WEIRDEST WORLD RECORDS You Wont Believe Happened !


Azzyland - WEIRDEST WORLD RECORDS You Wont Believe Happened ! I would be proud to hold any world record..even some of these. Don't forget to leave a like!
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  • Lily Mahan
    Lily Mahan2 timer siden

    Azzy your the best

  • Maria Tsimberoudi
    Maria Tsimberoudi15 timer siden

    AAAA those nails wel do the thing in my nightmares

  • K52 Fearless Sultan
    K52 Fearless SultanDag siden

    I don't believe this is clickbait 😣

  • The Adventures of Abby & Baylee
    The Adventures of Abby & BayleeDag siden

    That massive re thing I think was elephant something Sorry I forgot the name :]

  • xiao yue
    xiao yueDag siden


  • Emilie Paige
    Emilie Paige2 dager siden

    im trying the start stop record ooo i got 00:00.5! THAT IS SO HARD

  • Emilie Paige

    Emilie Paige

    2 dager siden

    AHHHH I GOT .4 !!!

  • LunaKibble 7521
    LunaKibble 75212 dager siden

    It's elephant toothpaste not a slurpy

  • Marilyn Pinedo
    Marilyn Pinedo2 dager siden


  • Isabella VanAlstyne
    Isabella VanAlstyne3 dager siden

    For the hat one unspeakable I think got more to see go to the 24 hours in my bathroom

  • Isabella VanAlstyne
    Isabella VanAlstyne3 dager siden

    What can you do that is ✨ special ✨ just wondering

  • Leslie Luu
    Leslie Luu3 dager siden

    I got 0.3 secs too

  • Hailey Canfield
    Hailey Canfield3 dager siden

    At 6:39 I have actually met that guy in person w/ my dad

  • Jon'Lisiyah Brown
    Jon'Lisiyah Brown3 dager siden

    2:04 has a bakugo hat

  • Melanie Hilliard
    Melanie Hilliard3 dager siden

    I've been in a call for longer 👌

  • joker master666
    joker master6664 dager siden

    The orange stuff was called blatant tooth past

  • Ebonie Melvina
    Ebonie Melvina4 dager siden

    The bumpy second logistically paint because rice hepatosplenomegaly frighten past a loud dibble. rude, hoc driver

  • Preston Wins
    Preston Wins4 dager siden

    It is elephant toothpaste David Dobric

  • Sheryll Nacino
    Sheryll Nacino4 dager siden


  • alicia valencia
    alicia valencia4 dager siden

    me and my friends is record of being in a call was 8 hours we made a powerpoint we watched we played and we slept....

  • Claire Koentopp
    Claire Koentopp5 dager siden

    The orange thing that easy said looked like the most delicious slurpy ever seen was elephant toothpaste

  • Erica Gentile
    Erica Gentile5 dager siden

    Hii azzy happy b day it’s tomorrow I hope u have. A good one😊

  • A Risk
    A Risk5 dager siden

    4:41 Garnet vibes

  • Tonia W
    Tonia W5 dager siden

    Let’s play a game: Girls:comment Boys:like Yes I got this from anthother comment and don’t say I just want likes!😀

  • F n a f L o v e r 0 9
    F n a f L o v e r 0 96 dager siden


  • princess snubbull
    princess snubbull6 dager siden

    for the 0:51 you would need a lot of gum

  • i am 8
    i am 86 dager siden

    1:04 um its elephant toothpaste

  • Adriana Sings
    Adriana Sings6 dager siden

    The slurped is elephant toothpaste I think

  • Jojac Asuncion
    Jojac Asuncion6 dager siden

    I love you

  • Pete Tetreault
    Pete Tetreault6 dager siden

    i hate the spider one i have Arachnophobia

  • Kelsey McM
    Kelsey McM6 dager siden

    Dear azzie I wish I could meet you my name is Kelsey and I love you so much can i please get your adress so I can send you letters🥺🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤you probably won't notice my comment😔

  • Kirsten Marsh
    Kirsten Marsh6 dager siden

    5:37 this sounds like an outdated song

  • Joy Davis
    Joy Davis6 dager siden

    I hate my life Because my dad don't be nice to my mom or me I'm joy by the way If you don't know me Then I'm telling you something My dad wupe Me I'll be bad

  • Aleah 29Walter
    Aleah 29Walter6 dager siden

    Your "delicious smoothie" is what I believe elephant toothpaste.

