tik tok prank went too far ..


AzzyLand - tik tok prank went too far .. - I love a good joke or prank but did some of these pranks go too far? Leave a like and for more great tiktok compilations check out: nolocal.info/have/video/d2OgpZyzuqudyp4
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand21 dag siden

    I'm a high level IQ prankster...I surprise people with cookies...the prank is I end up eating half the cookies. I know..genius



    3 dager siden


  • Madysynn Brinegar

    Madysynn Brinegar

    4 dager siden

    I'm eating cookies chocolate chip

  • kittylitterr


    5 dager siden

    Owa owa

  • dumitru iulia stefania

    dumitru iulia stefania

    6 dager siden


  • Faith Hemsworth

    Faith Hemsworth

    8 dager siden

    omg so smart

  • myla ferry
    myla ferryDag siden


  • Doni Bobes is a god
    Doni Bobes is a god2 dager siden

    Anyone noticed the head in the back?? 0:10

  • K & H Loiselle
    K & H Loiselle2 dager siden

    i love your videos can you post some what could go wrong videos

  • Tirtha Punmagar
    Tirtha Punmagar3 dager siden

    Me seeing an ad: omg this slime is so real!

  • Hudson Sategna
    Hudson Sategna4 dager siden

    She had earphones on her it could of got watered and it would cost a lot of money

  • Annie and Charlie's YouTube Channel
    Annie and Charlie's YouTube Channel4 dager siden

    My reaction when I got jump scare: EH!!!!

  • Camila Mejia
    Camila Mejia4 dager siden

    Cold Cereal: Real Prank.

  • Silver Slayer32
    Silver Slayer325 dager siden

    A Audi engine is in the back of the car it was a troll video

  • Kirby
    Kirby5 dager siden

    3:54 had me dying

  • Criznan Miguelle Paren
    Criznan Miguelle Paren5 dager siden

    im getting mad!😠

  • j m
    j m6 dager siden

    On Halloween this guy pretended to be a decoration he got up really fast and said hi!!! It scared my brother so bad but I just said hi back

  • Lindsay Orler
    Lindsay Orler6 dager siden

    She was in on the breakfist prank

  • Faith Stewart
    Faith Stewart6 dager siden

    Don't know

  • black pinkgacha
    black pinkgacha6 dager siden


  • Maite Valencia
    Maite Valencia7 dager siden

    My mom never gets scared

  • Wesleyhj Walsh
    Wesleyhj Walsh7 dager siden

    I love

  • Risa Percy Lun
    Risa Percy Lun7 dager siden

    3:54 Azzy you don’t understand well I’m 10 so I’m scared BUT HAVE YOU WATCHED RING ONE, TWO AND THREE THEY ARE SCARY AF

  • Rory Liebmann
    Rory Liebmann7 dager siden

    I just realized...the person that got scammed for their engine couldn't have gotten scammed for it bc how else would they have gotten it in their garage>>

  • Nadya Cantik
    Nadya Cantik7 dager siden

    Azzy: hold on every time I see a mannequin **A mannequin at her bedroom door just checking to make sure the video is going perfect**

  • CamPalm_ YT
    CamPalm_ YT7 dager siden

    Am I the only one always vibing to azzy’s outro

  • *Coco_ Gacha*
    *Coco_ Gacha*7 dager siden

    0:09 😂 look behind her bed

  • Evelyn Rodden
    Evelyn Rodden7 dager siden

    Her vids end so abruptly 😂😂

  • GiAnnA_PLayS!
    GiAnnA_PLayS!7 dager siden

    I think the prank with the bucket and the girl sleeping was really it’s just the milk or liquid was cold and she didn’t wanna move and since she just woke up she was all confused and was surprised not yet mad

  • Paperjam Sans
    Paperjam Sans8 dager siden

    4:04 coz it's the trunk XD

  • you are whacing mercarx
    you are whacing mercarx8 dager siden

    Did no one eles see tha maniken or ting bihinde her :D Me: cals 911

    JACOB NEW9 dager siden


  • Mona Hussien
    Mona Hussien9 dager siden


  • Rafial Wagner
    Rafial Wagner9 dager siden


  • nidhi Nabh
    nidhi Nabh9 dager siden


  • nidhi Nabh
    nidhi Nabh9 dager siden


  • Hailey Montjoy
    Hailey Montjoy9 dager siden

    “Good thing I’m not a parent” azzy would be an amazing mom

  • Dog Lover Sings
    Dog Lover Sings10 dager siden

    I love how Azzy doesn’t do the pranks actually and just reacts to them and just sits down while watching, because she’s probably lazy... honestly me😂

