TikToks That Will Reveal Your Phobias !


Azzyland - TikToks That Will Reveal Your Phobias ! What are some of the phobias that just creep you out? Don't forget to leave a like and if you are in the mood for something creepy, check this video out: nolocal.info/have/video/ZaWrq6iytWtpnXw
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand6 dager siden

    Is a constant fear of running out of snacks a phobia? Asking for a friend 👀

  • afham salman

    afham salman

    3 dager siden


  • nidhi Nabh

    nidhi Nabh

    5 dager siden


  • Ayesha Majid

    Ayesha Majid

    5 dager siden

    Yah duh ■Ha

  • Emilija Marciulionyte

    Emilija Marciulionyte

    5 dager siden

    I'm really afraid of swimming in a boat. One day me and my mom's friends needed to go fishing. And i was so scared that the boat will sink



    5 dager siden


  • Isabella's World
    Isabella's WorldMinutt siden

    Mine is mask one

  • Olivia Denson
    Olivia Denson5 minutter siden

    i was waiting for the phobia of holes

  • Jaxson Gibbs
    Jaxson Gibbs14 minutter siden

    I definitally don't have the fear of hospitals because I'm there a lot

  • Bean
    Bean14 minutter siden

    I have trypophobia :D how nice

  • Ceylan Yazar
    Ceylan Yazar20 minutter siden

    My biggest phobia vs other people’s phobias Other people- water heights spiders My phobia- being in electrical with the imposter

  • Paul Cuauro Avila
    Paul Cuauro Avila36 minutter siden


  • Julia Langkiet
    Julia Langkiet39 minutter siden

    When you have claustrophobia..... dude I'm not kidding I will end up crying

  • Seigneur And Carrot
    Seigneur And Carrot41 minutt siden

    I have Cynophobia fear of dogs well only big ones I’m also scared of monsters and spiders

  • `- S o m e o n e -`
    `- S o m e o n e -`46 minutter siden

    When I was 3 I was in the movies with my mom and we were going in the elevator, I pressed the emergency Stop button and We were stuck, We had to get rescued, And now I have a fear of that exact elevator Lol

  • Rosa Soza
    Rosa Soza50 minutter siden

    I have a fear of Claustrophobia and I have the fear of blood - But I want to be a doctor ;_;

  • Sultan Altenaiji
    Sultan Altenaiji58 minutter siden


  • Victory Oquendo
    Victory OquendoTime siden

    well if you have fear of those don't believe in the evil stuff like it just pray and think about something good

  • Victory Oquendo
    Victory OquendoTime siden

    all are my fear

  • Victory Oquendo

    Victory Oquendo

    Time siden

    just kiding XD

  • Inner_Demons
    Inner_DemonsTime siden

    Lol I have thalassophobia fear of needles and nyctophobia fear of the dark

  • Cheetahsghost 01
    Cheetahsghost 01Time siden

    I have a fear of heights, darkness, and being alone forever,

  • Cheetahsghost 01

    Cheetahsghost 01

    Time siden

    Or just in the house

  • Rahkeena Chandler
    Rahkeena ChandlerTime siden

    me to

  • Gåçhå Mėłøñ
    Gåçhå MėłøñTime siden


  • Billie Hutchinson
    Billie HutchinsonTime siden

    Run when I turned off the lights 2

  • Madilyn Burns
    Madilyn BurnsTime siden

    I have masklophobia

  • SD - 05MG 922196 Parkway PS
    SD - 05MG 922196 Parkway PSTime siden

    Is being scared of eyes that look like they are staring at you a phobia. For example Momo

  • Cake surprise Plays
    Cake surprise PlaysTime siden

    I think she’s just ready off of my phobias some of them

  • Aracely Aguiriano
    Aracely Aguiriano2 timer siden

    I have cynophopia 100%

  • Autumn Roach
    Autumn Roach2 timer siden

    Well I was in town not gonna be specific their was a tornado siren like siren and it went on for a while then it just stopped and they didn’t say why they did that and tornados are very rare to happen where I live because of the mountains ⛰ well it scared me so maybe I have that fear two😂😂👌🏽