  • gacha wolf
    gacha wolf7 dager siden

    I can do the bubble thing just blow a bubble get the remaining bubble gum in your mouth will still keeping the bubble there and blow another bubble just like normal 👌🏻

  • Madelynn Treadway
    Madelynn Treadway7 dager siden

    at the fruit by the foot one he is wearing a bakugo hat

  • Clover Wine
    Clover Wine7 dager siden

    i can do the bubble thing first u blow a bubble then u put ur bottom lip inside of it then u blow a bubble again then keep doing that

  • Clover Wine

    Clover Wine

    7 dager siden

    ps im 9 yrs old

  • Uni Citi
    Uni Citi7 dager siden

    Hi lol what do I say ? Hmmm oh that’s right nothing 0-0

  • Genevieve Ivashevsky
    Genevieve Ivashevsky7 dager siden

    I liked the part at 2:03

  • Nelima Nasima
    Nelima Nasima7 dager siden

    The 3rd one is elephant toothpaste and it stinks and burns you

  • A.M. R.
    A.M. R.7 dager siden

    ilovu azzzzzy

  • A.M. R.
    A.M. R.7 dager siden

    do art

  • Magnus Arkus Year 5
    Magnus Arkus Year 57 dager siden

    3:22 Me: (who has done 0.02s for a start stop) Wow

  • Libby Elkin
    Libby Elkin7 dager siden

    And then dude perfect

  • Libby Elkin
    Libby Elkin7 dager siden

    It’s elephant toothpaste

  • Alvin Wee
    Alvin Wee7 dager siden

    Azzy, 1:00 is called Elephant Toothpaste

  • Robbie Dunn4683
    Robbie Dunn46837 dager siden

    This video is so cool

  • Temour Samatov
    Temour Samatov7 dager siden

    Am I crazy, or did azzy say “footnails” instead of toenails?

  • Potato People
    Potato People8 dager siden

    2:10 bakugou is that you? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kim Tran
    Kim Tran8 dager siden

    I think it is in reverse when they put the makeup on 6:50

  • Dark Willow
    Dark Willow8 dager siden

    Azzy: that looks like the most delicious slurpy ever! That's elephant toothpaste... 1. It's very poisonous if you eat it. 2. You have to wear special suits to go near it... Oof.

  • Emma Witt
    Emma Witt8 dager siden

    Me: 1:04 Azzy, thats toothpaste.

  • milla playz
    milla playz8 dager siden

    Hmm... a challenger for nails

  • Harley Shade
    Harley Shade8 dager siden

    The puffy stuf is either elephant toothpaste or devils something I forgot what it is called very dangerous

  • Ailish Dunne
    Ailish Dunne8 dager siden

    Like the video. This will be the most liked video!

  • Julia Gordon
    Julia Gordon8 dager siden

    You’re a kind and gentle Asi and I love your videos so much who agrees

  • Chel Olivia
    Chel Olivia8 dager siden

    Will a z I bet you could get to that 1 million kazillion zillion on this video

  • zoe piste
    zoe piste8 dager siden


  • Larry Cameron
    Larry Cameron8 dager siden

    I can do what the girl was doing in USA its called a back bend they kinda hurt your back

  • Rachel Thomson
    Rachel Thomson8 dager siden

    I have ate a bigger donut than that 🍩

  • Crazy Wafflecat
    Crazy Wafflecat8 dager siden

    2:05 b a k u g o h a t

  • Ashley Starwild's adventers
    Ashley Starwild's adventers8 dager siden

    Azzy: I feel like its the most daaaaleshas slurpie ever. Me: no azzy thats hot really hot! My sister: thats why the men ran away😝😛

  • Alwande Mkhasibe
    Alwande Mkhasibe8 dager siden

    I also have a afro

  • summer
    summer8 dager siden

    That thing that explades is called elethant toothpaste

  • GabrielGamer_201
    GabrielGamer_2018 dager siden


  • Melody Nunn
    Melody Nunn8 dager siden

    The one that she said looked like a smoothie she wrong it is elaphant toothpaste

  • A Rabbit World
    A Rabbit World8 dager siden

    Azzy: Is it not mature of me to think of how many times he was kicked in the face. Me: Oh I was thinking about how many times he got kicked in the privates.

