Try Not To Be Impressed Challenge ! - ( 99% Fail )


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Azzyland - Try Not To Be Impressed Challenge ! - ( 99% Fail ) Which one of these clips impressed you guys the most? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to leave a like!
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    REBECCA ORONADag siden

    3:06 still not impressed/8:30 still not impressed/10:33 still not impressed

  • Aleigha Servos
    Aleigha Servos4 dager siden

    I want to go see how much the Azzyland sweaters cost because $62 I’m good

  • Devell’s Life
    Devell’s Life4 dager siden

    Why did I think the paining of the titanic shadow art was dinosaurs on a hill too

  • Kimberly Staley
    Kimberly Staley5 dager siden

    If you can can you wish me happy birthday because my birthday is in 12 days

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr7 dager siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr7 dager siden


  • Jose Serpa
    Jose Serpa7 dager siden

    stop it get some help

  • Story Animation Girl
    Story Animation Girl7 dager siden

    Me at the beginning of video: 99% fail, I'm gunna be the one % that wins! Me at end of video: Impresed a bunch of times.

  • Ryann Kuhl
    Ryann Kuhl9 dager siden

    do you watch haikyuu

  • chris Williams
    chris Williams10 dager siden

    Is she on holiday?

  • maria bradley
    maria bradley10 dager siden

    Azzie you should do this so download Gacha Life on your phone or Gacha club but can you please do you download Gacha Life and can you please make a video when you do that because does a glitch on NOlocal and can you please try the gotcha glitch is that a yes thank you yes that’s a no yeah I don’t know but if you do it I’m gonna like all your videos

  • My Life
    My Life10 dager siden

    Sorry I'm late to the vid, my internet's been down the entire week!

  • Logan Snyder
    Logan Snyder10 dager siden

    Omg azzy is your voice ok?🥺

  • โอเหนือ Chanel
    โอเหนือ Chanel10 dager siden


  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming10 dager siden

    The shadow art was SOOO COOOOL its Jack and rose from titanic :o best movie ever

  • Zo Wong
    Zo Wong11 dager siden

    I read dragon ball

  • Zo Wong
    Zo Wong11 dager siden

    Ka me ha me ha

  • Maheswari
    Maheswari11 dager siden

    Azzy: I thought at first that it was a dinosaur on top of a hill. I don't get it. Me: OMG! That's the famous pose of Rose and Jack from Titanic

  • Addi Baddie
    Addi Baddie11 dager siden

    Probably because I am young

  • Addi Baddie
    Addi Baddie11 dager siden

    I don't have money😢

  • Maria riegn Racho
    Maria riegn Racho11 dager siden

    Where are you?

  • Tristan Witti-Lopez
    Tristan Witti-Lopez12 dager siden

    What happened to your voice say in chat pls

  • Katie Caldwell
    Katie Caldwell13 dager siden

    Love you!!!!

  • Kate Riontino
    Kate Riontino13 dager siden

    When are you going to do videos with gloom ?

  • luna da kat
    luna da kat13 dager siden


  • RZN_FrZdy
    RZN_FrZdy13 dager siden

    Whats going on whay her voice?

  • Mia Maione
    Mia Maione13 dager siden

    I love you Azzy, been watching since 2017

  • Sohail
    Sohail13 dager siden

    Her voice is recovering ❤️

  • Anairi Cruz
    Anairi Cruz14 dager siden

    This is ridiculous when the dude chop down the carrots and he said he doesn’t want to wash dishes anymore but you have to wash the blender

  • Jessica Holsopple
    Jessica Holsopple14 dager siden

    She’s Beautiful I want her clothes so badly

  • Jessica Holsopple
    Jessica Holsopple14 dager siden

    When the trust fall my friend would be like YEET btw I’m impressed

  • Elandri Olech
    Elandri Olech14 dager siden

    That is what swine and cooool. 🤩🤯

  • Sarah Louise McEvoy
    Sarah Louise McEvoy14 dager siden

    Love you Azzy and hope your voice gets better☺☺

  • Chantell Raetzer
    Chantell Raetzer14 dager siden

    Where are you

  • Isabella Schwartz
    Isabella Schwartz14 dager siden

    Wait, is that your home in the back?