  • Autumn Roach
    Autumn Roach2 timer siden

    And my cousin has this huge balloon and I won’t go in her room if it isn’t in her closet😂😂😂

  • Autumn Roach
    Autumn Roach2 timer siden

    I got stuck in a elevator with my grandma for quit a few hours yet still love them

  • Nevaeh Abbott
    Nevaeh Abbott2 timer siden

    Omg like what ain't I scared of😂I'm not proud. My biggest one is being alone or having nobody

  • Da banana channel :D
    Da banana channel :D2 timer siden

    For some reason I’m scared of mirrors

  • Mia Rosasuta
    Mia Rosasuta2 timer siden

    Omg!the first vid in "the fear of man made objects under water" had me shaking.thanks jazzy u scaered me for life :D

  • REKLEZZ Gaming
    REKLEZZ Gaming2 timer siden

    I’m afraid of amber alerts Spiders The dark (obviously) And heights So yea Thanks for listening I guess Idk what I’m doing anymore Bye Adios Have a better day than me ❤️

  • Kwr-t Da trashcan
    Kwr-t Da trashcan2 timer siden


  • Lizzie Oliver
    Lizzie Oliver2 timer siden

    I think really the only thing that really and truly scares me is FNaF.

  • Dance NiNi
    Dance NiNi2 timer siden

    not like anyones asking

  • Dance NiNi
    Dance NiNi2 timer siden

    i got 2 pitbulls

  • Kitty
    Kitty3 timer siden

    WORST fear I have: FEAR OF AMBER ALERTS; *gets alarmed and runs in a corner behind someone* WE'RE GONNA DIE!

  • •Cotten•
    •Cotten•3 timer siden

    I have nomphobia and thalassophobia and emergency alerts sounds if u wondering why it is because I was at my uncles house and then there was an emergency sound and it pop up on the T.V my heart almost jumped out my stomach :'(

  • Jowel Gamez
    Jowel Gamez3 timer siden

    CoolaPhobia you dont like the coldness

  • Sicily Frumkes
    Sicily Frumkes3 timer siden

    for my sis she's on the top bunck and im on the bottom so i feel like ppl can see me and i feel like there is a monster under my bed

  • • natsunina •
    • natsunina •3 timer siden


  • Heather Meyer
    Heather Meyer3 timer siden

    i have ichtylophobia

  • Pheonyx
    Pheonyx3 timer siden

    I have a fear of the sea ; -; is that good? but its not JUST the sea its pools to

  • Mack Jeremy
    Mack Jeremy3 timer siden

    i have a fear of falling because my primary school and cowns

  • Piper Burns
    Piper Burns3 timer siden


  • Allison Stange
    Allison Stange4 timer siden

    Spiders, Math, Darkness, and school.

  • Johanna Jones
    Johanna Jones4 timer siden

    I'm afraid of being alone, heights and the ocea

  • Shanghui Lin
    Shanghui Lin4 timer siden

    Well I’m scared of the dark yesterday I was in the dark so I ran to a bright room

  • Karin Monk
    Karin Monk4 timer siden


  • Miakoda Anderson
    Miakoda Anderson4 timer siden

    I'm a scaredy cat I'm scared of all these

  • Laura Tomei
    Laura Tomei4 timer siden

    I have a phobia of people being sick (as in I'll or throw up ) dunno why

  • Hayden Williams
    Hayden Williams4 timer siden

    I have a fear of people that have costumes in or that are mascots. When me and my older brother were at chuck cheese we sent a video to my dad asking for more money but I didn’t it was my brother I was staring in the distance no response when my mom called me XD

  • Ruth Glenn
    Ruth Glenn4 timer siden

    I run up stairs too

  • Meta Tulpe
    Meta Tulpe4 timer siden

    I don't have fear of heights bcz i was piloting a small plane when i was 8.

