Watermelon Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind !


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Azzyland - Watermelon Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind ! Just as summer time is starting to kick in, I am coming to save the day with these cool watermelon hacks! Hope you guys enjoy and leave a like!
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand23 dager siden

    What’s your favorite summertime snack?! 🍉🍦🍓🍍🥥

  • Luis Espinoza

    Luis Espinoza

    18 dager siden

    Hey Azzy, I noticed that your voice seems pretty raspy in the videos, if something is wrong, I hope you get better soon, also, I hope that you are getting a better hotel over in Mexico.

  • Meredith Dawson

    Meredith Dawson

    23 dager siden

    There was 21 watermelons (I'm pretty sure)

  • Fatma Yahwgah

    Fatma Yahwgah

    23 dager siden

    Ice cream and watermelone

  • pink fluffy unicorn

    pink fluffy unicorn

    23 dager siden

    Strawberry or banana

  • Jadeplayz Roblox

    Jadeplayz Roblox

    23 dager siden

    Watermelon :3

  • Raffaella Gaspero
    Raffaella GasperoTime siden

    if you dont know what the watermelon harry styles is You arent a TRUE fan\ \

  • C J
    C J2 timer siden

    I was eating Five watermelons before and after this video and also I eat one or two during the video and I just realized this video is all about watermelons

  • trrance black-quitte
    trrance black-quitteDag siden

    Dolesis👌 you are funne😂😂😂

  • DEW Review
    DEW ReviewDag siden

    What’s wrong with your voice azzy

  • Isabel van Dooren
    Isabel van DoorenDag siden

    azzy where the heck is that?!

  • Danica Strand
    Danica Strand2 dager siden

    What’s happening to ur voice????

  • kinsley courtney
    kinsley courtney2 dager siden

    SummerTime snack is Ice-cream :)

  • Indigo Theakstone
    Indigo Theakstone2 dager siden

    When I was watching this video I was eating watermelon 🍉

  • Shameka Ellis
    Shameka Ellis3 dager siden

    Nooooooooooooo peanut butter

  • Alejandra Gordon
    Alejandra Gordon3 dager siden


  • Gālāxy Ñøvā
    Gālāxy Ñøvā3 dager siden

    18/19/20/21/22/23 watermelons in this video Every time she post a video I feel like it's more amazing than the last :D

  • Khyati Sharma
    Khyati Sharma4 dager siden


  • Rahjeirah Brown
    Rahjeirah Brown5 dager siden

    Her voice

  • shannon petrowski
    shannon petrowski5 dager siden


  • Wolfy
    Wolfy5 dager siden

    Ur voice is like jojo now xD

  • Haya Atiyeh
    Haya Atiyeh5 dager siden

    Can you make more videos with gloom I mean who misses there videos together

  • magicman421
    magicman4215 dager siden

    Get this to 200k likes to see Azzy do these hacks!

  • magicman421
    magicman4215 dager siden


  • XxS avannaHxX
    XxS avannaHxX6 dager siden

    Only thing I can think about when watching this is my lil bro watchin cocomelon

  • Julius Victorio Koentjoro
    Julius Victorio Koentjoro7 dager siden

    azzy make a watermelon t-shirt please

  • Alaina Seager
    Alaina Seager8 dager siden

    I actually have watermelon juice at home and isn't it funny that I was drinking water neurologist while watching this video and my favorite kind of summer snack is watermelons that's why I clicked on this video!!!!

  • Alaina Seager
    Alaina Seager8 dager siden

    I actually have watermelon juice at home and isn't it funny that I was drinking water neurologist while watching this video and my favorite kind of summer snack is watermelons that's why I clicked on this video!!!!

  • Brooke Rodriguez
    Brooke Rodriguez8 dager siden


  • Brooke Rodriguez
    Brooke Rodriguez8 dager siden

    yeah i was conserned about it..