  • Lourdes Girgis
    Lourdes Girgis14 dager siden

    I think i was at the circus with the two men

  • Saraya Surajballi
    Saraya Surajballi14 dager siden

    Can you go by gloom

  • Ειρηνη Μπουρλακη
    Ειρηνη Μπουρλακη14 dager siden


  • 6e Omkar Gokul Harihar
    6e Omkar Gokul Harihar14 dager siden

    In 6:29 it is ultra instint from dragon ball Z

  • Lizzy M
    Lizzy M14 dager siden

    I got a puppy because of quarantine and because I’m bored but also my other dog doesn’t play with me hahahahaha btw ily

  • kindly help me reach 18.4k please
    kindly help me reach 18.4k please14 dager siden

    Why is your name ban from among us

  • Aestheticc_ HayHay
    Aestheticc_ HayHay14 dager siden

    ..- Dragon ball fans, where y’all at?? Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha

  • Corlea Bain
    Corlea Bain14 dager siden

    No and no one no one

  • James Faulkner
    James Faulkner15 dager siden

    Are you sick

  • Tricia Hefner
    Tricia Hefner15 dager siden

    all the haters out there shut it azzy the best

  • TikTok Clips
    TikTok Clips15 dager siden

    What happened to azzy's voice guys 🥺

  • Levi Shako
    Levi Shako15 dager siden

    what happened to your voice

  • Ayden Palms
    Ayden Palms15 dager siden

    You sound sick😰😰😰

    GRAYSON BOHANNON15 dager siden

    I I would you like a stocker size with you

  • fawis
    fawis15 dager siden

    In that circus thing I actually went to that circus a few years ago and I was impressed with that 😋

  • Faith Crooks
    Faith Crooks15 dager siden

    Hope ur voice gets better,

  • i love steve harvey
    i love steve harvey15 dager siden

    Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩 ​Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩 ​Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩 ​Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩Chu💃papi🥵moanah😩

  • Nitsa Zaridze
    Nitsa Zaridze15 dager siden


  • The Dog Family
    The Dog Family15 dager siden

    c; your vids are the best

  • crystal buttercup
    crystal buttercup15 dager siden

    omg i need to learn how to "glide" on a bucket!!!! also i realy want your gmail!!!!

  • Olivia Mann
    Olivia Mann15 dager siden

    Where r u?

  • Eric Lol
    Eric Lol15 dager siden

    Love LoVe LOVE LOVE

  • Screamsong
    Screamsong15 dager siden

    Oh you didn't know sand dragons only eat lettuce?

  • Celine Jansen-Johannessen
    Celine Jansen-Johannessen15 dager siden

    Im WAY to obsessed😭 help but how do you have so good fashion?! Like whatever you USE is so pretty! Omgggggg

  • Qimin Chen
    Qimin Chen15 dager siden

    Azzy ur voice is uhhh is uhhh... A bit broken

  • Laura Austerberry
    Laura Austerberry15 dager siden

    When I watched this video I just realised that your poor voice is croaky I hope you get better!

  • Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown15 dager siden


  • Chloe April
    Chloe April15 dager siden

    Were are you?

  • Tushar Sarna
    Tushar Sarna15 dager siden

    House tour

  • Emizabeth Davis
    Emizabeth Davis15 dager siden

    Azzy: What do you feed a sand dragon? 🐉 Me: You feed it a sandwich!🥪

  • Comtuber
    Comtuber15 dager siden

    what happened to her voice?

  • Nerissa Pulga
    Nerissa Pulga15 dager siden

    Hi azzy I have a good request I want a design fails reaction and notice and shoutout and also I have a question... Why is your voice like that?

  • Santee Manguera
    Santee Manguera15 dager siden

    love you azzy hope your voice gets better.

  • emmaaa
    emmaaa15 dager siden

    I want to know where NOlocalrs get their statistics for titles

  • Mei Opalstone
    Mei Opalstone15 dager siden

    Oh no Azzy lost her voice again 🥺🥺

  • Samantha Ross
    Samantha Ross15 dager siden

    i dont get impressed easily..