  • Liam Readle
    Liam Readle4 timer siden

    I'm scarf of clauns

  • Kayla Sowards
    Kayla Sowards4 timer siden

    OMG i almost just yeeted myself out the window when submechanophobia, automatonophobia and ichthyophobia came up i am terrified of things to represent humans

  • L.Mikallie Anderson
    L.Mikallie Anderson4 timer siden

    I have the fear of the...amber alert. I has to wait a few seconds before I typed after the ... THAT FRIKIN SCARES ME! I was at a swim practice when the sound went off and I cringed at it. THEN A KID STARTED LAUGHING AT IT! My life just turn into glass and that laugh was the hammer

  • Your local Pokémon shipper :D
    Your local Pokémon shipper :D4 timer siden

    Oh yeah when fireworks happen we do that too but we blast news 12 so my dog didn’t get scared, unfortunately he passed away and I’ve been really upset, but we got a new dog

  • Hailey Ritter
    Hailey Ritter4 timer siden

    I'm scared of the holes the like the wall the thumb or any other place I forgot the name of this phobia

  • E Turner
    E Turner5 timer siden

    IM scared of the ocean: it freaks me out I feel like there's going to be a wave that pushes me away from land or a shark right around the corner I also have a fear of fish

  • Loel Stein
    Loel Stein5 timer siden

    1:01 idk what she even said

  • Sedona Allen-Brodeur
    Sedona Allen-Brodeur5 timer siden

    OMG- IVE ALWAYS BEEN SCARED OF FISH AND EATING THEM and now I can finally say that I have ichthylophobia

  • Rachel McPherson
    Rachel McPherson5 timer siden

    I’m terrified of the dark 🤫🤫

  • Sedona Allen-Brodeur
    Sedona Allen-Brodeur5 timer siden

    Im so scared of fish and I thought I was the only one 😭 I have thalassaphobia so I'm terrified do the ocean but strangely obsessed with it at the same time lol 😂

  • ꧁ Tabi Gledhill ꧂
    ꧁ Tabi Gledhill ꧂5 timer siden


  • ꧁ Tabi Gledhill ꧂
    ꧁ Tabi Gledhill ꧂5 timer siden

    My sister is TERRIFIED of elevators last week she went in and cried

  • Anna Maria Yuriv Korestki
    Anna Maria Yuriv Korestki5 timer siden

    I have a phobia of clowns

  • ꧁ Tabi Gledhill ꧂
    ꧁ Tabi Gledhill ꧂5 timer siden


  • alexlola alexlola
    alexlola alexlola5 timer siden

    I have teraphobia

  • tauga scholes
    tauga scholes5 timer siden

    Did you know your belly button use to be your mouth

  • Hᴀɪʟᴇʏ Gᴀʀᴄɪᴀ
    Hᴀɪʟᴇʏ Gᴀʀᴄɪᴀ5 timer siden


  • Cutie Cat
    Cutie Cat6 timer siden

    i have autophobia and teraphobia and snackaphobia etc.

  • Paige Loly pop
    Paige Loly pop6 timer siden

    Especially at night

  • Paige Loly pop
    Paige Loly pop6 timer siden

    And random baby cries

  • Mark Sabal
    Mark Sabal6 timer siden

    I used to say to my brother that I had a rare phobia and it was called can’t sleep with Carson phobia he used to get so mad then the next night I wouldn’t sleep with him lol

  • Paige Loly pop
    Paige Loly pop6 timer siden

    And penywise

  • Paige Loly pop
    Paige Loly pop6 timer siden

    I have loads of phobias

  • Paige Loly pop
    Paige Loly pop6 timer siden

    And man made objects

  • Paige Loly pop
    Paige Loly pop6 timer siden

    My phobia is da spider one and darkness and heights and also shadows that look weird

