Tiktoks That Only Siblings Will Understand !


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Azzyland - Tiktoks That Only Siblings Will Understand ! Sometimes they take your clothes or eat your last snack, but we love them anyways. Don't forget to leave a like if you loved this video!
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand26 dager siden

    Do you have siblings? Tell me about them in the replies! ❤️

  • Sarah Walsh

    Sarah Walsh

    18 dager siden

    I am the oldest sibling and my baby sisters name is everly and my brothers name is Zachary and my little brothers name is ryker and they are anying

  • sage preddy

    sage preddy

    26 dager siden

    I have a big bother he is so mean to me and a cute baby sis but she can open doors and cabinet and climb the up the stairs so she opens the door of my room

  • Malilly Massamba

    Malilly Massamba

    26 dager siden

    Im the youngest and my sister says in annoying 🥺

  • Stephanie Gutierrez

    Stephanie Gutierrez

    26 dager siden

    I am the youngest sibling here and my family😑

  • Lucy Arnold

    Lucy Arnold

    26 dager siden

    @Lauren Dahlman Oh no that's sad. Yeah I always get picked on my the second oldest sister in my fam

  • 。〜Midnight Siren YT〜。
    。〜Midnight Siren YT〜。Time siden

    Youngest child :3

  • Violet Martins
    Violet Martins6 timer siden

    With a older have brother

  • Violet Martins
    Violet Martins6 timer siden

    Only child

  • hi hi hi
    hi hi hi9 timer siden


  • nini darchiashvili
    nini darchiashvili12 timer siden

    Im the youngest

  • Jeannine Cassar
    Jeannine Cassar12 timer siden

    I'm jungest

  • Nemu_1234
    Nemu_123413 timer siden

    Well i'm the youngest

  • Nafeesa Riyaz
    Nafeesa Riyaz15 timer siden

    eldest one

  • Anna Matthews
    Anna Matthews18 timer siden

    I am the youngest with only one big sister

  • Bobbi-De Koski
    Bobbi-De Koski21 time siden


  • Kristin McKeever
    Kristin McKeever23 timer siden

    Hi I'm carissa and I'm the middle child

  • Glitchtrap
    Glitchtrap23 timer siden

    I have 1 Brother and 3 Sisters 1 of my sisters likes video games and my brother likes games and makes yt vids and I'm the youngest

  • Randi Barrett
    Randi BarrettDag siden


  • Maddie's Land
    Maddie's LandDag siden

    I have two brothers and I love I do not want sisters

  • Tamsin Hill
    Tamsin HillDag siden

    i am the oldest

  • olivia montiel
    olivia montielDag siden

    im middle

  • ethan crashtra
    ethan crashtraDag siden

    only child les goooo

  • floofiecattitude
    floofiecattitudeDag siden

    oldest sibling. we (me and my lil sis) dont look related!

  • Sara & Ida
    Sara & IdaDag siden

    Im the youngest

  • jose moreira
    jose moreiraDag siden

    I'm the oldest sibling in the family and my little sister is annoying and my brother so that's my family

  • Cynthia Okerosi
    Cynthia OkerosiDag siden

    I have two The youngest is a boy middle Girl But I am the oldest 😊

  • Deseiré Slabbert
    Deseiré SlabbertDag siden

    I'm an only child ✌🏻

  • blackberri143 leblackbear
    blackberri143 leblackbearDag siden

    ayo oldest flex

  • Layla Bailey
    Layla BaileyDag siden


  • Brooklyn Barlow
    Brooklyn BarlowDag siden

    Middle ...yah :(

  • Lily Tyson
    Lily TysonDag siden


  • Reshmi Kanti
    Reshmi KantiDag siden

    My sister she is crazy 😣

  • Naseem Yousaf
    Naseem YousafDag siden

    Oldest everywhere

  • Alexis Attrill
    Alexis AttrillDag siden


  • Hayley Woodall
    Hayley WoodallDag siden

    But I used to have 2 younger brother s

  • Z&L SMP Vods
    Z&L SMP VodsDag siden


  • Hayley Woodall
    Hayley WoodallDag siden

    I'm a only child

  • Gabriella Pereira
    Gabriella PereiraDag siden

    Youngest of two sisters

  • GalaxyWolf 17
    GalaxyWolf 17Dag siden


  • Camila Pinv
    Camila PinvDag siden

    I'm a middle child

  • alisa tucker
    alisa tuckerDag siden

    I am the youngest child in my home

  • LeeLee Ru
    LeeLee RuDag siden

    I’m the middle child with two siblings. We need an odd number of ice cream.

  • Kristine Adams
    Kristine AdamsDag siden

    I'm the youngest and I hate it.

  • camille Family
    camille FamilyDag siden

    Ima young bean

  • Reagan P
    Reagan P2 dager siden

    yes and yungest

  • Um Sulaiman Kharusi
    Um Sulaiman Kharusi2 dager siden

    I have two sisters and one brother I’m the youngest out of all 😭😭😭😭

  • Sonshe Higgins
    Sonshe Higgins2 dager siden


  • Sean & Iesha Jackson
    Sean & Iesha Jackson2 dager siden


  • LizzyBugProductions
    LizzyBugProductions2 dager siden

    I am an only child, but my friends are like my siblings :)

    DAHJAENI FALCONER2 dager siden

    I am the middle and my siblings are driving me crazy

  • Allyplayzroblox Stifter
    Allyplayzroblox Stifter2 dager siden

    im younger then my sister im 8 and my sisters 12

  • Star Plushies123
    Star Plushies1232 dager siden

    For Azzy's Question. I was the middle child. It was hard bein the middle child. TnT Also, I did have siblings!