  • Deku All
    Deku All9 dager siden

    ok 26k plz do all the hacks nooww

  • ricky morales
    ricky morales9 dager siden

    I haven't watched azzy for a hole half a year and i dont no why no one is talking about her voice she has changed 100%

  • Someone Annoying
    Someone Annoying9 dager siden

    I haven’t been watching NOlocal much so I come back to see azzy and think azzy’s voice is different but I read the comments and apparently she has lost her voice I hope she gets better

  • Kathryn Beaver
    Kathryn Beaver10 dager siden

    Watermelon explode a watermelon explode a watermelon

  • Lacey Curtis
    Lacey Curtis10 dager siden


  • Brian Ayers
    Brian Ayers10 dager siden

    Ruby Gold grapefruit doesn't need any sugar added.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr11 dager siden

    BRING ON THE MELONS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr11 dager siden


  • Tiffany Cruz
    Tiffany Cruz11 dager siden

    You already got all your likes

  • Isla Hutchins
    Isla Hutchins11 dager siden

    guys we need to get this video to 200k so Azzy will do these hacks!!!

  • cute lil furry UwU
    cute lil furry UwU11 dager siden

    I had my needle at school today I had 3 they really hurt and that was at 12:00 (lunch time) and it is 8:27pm and it still hurts😫😫😫😫 also are you sick???

  • Rhoniel Edwards
    Rhoniel Edwards12 dager siden

    Feel better Azzy

  • Yumi potzz
    Yumi potzz12 dager siden


  • M J
    M J13 dager siden

    Me guessing how many watermelon’s it takes I guess 1000 Real answer 1 lol

  • Kiera Vangoethem
    Kiera Vangoethem13 dager siden

    My favourite fruit is watermelon

  • Kiera Vangoethem
    Kiera Vangoethem13 dager siden


  • Monica I
    Monica I13 dager siden

    I LOVE Watermelon sugar song it’s amazing and the best song ever

  • Nazeema Datepalms
    Nazeema Datepalms13 dager siden

    Thank you so much azzy for for so much entertainment

  • Morgan Hooyboer
    Morgan Hooyboer13 dager siden


  • DianaTheWolfyGamer
    DianaTheWolfyGamer14 dager siden

    This doesn’t make me laugh 😑🤥😑

  • Amanda Witte
    Amanda Witte14 dager siden

    Why have you been losing your voice so much lately I like the old you when you could scream and talk clearly not to sound creepy or anything

  • Frogiii
    Frogiii15 dager siden

    Why do u always seem u we’re just bake from crying-?

  • jmatasov
    jmatasov15 dager siden

    You sound like you sick!

  • Kevin Quinn
    Kevin Quinn15 dager siden


  • Kevin Quinn

    Kevin Quinn

    15 dager siden


  • Mohammed Alfarsi is Smart
    Mohammed Alfarsi is Smart15 dager siden

    Sorry it rude ur voice changed

  • eileen mackie
    eileen mackie15 dager siden

    Do you have a sore throat

  • L Riley
    L Riley15 dager siden

    22 watermelon

  • mamita rai
    mamita rai15 dager siden

    0:57 azzy Those are called samoyed

  • DisneySeeker
    DisneySeeker15 dager siden


  • DisneySeeker
    DisneySeeker15 dager siden

    hey azzy how old are you

  • waterfowler75
    waterfowler7515 dager siden


  • DisneySeeker
    DisneySeeker15 dager siden


  • DisneySeeker
    DisneySeeker15 dager siden


  • Caramel Popcorn
    Caramel Popcorn15 dager siden

    I was just in ur store and I can’t believe u named the popsicle Poppy XD that’s my name! XD

  • Computer Technology
    Computer Technology16 dager siden

    i love this grllllll so insparing

  • Grace love you Early
    Grace love you Early16 dager siden

    What happened to your voice

  • Abigail Reyes
    Abigail Reyes16 dager siden

    Your voice is so cracked and my favorite fruit is mango

  • Kitty gacha gaming Gurl
    Kitty gacha gaming Gurl16 dager siden

    Azzy how bout 200,000 views to do them 😅

  • Dilangie Fabian
    Dilangie Fabian16 dager siden


  • Dilangie Fabian
    Dilangie Fabian16 dager siden

    you suod like jojo

  • Madison Fiske
    Madison Fiske16 dager siden

    omg this video was uploaded on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aria Jeannie
    Aria Jeannie16 dager siden

    What's wrong with your voice

  • Mimi Cuthbert
    Mimi Cuthbert16 dager siden


  • fidget Welcome
    fidget Welcome16 dager siden

    Azzy! You should make delicious crop tops or shirts!