  • Adrian Means
    Adrian Means11 dager siden

    A Audi engine is in the back

  • Mr. E. Person
    Mr. E. Person12 dager siden

    3:06 The fact that they did this to her while she was wearing a white top, that was really cute, hurts.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr13 dager siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr13 dager siden


  • Kristen Aldridge
    Kristen Aldridge13 dager siden

    Not a good prank

  • Nestor Saez
    Nestor Saez13 dager siden

    nooo nooo nonono

  • Mfer Minecraft
    Mfer Minecraft13 dager siden

    The razor prank I wouldn't exactly mind, I'm a tomboy anyway

  • Felix Walterstad
    Felix Walterstad13 dager siden

    0:09 what's that in the back???

  • Jordan95 HD
    Jordan95 HD13 dager siden

    I *LOVE* TikTok!!

  • 2k.2sha
    2k.2sha13 dager siden

    1:22 she was about to say Cheerios but she’s eating Froot Loops 😂😂

  • Cheryl Delawder
    Cheryl Delawder13 dager siden

    :) I love your videos

  • Ella Clay
    Ella Clay14 dager siden


  • Cemre Surmen
    Cemre Surmen14 dager siden

    0:08 did i just saw a mannequin in her door-

  • Andrea_ Stoyanova_
    Andrea_ Stoyanova_14 dager siden

    2:24 what's that head

  • Jessica Reynolds
    Jessica Reynolds14 dager siden

    i wanna meet u but i live REALLLLLLLLLLLY far away not in the same cuntry crys

  • Jessica Reynolds
    Jessica Reynolds14 dager siden

    im such a prankster to

  • Jessica Reynolds
    Jessica Reynolds14 dager siden

    i love your vids azzy i love them i watch your vids

  • Kate Krazy
    Kate Krazy14 dager siden

    PS Azzy I love u too

  • Kate Krazy
    Kate Krazy14 dager siden

    Y'all never do dis to anyone plz

  • Emilys Alsorts
    Emilys Alsorts14 dager siden

    Go subscribe to Emily's Alsorts

  • Da Cotty Girl Gamez
    Da Cotty Girl Gamez14 dager siden

    The first one tho... 😂 I feel bad for that guy that accidentally peed his pants

  • Fikabas Studio's
    Fikabas Studio's14 dager siden

    7:17 my question is why the editor made her mouth so small unless it actually did that-

  • Chioma Onuoha
    Chioma Onuoha15 dager siden

    tooo far

  • Heidy The Gamer
    Heidy The Gamer15 dager siden

    Loook dude the delivery guy said your 2 cheeseburger and 6 large fries are here like girl.

  • Kyle Lewis
    Kyle Lewis15 dager siden

    If someone dropped food on my head my natural reaction would punch them😂

  • Jigi Tupas
    Jigi Tupas15 dager siden

    4:14 thats cuz its a mid engine car and that “hood” is a frunk

  • Maya Koroglu
    Maya Koroglu15 dager siden

    Well if I saw something like that I would say are you OK

  • April June
    April June15 dager siden

    just say is your phobia

  • •H-A World•
    •H-A World•15 dager siden

    Ok one time i said hello to my mom so she nows that im in the room and she doesn't get scared a d then she gets scared of me cuz apparently she " didn't see me"

  • Lucy Ashley-Brown
    Lucy Ashley-Brown16 dager siden

    Not a real prank

  • Marie Regan
    Marie Regan16 dager siden

    Hi azzyland

  • Marie Regan
    Marie Regan16 dager siden

    I love your videos♥️♥️♥️😻

  • Michele Edgerley
    Michele Edgerley16 dager siden

    Im a high level class clown...Everyone tells me how funny i am, but its just the teacher saying if its so funny i should laugh my a** of at the principals office.