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas15 dager siden

    I know you've been going through some stuff and I don't mean any offense. However, some of your old stuff was the coolest! Like your thoughts in the shower, that was hilarious! And me and many of my friends absolutely love you reading texts and silly stuff from Facebook between families, etc. You think maybe you could do more of that in the near future? Please?

  • Reagan and Kylie’s Volleyball
    Reagan and Kylie’s Volleyball15 dager siden

    Anyone going to talk about how pretty her background is

  • Can i get 1 Sub
    Can i get 1 Sub15 dager siden

    *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life..*

  • adesina mathilda adekitan
    adesina mathilda adekitan15 dager siden

    I wasn't impressed by the video I was impressed of how many times you were hinting to buy your merch witch I'm still going to buy

  • Katherine DiMedio
    Katherine DiMedio16 dager siden

    Also azzys house is awesome it look like a fairy land

  • helen thomas
    helen thomas16 dager siden

    And azure your a gorgeous

  • helen thomas
    helen thomas16 dager siden

    Azzyland I love you hope your voice gets better but what is wrong with is sorry for asking

  • Katherine DiMedio
    Katherine DiMedio16 dager siden

    What happened to her voice but thanks for making a video

  • Elisabeth B
    Elisabeth B16 dager siden

    My cousin Sarah/friend 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Crystal Meade
    Crystal Meade16 dager siden

    Azzy WHERE ARE YOU like I see trees are you in a treehouse or sum

  • Ateleana Collins
    Ateleana Collins16 dager siden

    nice headphones azzy

  • ItsJulixaa
    ItsJulixaa16 dager siden

    Okay, I’m Gen-Z I am 14. Do other Gen-Z people not know what a record is?? I still listen to the Cure on record. I hope people still know about records.

  • julia leitao
    julia leitao16 dager siden

    AZZY i have the best video idea (and i'm really hoping you get this) but anyways you should do a video of awkward family photos. I think it would be really funny and i'm sure there are lots of the funny/awkward family photos out there.

  • Boggyeman
    Boggyeman16 dager siden

    I hope ur voice comes back love you😁

  • Carpenter Patrick
    Carpenter Patrick16 dager siden


  • ellen norrish
    ellen norrish16 dager siden

    part 2?

  • Mrs. Todoroki
    Mrs. Todoroki16 dager siden

    ok but can we talk about azzys back round for a sec- So pretty

  • Lacie White
    Lacie White16 dager siden

    Why is her voice cracking? Wait does Azzy have a earring aid in her ear

  • Mrs. Todoroki

    Mrs. Todoroki

    16 dager siden

    no its headphones and azzy lost her voice and she is just getting it back

  • Kyro Singh
    Kyro Singh16 dager siden

    Azzy where are you filming ????????????? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Krystal Vandenberg
    Krystal Vandenberg16 dager siden

    You’re the best you do the carpet on your other video that you just posted few seconds ago and I really love your videos you’re the best you tuber in the world in my opinion

  • Aaron Geswaldo
    Aaron Geswaldo16 dager siden

    Azzy’s voice kinda changed

  • Fury the Wolf
    Fury the Wolf16 dager siden

    Remember this -> run and get that money run and get that money ya know run and get that money. 💵

  • Zihara Valentine
    Zihara Valentine16 dager siden

    Love your vidoes they really amazing

  • Maeve Wilson
    Maeve Wilson16 dager siden

    Your Voice

  • Laylaa Isakjee
    Laylaa Isakjee16 dager siden

    who wants Azzyland and Gloom to do another collab soon

  • Shazia Mirza
    Shazia Mirza16 dager siden

    No one: Azzy: wearing her headphones without untangling them Relatable azzy relatable

  • Dragonslayer 2010
    Dragonslayer 201016 dager siden

    I’m a big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William Seddon
    William Seddon16 dager siden


  • Heidi Tolman
    Heidi Tolman16 dager siden

    Hi Azzy