  • GuppytheShark
    GuppytheShark8 dager siden

    Can u react to Mark robers vid where he almost got eaten by sharks??

  • Gilbert Sagaad
    Gilbert Sagaad8 dager siden

    A azzy this is so weird

  • multjfandom weebz ¡!
    multjfandom weebz ¡!8 dager siden

    0:33 woahh okay, calm down eren, no need to pull a titan on us- ( aot reference 😬 )

  • You To

    You To

    4 dager siden

    You are so right tho

  • cute ginger
    cute ginger8 dager siden

    For the start stop I got 00:00:04 OMG

  • aswalialk
    aswalialk8 dager siden

    Someone on TikTok got 00.00.02

  • M Taggart
    M Taggart8 dager siden

    I mean Ashland

    KINGSLEY NWASURUBA8 dager siden

    Wait at 2:17 that guys hat kinda looks like bakugos hero costume-

  • Annabelle Ali
    Annabelle Ali8 dager siden


  • Powergirl Playz
    Powergirl Playz8 dager siden

    1:00 correct me if I am wrong is that elephant toothpaste and no it is not what it sounds like.

  • Death Buchanan
    Death Buchanan9 dager siden

    People who disliked this video is rude and have some issues with there life and blames Azzy.

  • Jessica Black
    Jessica Black9 dager siden


  • Elmer Guerra
    Elmer Guerra9 dager siden

    The david dobrik part the thingy is called "elephant toothpaste"

  • Mita Jabbar
    Mita Jabbar9 dager siden

    Can you make a video of you making a voodoo doll

  • MW
    MW9 dager siden

    Hold up- I tried the stopwatch thing and at first I got 21. The next lowest I got was 20. The next was 15. The next was 14. The next was 8. The next was 7. The next was 1. Did I just beat a world record- someone please tell me. I took a screenshot. Idk if that's enough to prove it.

  • Lisa Naylor
    Lisa Naylor9 dager siden

    It is elephant tooth paste

  • Makenzie Glynn
    Makenzie Glynn9 dager siden

    It is elfent toothpaste

  • Amy Merg
    Amy Merg9 dager siden

    The stopwatch challenge thing my friend did it at .01

  • Cheeky The Birb
    Cheeky The Birb9 dager siden

    Who else is trying to do the stop watch thing

  • MD W
    MD W9 dager siden

    Hi azzy can we play among us plz

  • Skele Ninja
    Skele Ninja9 dager siden

    btw the stuff that exploded out of the tube is elephant toothpaste lolololollololololololol

  • Korean__ Crane
    Korean__ Crane9 dager siden

    My nails are pretty strong to

  • margaux johnston
    margaux johnston9 dager siden

    go AZZZZYYYYY!!!!!

  • •UwUxXGalaxyGurlXxUwU•
    •UwUxXGalaxyGurlXxUwU•9 dager siden

    3:20 Wait that’s actually a challenge? I got 0:00:00 so many times I have screen shots to prove it

  • Shinso’s Female version
    Shinso’s Female version9 dager siden

    2:21 Only the weebs will know😌🧨

  • T R O N
    T R O N9 dager siden

    @7:53 That's What she said....

  • Brooklin Knight
    Brooklin Knight10 dager siden

    You and I have the same Birthday

  • katie pyke
    katie pyke10 dager siden

    Oh and type willam PYKE

  • Lia Fleming
    Lia Fleming10 dager siden

    I jumped higher with straight legs, xD

  • Harley Nesbitt
    Harley Nesbitt10 dager siden

    Among us no like Azzyland

  • Eli G
    Eli G10 dager siden

    You did not talk about food wow

  • Gabriel Barba
    Gabriel Barba10 dager siden

    That guy should be the next venom he should just paint himself black and a lol bit of makeup and boom real venom

  • zavannah barnes
    zavannah barnes10 dager siden

    my dad has 194 hat

  • xEloise_ 666
    xEloise_ 66610 dager siden

    who calls them foot nails...aren't they toe nails ;-;

  • Chanelle Trafford
    Chanelle Trafford10 dager siden

    She is amazing ☺️