    Lost River7 dager siden

    The cat really wanted to strangle that kid lol 🐈 🐈‍⬛

  • ceaser the smarts
    ceaser the smarts7 dager siden

    in this video at 8:50 there will be an ad

  • Melia Rolle
    Melia Rolle7 dager siden

    Lol no joke I was going to comment 911

  • Laney Christman
    Laney Christman7 dager siden

    in kinder I was just stretching and a kid tackled me and ran over me I hit the side walk and the back of my head so hard I got a black eye I hate Isabella

  • Kamille Bell
    Kamille Bell8 dager siden

    when i call my cousin she never didn't respond so i call her again and she responded

  • Shanna Flowers
    Shanna Flowers8 dager siden


  • Faith Hemsworth
    Faith Hemsworth8 dager siden

    My mom

  • Nadia Martinez
    Nadia Martinez8 dager siden

    Am I the only person that would call a disabled number?

  • ZeroPointFuture
    ZeroPointFuture8 dager siden

    Azzy Your so wholesome

  • Julie Jobling
    Julie Jobling8 dager siden

    if i did that i would call u

  • I make meme videos
    I make meme videos8 dager siden

    I subscribed but you said twilight is trash so I'm unsubbing

  • Kaylynn Pruitt
    Kaylynn Pruitt8 dager siden

    That cat put her in choke hold was not letting her go 😹

  • Tempest La-Brooy
    Tempest La-Brooy8 dager siden


  • Logan Glossner
    Logan Glossner9 dager siden


  • Austin Storms
    Austin Storms9 dager siden


  • Moonlight123
    Moonlight1239 dager siden

    My BFF

  • Ava Neiderhiser
    Ava Neiderhiser9 dager siden

    Nothing boring get it like bore ya know

  • Wesleyhj Walsh
    Wesleyhj Walsh9 dager siden


  • Artistic Annie
    Artistic Annie9 dager siden

    I thought The girl was going to call like her brother or mom but i totally flipped when i heard “Hello 911”

  • Guest 178,567
    Guest 178,5679 dager siden

    Was there 1 video were you did not say stay awsome and sweet? 🥺

  • Mary Gray
    Mary Gray9 dager siden

    I would call my friend Hannah

  • SCP-Gamer!
    SCP-Gamer!9 dager siden

    Dang that cat savage lol😂 2:26

  • Meme Land
    Meme Land9 dager siden

    In the call on all I was paying attention to was how the dog sat down ( broke his legs)

  • Keigo Takami
    Keigo Takami9 dager siden

    Gen Z has got your back girl!

  • Amy Fab
    Amy Fab9 dager siden

    Azzy: who would you call they you know would answer Me: 911 😆😆

  • Favourite Dogegamer
    Favourite Dogegamer9 dager siden

    Cant believe people find this funny or enjoyable... Shes saying exactly whats happening what are y'all blind people

  • Hau Huai
    Hau Huai10 dager siden

    I am the alone one who noticed that When the bottle hit the table it broke and she spit

  • Sasha Challagolla
    Sasha Challagolla10 dager siden

    I LOVE your END MOOOSIC (Please reply if you can :D)

  • Wild Card
    Wild Card10 dager siden

    Who would I call the guy that likes me done

  • What's that Theory
    What's that Theory10 dager siden

    Azzy must be realted to Carl Azzus from CNN with all these puns

  • Sam Eds
    Sam Eds10 dager siden

    The glass didn’t break when it hit the concrete because the pressure was distributed on the whole piece of glass. When he threw the sledge hammer it hit one specific spot. Science.

  • Sage O’Brien
    Sage O’Brien10 dager siden

    2:32 judge: do you have any words before u go to jail cat: yes. I dRoP kIcKeD tHaT cHiLd In SeLf-DeFeNsE!!!! this is for my mcyt fans :)

  • Neil Davies
    Neil Davies10 dager siden

    Probably me getting stuck in a bed guard

  • Syd Vicious
    Syd Vicious10 dager siden

    The pug can do parkour

  • Karsyn WorldTV
    Karsyn WorldTV10 dager siden

    I think she would call her bf

  • Emerson Fazio
    Emerson Fazio10 dager siden

    I will call the pizza guy because he would always answer me

  • Rynbow99
    Rynbow9910 dager siden

    That cat just KOed her

  • L̶i̷t̷t̷l̶e̸G̶a̸y̵T̵a̴t̷e̸r̴T̸o̸t̵
    L̶i̷t̷t̷l̶e̸G̶a̸y̵T̵a̴t̷e̸r̴T̸o̸t̵10 dager siden

    2:27 still don't think cats should be the dominate species?