  • Abelle Playz
    Abelle Playz16 dager siden

    LOL 😆 dat’s all I gotta say

  • girls & gamers
    girls & gamers16 dager siden

    Me if I do a prank:I dye your hair

  • •Lia_ChanxX
    •Lia_ChanxX16 dager siden

    Hi everyone.. I don't know what to say😶 Uhh ok bye

  • sunni abbott
    sunni abbott16 dager siden

    XD i just sall the dislikes are my bday

  • Kylie Gordon
    Kylie Gordon17 dager siden

    omg azzy love ur vids and ur so pretttyyyy k bai have a gud day love uuuuuu

  • Mha Simp
    Mha Simp17 dager siden

    At the beginning azzy: any time I see a mannequin I’m gonna scream Me : don’t scream call akeem If you know you know 😂

  • Briseis CatLover
    Briseis CatLover17 dager siden

    Time to scare the other boys Me: As a MANnequin

  • IntruptngCowMOO !!!
    IntruptngCowMOO !!!17 dager siden

    If I was the kid when the "clown" came I would creepily stare at him back. Or get a flip flop.

  • Ella Okafor
    Ella Okafor17 dager siden

    Tin foil tik tok: now you see how far it goes moana yep

  • Melody Whitlock
    Melody Whitlock17 dager siden

    I would be scared to ever sleep again if gross food got spilled on me while I was sleeping!

  • Appa Yip Yip
    Appa Yip Yip17 dager siden

    The engine for the audi r8 is in the trunck of the car

  • TheFuzzyFurry
    TheFuzzyFurry17 dager siden

    The mom one at 9:27 I can't scare my mom I have to die to scare her XD

  • zomby 12012
    zomby 1201217 dager siden

    doesn't the engine in the r8 come in the back?

  • Amelia Banasiak
    Amelia Banasiak17 dager siden

    can u do 5 min crafts vs real life please because u didt do thoes in long now i think

  • Readysalted80 Has cancer
    Readysalted80 Has cancer17 dager siden

    Yo azzyland you look ridiculous and disgusting 🤮😂😂😂

  • Dalia Swailah

    Dalia Swailah

    17 dager siden


  • Macie Batterson
    Macie Batterson17 dager siden

    i saw ur baby video do a baby video part 2

  • Haphi Domagas
    Haphi Domagas17 dager siden


  • Livia U
    Livia U17 dager siden

    AZZY AZZY AZYYYYYY!!!! can you do those video's where you answer questions and 2 YOUR AMAZING!!!!

  • Evelyn Rodriguez
    Evelyn Rodriguez17 dager siden

    Lol this vid literally finished a second before my online class

    MY DREAMS17 dager siden

    azzy is rude

  • G Man
    G Man17 dager siden

    How was his/her mom so easy to scare I can't even make my mom shiver

  • Blue_ nightshade
    Blue_ nightshade17 dager siden

    3:51 LOL you probably wouldn't be scared bc you used to cosplay and wouldn't think anything of it

  • Mrs. George Weasley / Draco’s sister
    Mrs. George Weasley / Draco’s sister17 dager siden

    0:08 BRUH TF IS THAT

  • Garfield Thorne
    Garfield Thorne17 dager siden

    Not my mom she's very brave omg it took me forever to scare her😅😪

  • Corazon Valiente
    Corazon Valiente17 dager siden

    she did nopt prank him she did him a favor

  • Esmeralda Brambila
    Esmeralda Brambila18 dager siden

    4:03 Azzie did you know that some cars have the engine on the back and in the trunk in the front like where you put your groceries they put it in the front instead of the back and not on my God do you know what just I don't know .

  • Jude Counts
    Jude Counts18 dager siden

    Ha lol

  • Andrew Olson
    Andrew Olson18 dager siden

    The R8 is a mid engine car. The engine is behind the seats. That was the joke.

  • Brooke Sogoloff
    Brooke Sogoloff18 dager siden

    I have a man in my room that I saw on your scared to move anything

  • Free Spirits Squad
    Free Spirits Squad18 dager siden

    0:09 or 0:08, idk, but I saw someone’s head pop up on her headboard/wall behind her

  • Adrien
    Adrien18 dager siden

    Am I the one who as a five year old would think the balloon room was a giant ball pit

  • Ryleigh Penn
    Ryleigh Penn18 dager siden

    Hi hope you’re having an amazing week and I’m so happy when you make your videos

  • Ryleigh Penn
    Ryleigh Penn18 dager siden

    Hi I Love you’re videos and you you are the best

  • Irie G-C
    Irie G-C18 dager siden