  • Florence Mason
    Florence Mason2 dager siden


  • Florence Mason
    Florence Mason2 dager siden

    sadly an only child

  • ZzStacy_flowerzZ
    ZzStacy_flowerzZ2 dager siden

    2:25 Im the oldest and i can relate

  • Kiyoko Shimizu
    Kiyoko Shimizu2 dager siden

    im a middle child

  • James Bradford
    James Bradford2 dager siden

    I’m the middle but I consider that in the oldest cuse I never see my older brother

  • Noor jomaa
    Noor jomaa2 dager siden

    I am the youngest child from the whole family

  • Tonza Chapman
    Tonza Chapman2 dager siden

    I’m an only child

  • Brandon R
    Brandon R2 dager siden


  • Lindsay Kerr
    Lindsay Kerr2 dager siden

    Tow big brothers

  • Emily Magowan
    Emily Magowan2 dager siden

    I have one big sister that's 15 and one big brother that's 20 and I'm the youngest I'm 7 and I'll be 8 in the 30th of September

  • maryam albuhaisi
    maryam albuhaisi2 dager siden

    Iam the middle sibling i have 2 sisters with me we are 3

  • Diana Riggs
    Diana Riggs2 dager siden


  • Grand Zeno
    Grand Zeno2 dager siden

    Azzy you sick or something?

  • CrUShEdMelOn :3
    CrUShEdMelOn :32 dager siden

    Middleeee childdddddddd🎵🎵🎵

  • Dennis
    Dennis2 dager siden


  • Aura Icarus
    Aura Icarus2 dager siden

    I'm the youngest by one minute, twin life

  • Jamila Howe
    Jamila Howe2 dager siden


  • Sophia Bobble Head
    Sophia Bobble Head2 dager siden


  • Aubree Jones
    Aubree Jones2 dager siden

    Im the middle

  • Rebecca Nutley
    Rebecca Nutley2 dager siden

    I’m the older sister and I have one little sister

  • karhh lie
    karhh lie2 dager siden


  • Pearl Rossiter
    Pearl Rossiter2 dager siden

    I have two siblings and I am a middle child

  • Suzanne Bennett
    Suzanne Bennett2 dager siden

    im the eldist

  • Alexandra Anabel Ramirez
    Alexandra Anabel Ramirez2 dager siden

    No sidling okay I love azzyland 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 no sidling 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 azzyland 😂😂😭😭😭😭😍 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Megan Bowles
    Megan Bowles2 dager siden


  • Tayla-Jayd Schwertfeger
    Tayla-Jayd Schwertfeger2 dager siden

    I’m the oldest

  • Kaylin Tec
    Kaylin Tec2 dager siden

    hehe im the yungest and im 8 im turning 9 in dec 3

  • Ashlyn Godsmark
    Ashlyn Godsmark2 dager siden


  • Nick Walker
    Nick Walker2 dager siden

    My sister she's the youngest one time she ate THE LAST COOOOOKIE😥🤣

  • Megann Ridgewell
    Megann Ridgewell2 dager siden

    I’m the youngest

  • Hawaiiangirl 808
    Hawaiiangirl 8082 dager siden

    I'm the youngest of 2 my brother does not like me but in my case oldest is favorite because he's always first

  • svnflowerzoe
    svnflowerzoe2 dager siden

    im the oldest lol 🤠

  • Benedicte Denis
    Benedicte Denis3 dager siden

    I’m the youngest so everybody calls me the “baby”

  • Rylie Charron
    Rylie Charron3 dager siden

    im the middle sibbling out of 4

  • Rainbows
    Rainbows3 dager siden

    I’m the oldest

  • Bunbun Playz
    Bunbun Playz3 dager siden

    Middle sadly

  • Jacyon World
    Jacyon World3 dager siden

    I am the youngest child unfortunately

  • Nat Bug
    Nat Bug3 dager siden

    Elder, my sisters Bella middle vana is younger

  • Lizzy C Side
    Lizzy C Side3 dager siden

    I m the Eldest

  • Brandy Dorsey
    Brandy Dorsey3 dager siden

    im odestand me and my sister get echother but the youngest heck no

  • Tania Prontka
    Tania Prontka3 dager siden

    I I am the older sister😭

  • Sparkle princess
    Sparkle princess3 dager siden

    I'm the middle 👁️👄👁️👍

  • Robyn Austwick
    Robyn Austwick3 dager siden

    And the youngest

  • Noor Snitselaar
    Noor Snitselaar3 dager siden


  • Kawaii Ace
    Kawaii Ace3 dager siden

    I’m the middle child

  • Sariah Baker
    Sariah Baker3 dager siden

    I am the ugist

  • Rovlxa
    Rovlxa4 dager siden

    I have 4 siblings I’m the fourth all together we are 5

  • Sophie Rea
    Sophie Rea4 dager siden

    I’m the oldest sibling

  • Naeco Gaming
    Naeco Gaming4 dager siden

    so technacly me and my twin sister are the middle children but she's 5mins younger than me so i dunno, but then my older sister is the oldest and my older brother is the second child then me and my twin sister, then it's my little sister and the youngest is my baby brother, so yea it's allot of us. ages: 15 older sis, 13 older bro, 10 me and my twin sis, 6 my little sis and 1 my baby bro. XD

  • Jazmine Acosta
    Jazmine Acosta4 dager siden

    eldest in the house for me its the ice cream one whys it so true

  • Caitlin Francis
    Caitlin Francis4 dager siden


  • Lissy IsOf
    Lissy IsOf4 dager siden

    Middle child :(

  • Lissy IsOf

    Lissy IsOf

    4 dager siden

    I the only girl so it hard to miss me