  • Acacia Colon
    Acacia Colon6 timer siden

    I hate loud sounds

  • Ulia Voytovich
    Ulia Voytovich6 timer siden


  • Hollow Heart
    Hollow Heart6 timer siden

    Oh my gosh like my sis be like:turns off light Me:RUN UP THE STAIRS ABOUT TO TRIP lolxD

  • Lily Flowers
    Lily Flowers6 timer siden

    My phobia was not in this video

  • Humaira Ahmadi
    Humaira Ahmadi6 timer siden

    I HAVE THALASPHOBIA (it all ahppened when i went ot sea at the beach then i thought *what is jeelyfish sting me * I AM STULL SCARED) I LITERALLY WAS SCARED OF PUTTING MY FEET AT THE FRONT LINE UGHHHHH ITS bad UwU

  • Humaira Ahmadi

    Humaira Ahmadi

    6 timer siden

    And aracniphobia

  • Zoie Kissinger
    Zoie Kissinger6 timer siden

    I am TERRIFIED of windows near beds and I have a window near my bed so.....

  • - Blossom_Rp -
    - Blossom_Rp -6 timer siden

    I’m more advanced.... I got on ALL FOUR

  • Alx Diaz
    Alx Diaz6 timer siden

    I have Arachnophobia that means I am afraid of spiders you can't blame me though look I'm going to speak from two facts here look spiders have eight legs can be tiny but also be huge and also they have like four billion eyes and that freaks me out and the spider that I am most scared of is a tarantula those things can bite you hard and some spiders are even poisonous but I'm lucky that my mom's not have heard of spiders so when she sees one and when I scream she immediately kills it

  • Elena Marquez
    Elena Marquez7 timer siden

    Sometime on the TV we hear that alarm and we close that you’re so tight or we just get pillows and put them to our eras It was so scary we thought it was a tornado

  • Elena Marquez
    Elena Marquez7 timer siden

    On nickelodeon there’s a show called are you afraid of the dark this is Montierra called the shadow man

  • Petra Leda Ekmedžić
    Petra Leda Ekmedžić7 timer siden

    Yesterday i got trapped in an elevator and it was so scary i cryed for half an HR

  • Itz DarlaGacha
    Itz DarlaGacha7 timer siden

    Bruh that black think in the water

  • skypro _angel
    skypro _angel7 timer siden

    I just watched the vid were you hold the roches

  • •Itz Bøba•
    •Itz Bøba•7 timer siden

    I have nomophobia then- And thalassphobia- And arachnophobia- And lastly.. phobophobia (I have moor but idk what they're called)

  • Petra Read
    Petra Read7 timer siden

    I have f.o.f fear of falling

  • Little Miss Bear
    Little Miss Bear7 timer siden

    I now know I have the losing internet pgobia and thalassophobia I have alot more phobias than those two cries

  • Alice Lewis
    Alice Lewis7 timer siden

    i know this sounds a little silly but im terrified of butterflys

  • Amaya
    Amaya7 timer siden

    I have a fear for dead people

  • Amaya


    7 timer siden


  • Sofie Cederfeldt
    Sofie Cederfeldt8 timer siden

    Story time! One time at school my teacher said that we would have training for if the school gets set on fire and the fire alarm will be set off, and minutes before the alarm went off I was crying I'm soooooooo scared of emergencies.😰

  • Liliana Ulmer
    Liliana Ulmer8 timer siden

    My little sister just turned 11 yesterday but when she hears that amber alert she will cry in a split second and nonstop until we are home safely

  • ultrararefairy
    ultrararefairy8 timer siden


  • Moshi Mosh
    Moshi Mosh8 timer siden

    Hippopamonstosesquippedaliophobia The fear of long words

  • Catalina Salazar
    Catalina Salazar8 timer siden

    I hate empty rooms and I having a phobia to holes