  • Shelly Casper
    Shelly Casper16 dager siden


  • Natalie Nelson
    Natalie Nelson17 dager siden

    Omg Hiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Zoeys Specks
    Zoeys Specks17 dager siden

    My favorite my snack for summer is🍉

  • Ian Everts
    Ian Everts17 dager siden

    Water melon why is ur voice so.scrappy

  • Henrietta Aigbe
    Henrietta Aigbe17 dager siden


  • wolfynate %9
    wolfynate %917 dager siden

    Azzy I'm not trying to be rude but what happened to your voice.

  • Ian walker
    Ian walker17 dager siden

    I would love a shoutout any time Assy love you

  • Totally not an anime simp.
    Totally not an anime simp.17 dager siden

    2:44 ur a wizard harry

  • Krysten Green
    Krysten Green18 dager siden

    She looks like she got a haircut 😳🤨

  • Dave Troy
    Dave Troy18 dager siden

    i like everything.

  • Dave Troy
    Dave Troy18 dager siden

    Hi i am myla and I love your videos can i have a shoutout plzzzzz i am 10 years old and my B-day is December 18th

  • Gav Williams
    Gav Williams18 dager siden

    I’m toeiti et itiritui ititt et i

  • Gav Williams
    Gav Williams18 dager siden

    G the tieituetii toro is riyiot in my tieitu itinerary with my friends in riri

  • Naia Quigley Fattal
    Naia Quigley Fattal18 dager siden

    My name is TiannaWhy is your voice like that are you losing it please are you in your room or out of your house and plus which country do you live in by please tell me all those things again

  • Sorcha Mackay
    Sorcha Mackay18 dager siden


  • Lil-_-bOw Ənbighc
    Lil-_-bOw Ənbighc18 dager siden

    did is't your class you ¿ they won't learn me about fells or spell it out, the names i did never know about her just for cross a country🗯🔙💤💭 just for 1.⁵ ¥§ùq🥨💨🥯🤏🏽🌋😿

  • McKayla Herb
    McKayla Herb18 dager siden

    can you start to do shot outs pls and if so can i have a shote out pls and can we say how good her haer is

  • Salma Masoud
    Salma Masoud18 dager siden

    What’s wrong with your voice m sorry I was kinda burned couldn’t watch ur videos

  • boring gamer
    boring gamer18 dager siden

    In my country there are three seasons Dry season= January to July Rain season = August to October Cold season*= November to December *𝐧𝐨 snow My favorite season is rain season I live in Cambodia so 20 degrees is cold and 39 is normal

  • Sara Warda
    Sara Warda18 dager siden

    The watermelon mouth mask😂 love it

  • Chris Stencil
    Chris Stencil18 dager siden

    Can you make a video we’re you eat your favorite food and lest favorite food and then eat them together yes together in a bowl and EAT IT please

  • Kylie Kanofski
    Kylie Kanofski18 dager siden

    20 m

  • โอเหนือ Chanel
    โอเหนือ Chanel18 dager siden


  • Raven's Wing
    Raven's Wing18 dager siden

    My twinnnnnn!!!!! i luv watermelon too 🍉luv

    STRIKEFURY18 dager siden

    When is the watermelon party 🥳🍉

  • Carleena Jones
    Carleena Jones19 dager siden


  • Carleena Jones
    Carleena Jones19 dager siden

    nooooo chocolate on watermelon

  • Princess Love
    Princess Love19 dager siden


  • Mary Duarte
    Mary Duarte19 dager siden

    Thanks for sharing 👍

  • mrfIimfIam_soohott E
    mrfIimfIam_soohott E19 dager siden

    what happened to ur voice

  • Valerie Proulx
    Valerie Proulx19 dager siden

    My pugs love watermelon! They will eat a slice down to the rind like a person does